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  1. InvertedSeal

    Childhood Story

    Instead of a movie, story or TV show, I will go with a video game. Zelda, Ocarina of time. I identified with Link because he was the outcast of the Kokiri forest. He strives to be strong and go through an epic journey to find the triforce before Ganondorf does. Growing up, I didn't feel like I really fit in. I felt unsafe, and therefore a need to be strong. I don't really see how I need to rescue my "Princess Zelda" in my life, nor do I really see any particular epic journey or some ominous super evil like Ganondorf. I guess I am still unconscious. Gross.
  2. Coffee. I use it to stay awake so I can ignore how sleep deprived I am. Exercise. I use it to overcompensate by having a more attractive body shape so as to ignore my other physical insecurities. Making art. I do this so I can feel better by seeing myself as talented so I don't feel like a pathetic, worthless piece of crap. Ditto for working hard and long hours. Visualization. I do this so I can pretend I'm not lonely and have my needs for physical affection met. Message from my pain and what it is trying to tell me what I want and need: sleep, working on a secret project that entails my life purpose.
  3. Hell yes I want to see you do a video on media!
  4. InvertedSeal


    ...I don't get it...
  5. InvertedSeal

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    This is relatable. Thanks for sharing!
  6. My side effect would be whatever drug causes you to be extremely focused on imagination/your thoughts in general. It would be a side effect that is extremely ungrounding but not necessarily out of body per se.
  7. InvertedSeal

    Wind Down

    Drawing/doodling my negative emotions Listening to darker music Wearing colours that express darker emotions such as reds, dark greens, dark blues, etc. Ranting Taking kratom Crying Pacing back and forth just thinking about things
  8. InvertedSeal


    Yes, I am interested in a video on death. Thank you for directly asking your audience Miss Swan!
  9. InvertedSeal

    Unspoken History

    I could listen to Swan speak all day!
  10. InvertedSeal

    Late Development Universe

    Where the eff is the rest of this? Please tell us!
  11. InvertedSeal

    Hot Seat

    I would want to be my favourite anime character Lina Inverse. She is a ridiculously powerful sorceress and I would love to know what it would be like to go on crazy adventures and hold enormous destructive power!
  12. For anyone who is impatient, you can read the script for the video here:
  13. I like personal segments like this. It's really interesting to see Swan with how she deals with these types of "everyday issues" in a very practical way that is very much grounded in what she teaches.
  14. InvertedSeal

    After Enlightenment

    These segments/questions are interesting. I feel like the audience really wants to see more of this kind of content.
  15. InvertedSeal

    Spring Rolls

    Here is some videos by a very popular raw vegan. Swan has often mentioned in her interviews that some of the highest vibrational food is going to be in accordance to a raw vegan diet. Raw vegan mango avocado noodles: Raw vegan burrito: Raw vegan strawberry shortcake: I hope these help. Basically the less processed food is, the more healthy/high vibrational the food is. Swan has also mentioned that people should (ideally) use their intuition to dictate what is correct for their body. For example: This morning what should I have for breakfast. An orange or an apple? What would someone who love's themselves pick? Then pick the one that your first instinct tells you. Your first instinct may be a gut feeling, vision in your mind, etc. just pay attention and experiment with it. Eventually you will line up with results that work for you and you will trust your intuition more.
  16. InvertedSeal

    Spring Rolls

    Hearing Teal explain the wrapping technique was a good tip, but I would have liked to have seen it while she was explaining. ?
  17. Guuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrl one day you gotta upload some video/audio where you demonstrate your singing. I bet your singing is awesome!
  18. InvertedSeal

    First Child Trauma

    Is it just me or is there some strange yet interesting small spheres of light traveling throughout the room?
  19. InvertedSeal

    Hampton Court

    "That only took me the length of a bible!" XD
  20. InvertedSeal

    What Is A Real Man?

    Yes, in other words trauma from your father.
  21. InvertedSeal

    Follow Your Joy

    Man I can hardly wait for that cookbook! I will probably make every recipe in it!
  22. InvertedSeal

    Resistant To Healing

    It was one of Teal's facebook live events. You can find it in this link right here:
  23. InvertedSeal

    What's Cooking?

    Yes. It takes up to ten days for them to upload. The reason their previous workshop was uploaded within a week's time was due to it being shorter, therefore easier to edit and make those incredibly useful timestamps. Yes Miss Swan, please release that cookbook! I will purchase it so fast you won't even know! I will probably make every recipe in it.
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