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  1. Hell yes I want to see you do a video on media!
  2. InvertedSeal


    ...I don't get it...
  3. InvertedSeal

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    This is relatable. Thanks for sharing!
  4. My side effect would be whatever drug causes you to be extremely focused on imagination/your thoughts in general. It would be a side effect that is extremely ungrounding but not necessarily out of body per se.
  5. Yes, the time stamps are SUPER convenient. Thank you Miss Swan and the team!
  6. The birth trauma portion is very interesting....I'm definitely doing shadow work on my birthday! I have always felt miserable in my teens on my day of birth, so this explains a bit!
  7. She does not consume honey due to her being vegan. I don't know about maple syrup, however I know for a fact she uses raw blue agave syrup. In fact she uses it as a sweetener in a recipe video she did a long time ago for an apple pie. This was back in the day when she was formerly known as Teal Scott. I actually made the recipe myself. It's really good! I replaced the spelt flour with an all purpose gluten free flour blend and made it pumpkin and pineapple flavored for when a colleague of mine was switching to a different shift. I also replaced the raw blue agave syrup with raw coconut nectar, which is another excellent sugar substitute.
  8. Hahaha, she's so cute with Snow. :3
  9. I sleep with a black tank top and baggy pants. No socks unless it's winter. I like sheets.
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