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  1. Teal Swan, an angel sent....

    1. punkibovine


      ...to me, by chance, late last night, early this morning, there was nothing about this lady, that i did not receive, and then embrace.  On her every word i would hang with great anticipation, of the eloquence next to sound from over her lips.  Her words to me are an absolute...and from the first, and now to the last, if i need, or if i want, anything to give me solace, it is to her that i will without hesitation turn my eyes of inquiry, my zeal for her insight now is eternal...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

      ....You, need first understand that i am, a man that knows the continuing battle within, the war that's waged inside from dark to light, from the heart and the mind, day and night, win or lose, bad or good...I have found myself, i know who i am, i accept, love and trust beyond reproach that my heart my mind body and soul are my own and will never betray me...