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  1. Sofia Vegan

    Indeed, You will be even healthier. But that is just a bonus...The best reason to embrace veganism is because it is NOT a choice, it is the only way to go after you have made the connection between your heart and your mind and daily actions. You are voting with your money every single time you buy food! so choose to pay the ones that are adding the least amount of harm to this planet and its amazing creatures ❤️ Animals are sentient beings, so they feel pain, joy, fear, just like humans. Our moral obligation, as we live healthy without eating animals, is to stop exploiting them and stop paying to others to exploit them. If you are not sure about the health benefits I strongly recommend watching Dr. Michael Greger's (a doctor from the USA) short videos related to nutrition that will answer all your doubts: Also, the renowned Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - PCRM, gives away free vegan starter kits and programs: There are loads of info on their website: It is not complicated, it is easy when we think other sentient beings are here for their own reasons, they too have families and friends. Ultimately it is not about "me" but about respect for all sentient beings ^_^ ❤️ Much Love and Gratitude for this treat on an issue so crucial as this. All the best!
  2. Sofia Vegan

    Olá Ana, Não vivo em Portugal mas concordo que esse é o principal desafio. Então como podemos ajudar a dar a conhecer o trabalho da Teal em Portugal e a termos mais pessoas no grupo Facebook e aqui no forum? Talvez cada um/a de nós possa divulgar por familia, amigos e conhecidos enviando textos e vídeos da Teal por email (por exempo se alguém está a debater-se com um problema, podemos sugerir um vídeo ou texto da Teal que aborde esse problema específico) , partilhando mais no Facebook em grupos portugueses e ma foruns de espiritualidade, relacionamentos, etc. Saudações desde a Escócia ^_^
  3. Sofia Vegan

    Fish flesh is full of heavy metals (mercury is specially dangerous for pregnant women and infants...) and of suffering because most of them are killed by suffocation must be an horrible death So, not love at all on the process...It is much healthier (even if not perfect) to eat vegetables, pulses, seeds, nuts, fruits, seaweed, roots...The Plants kingdom is abundant! One seed produces a plant/tree/bush that will offer a huge amount of fruits, leaves, roots and more seeds to have more plants and food! It is easy to thrive (not only survive) in a whole-foods plant-based diet There is enough plant-based food to feed everyone on the planet. I suggest you to ask for vegan starter kits (some orgs will send them to you free of charge) and look into for the late studies on healthy diet Hugs*
  4. Oh my goddess!!! I understood now that I have been trying to take some parts of myself "out of the hospital bed"! that's why I feel soooo stuck and that it seems that I need to drag me through life...It feels so tiring, so "heavy", so abusive, so painful... That part of me just want to stop, to lie down, to relax, to rest, to be cared for, to be loved no matter what... I do really need to heal it, to validate it, to be able to find agreement among all parts... Did I understood it? The end, with the couple and the blessings was AMAZING! I wish them much happiness, love, understanding, cooperation, authenticity, emotional connection <3 Much Love and Gratitude <3
  5. This is sooo beautiful!!! I wish we all could have the emotional maturity to do just that: maintain de friendship and mutual support above all rest. (unless there is abuse or violence) As Teal said, "we support each other through the grief of the loss of it (the romantic relationship, that is like a third party)", with commitment to real connection, understanding, acceptance, empathy, seeing the other's perspective, without blamings, without trying to make the other wrong, without passive-agressive behaviours or silence treatment. True connectiont is what we all need... Much Love and Gratitude <3
  6. Thank you so much for sharing. This is really important. I definetly need to validate and integrate the aspects of me that are not feeling Ok and accepted bt other parts of me. I have a strong desire to co-create authentic relationships <3 Much Love*
  7. Oh My Goddess!!! This was sooooo amazingly beautiful! The guest on stage was really humble and open to learn. It was a delight to watch him realising the truth and Teal's generosity towards him. Wonderful interaction! I understood much more about myself too and why I am "where" I am... One part of me wants to be independent, able to support herself at every level, and do not trust people; other wants to be nurtured, taken care for, loved just for Being me, to form secure/safe, authentic, emotional connected and commited relationships; another only wants to nurture through acts of service, taking care of the home and to give/share Love (quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation) I truly need to listen to all parts of me and give them genuine validation. That would bring integration, ending the tug of war and releasing resistence to progress...right? Thank you <3
  8. Sofia Vegan

    This is so beautiful! I want to help to organize it in Scotland, UK Much Love and Happiness <3
  9. Sofia Vegan

    Beautifully put. Great insights for parents and parents to be. Much love dear Teal <3
  10. Sofia Vegan

    Dear Teal, I am in tears... Your description of the dream and, especially, of the kiss that regenerated the snake as a powerful part of yourself is filled by awareness, tenderness, acceptance and really touched my heart. So many insights and details I resonate with...I have been learning so much about myself, from you <3 We really need to be able to see and to accept all parts of ourselves, to fearlessly reintegrate them to wholeness. I wish you many more insightful, healing and integrative dreams. Gratitude and Love
  11. The Completion Process traduzido para português! O último livro de Teal Swan, The Completion Process já está traduzido para português (em papel e em digital) e à venda em Portugal! Espalhem a notícia, peçam às bibliotecas da vossa área de residência para disponibilizarem cópias do livro (ou ofereçam uma cópia a uma biblioteca), comprem para vocês e para oferecerem a amigxs, familiares, colegas, em aniversários, no Natal, etc, etc... É uma excelente ferramenta para a vida <3 Também deixei uma review nação-Portuguese-Teal-Swan-ebook/dp/B06ZYW872Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1499810098&sr=8-1&keywords=reintegração "Um livro para a vida! Teal Swan descreve em detalhe um processo que ajuda a reintegrar as partes de nós que perdemos em situações traumáticas desde o nascimento até aos 8 anos de idade - a maioria inconscientes ou fechadas em memórias reprimidas. Estes traumas deram origem a padrões, bloqueios, barreiras que nos comandam e prejudicam a vida no dia-a-dia. A chave do processo é estar presente com as emoções e sensações e "re-escrever" a história, o desfecho do episódio/situação. Quer a pessoa sofra de medos e fobias, stress pós traumático, inibições várias com causa desconhecida, episódios de pânico devido a traumas psicológicos e outros, mais ou menos recentes; este é um livro que pode poupar anos de vida! Se o processo for seguido passo a passo, certamente auxiliará imensamente a compreensão e a integração dos aspectos que se tentam curar - muitas vezes sem êxito ou apenas com sucesso parcial e nunca total - com medicamentos e sessões de psicologia ou psicoterapia tradicionais."
  12. Sofia Vegan

    Dear Teal... I am speechless and amazed... What you describe about Ale is exactly what I feel from a very close person to me too... He carries a deep abandonment trauma and so it is extremely difficult for him to connect with others and with himself...He never commit himself t others at an emotional level. His inner child is pretty much like Ale's inner child...He is angry and wants to run away, to not listen, see or do anything that could help him to re-connect...The lost connection during early infancy really took the main role in this person's emotional life and all areas of his life too. The coping mechanisms were learned since then, they are ingrained within his personality. To desire for real connection with this person feels like trying to pull an old nail out of a brick wall. The resistance is huge. Occasionally one step forward suddenly two steps backwards... I also discovered I am done with this dynamic...I am not fighting for their connection anymore...I want to connect with people that really desire the same as me, that are emotionally available and that feel happy to share interdependence and feel trilled to experience real, authentic, fearless connection and communication. Thank you so much for this huge synchronicity I wish you find the connection, committed interactions and interdependence you need and want. Love and Gratitude <3
  13. @Sofia Vegan  I do know what you mean; although maybe a gentle thought to you, (gentle because you are part of me and I am beginning to like myself), you may need to ponder that those people are a reflection of how you see yourself. After all, you are a vibrational match to the hurt; otherwise you would experience what they say or do but not be affected by it. Did that make sense?
    Also, Teal has mentioned this before - you may have to lend some thought to the fact that you may not be the good guy in why they do that in the first place. Her process for questioning why that means so much is quite lovely and cathartic.

  14. Sofia Vegan

    Dear Teal, Thank you for writing about this issue. I agree that belonging, love and connection are basic needs for human beings and I feel very much as you described as a "stranger in this world"...I always have felt it... I was part of Teal Tribe group and I enjoyed very much the interaction you had with the group (the challenges and games, the insights and the frequent direct answers to tribers' questions, worries or sharing of ideas) and most of the posts people shared there, I must admit it didn't felt right or fair to be banned from the group many months ago (I was banned without previous warning for posting about cow's milk - without graphic images - with a quote from one of your own texts, describing the suffer of the mother cow!) However, I never thought of joining the haters' groups! When I was banned I felt an outcast during a few days, but I kept following everything you so generously share in your FB page, in other groups, on your website and on Youtube. And I hope someday I will be admitted to TT again. And of course I have many interests and I follow other groups and foruns were I feel a sense of belonging. I believe that if people really know your life story (watching your interviews to TV channels, reading your bio and your books), are truly following your teachings (videos, blog, articles, interviews, workshops, books, paintings, et cetera), and if they share the vision you have for a New Earth (I share all your ideas about the new paradigm) it would be impossible for them to join the haters...but it is their choice...You have no blame in it. Much Love and Gratitude <3 <3