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  1. Oh my!!!!....your parent's house is my dream!!! totally sustainable, environmental friendly building materials and decor! So beautiful Thank you so much for sharing ^_^ Much Love to all the team and family
  2. Just to add to what Dylan shared, It is really interesting to listen to the creator of the Transformation Game (Joy Drake) about its origins and continuing evolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=829&v=FIChUUZXoEQ
  3. Amazing you wrote all those recipes Teal! I can't wait for the cookbook ? ???
  4. GustavoCapdevilaFuentes


    I would love to listen to an Ask Teal episode on the topic Death, for sure!
  5. Nearu summed up what I was trying to convey... Thank you
  6. It feels relevant to me to not keep blaming our caregivers for what they have done or have not done (often, as Teal also explains in several videos, what was not given is more important than the abuse or pain inflicted) . I agree that seeking out other role models might be helpful. However, the problem is that "mom and dad" are there, within our unconscious, either we focus on them or not...So it is preferable and more useful to deal with it than just trying to ignore, suppress, deny it or simply forcing ourselves to forgive without really seen it for what it is...
  7. I love it Teal!!! We can only experience true connection when we are authentic! so true That is why there is so much loneliness / lack of connection (even within ourselves, not only with others) Having this awareness is so important...but to reintegrate ourselves takes time... Love
  8. Winter is really sweet ^_^ I wonder if he is wearing The Cure frequency t-shirt for any particular reason. I hope he is ok. Love and Gratitude ?
  9. I would love if Teal talks more about the difference between soulmates/twinflames and soul contracts relationships. I know Teal has several videos and interviews approaching the topic and that in one of them Teal said Soulmates and twinflames are the same and that everyone has multiple soulmates which can be anything, from a plant to an animal, not only human beings. I also heard Teal distinguishing between a feel good/calm/serene relationship with like-minded people from a passionate but tumultuous one that leads to a faster expansion but probably heartaches... Nevertheless, I would love to know how these kind of relationships are different from soul contracts and if we can cancel soul contracts using "dissolve/cut the cords" techniques and meditations. Love and Gratitude
  10. I love when Teal and Blake appear on the videos together, their complicity, friendship and trust are really beautiful to see Teal says Blake has many guardian Angels but he is an Angel too Thank you for all that you do and share with the world, beautiful souls (gratitude extended to all members of the team) I would love to participate in events with Teal in Philia! May the energies of this May Day / Beltain help me to manifest it ? ?
  11. The sound of the water is louder than Teal's voice and I couldn't understand the beginning and the name of the valley or location on Maui where the video was filmed but it looks and sounds amazing!!! Really interesting to see Teal so absorbed by the energy of the place and describing the thought forms there I wonder why it is such a special place, why it is considered sacred and what the term "sacred" means to Teal Gratitude and Love
  12. GustavoCapdevilaFuentes


    I am so glad to finally see Teal speaking more openly about veganism without sugar coating (quite literally ?) the issue and directly addressing the consequences of not being a vegan for the environment, animals and our health, both spiritual and physical health. Gratitude dear Teal Now that Teal said that it is a hypocrisy to call yourself environmentalist and keep eating animals and their fluids (exploiting animals), I want to see how Teal Tribe members who were aggressively against veganism and against someone posting there about veganism, are going to react...I hope some of them have become vegans in the meanwhile and others will become vegans after this "wake up call" from Teal herself ? To those not aware yet of ALL the consequences of being non-vegan here are some good sources of information: Why Vegan? 5mins video (not-graphic): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2k4NHjAP84 Full length documentaries about the several advantages of being a vegan: https://www.livekindly.co/21-must-watch-vegan-documentaries-change-the-world/ Ah, and did you know that Greta Thunberg (the 16-years old environmental activist on the run for the Nobel Peace Prize) is a vegan and turned her family into vegans too? Love and Gratitude everyone
  13. Great insights! I totally agree: if someone is not interest in knowing you a bit more everyday, if not willing in really connecting with you at an emotional level and if does not care about your likes or dislikes, it is not a relationship... I can't understand people who enter relationships just because they feel physical attraction but they don't know each other for real, they do not experience true intimacy...Such a waste of time. I would love to listen the full interview ?
  14. Good point...I tend to agree with you...On the other hand only by virtue of having faith in our collective consciousness it will be possible to change something. I try to focus in what I can do to help to so-create the society I want to be living in, not just coping with... I do not have much success to motivate myself to do this though, I must admit... For example, I feel hope when I see many people going vegans but I lost some too when so many others don't bother at all even when confronted with the facts... Anyway, Teal gives a lot of insights and processes that help us to integrate our fears and get motivated again. I really like this video to motivate me to focus on the bigger picture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsdSYCDBNR4
  15. I just watched it. Teal's answers are really interesting and insightful. I felt appalled with the majority of the other women's answers! Maybe we are too hurt by so many years of the dominance of the shadow side of masculinity that some of us started thinking the same toxic way (as a coping mechanism or defense?). I see how it can feel safer to be on ourselves, to be totally autonomous, pragmatic and not vulnerable and not "needy". On the other hand we all want and need to feel safe, understood, loved, cared for, appreciated by others... Hopefully everyone will raise their conscious and do the inner work on true masculinity and true femininity. It would help to co-create holistic, healthy, evolved relationships / partnerships.
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