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  1. AlexJens777


    This might not be relevant but it reminded me of an interaction I had at work the other day: Parker: Did you know Wall-E was voted the best pixar movie? Me: No! But I totally believe that! I love Wall-E, I even watched a YouTube video about how it's social commentary Cody: Really? Cause I heard alot of people hated it Me: What? Cody: Yeah I heard alot of people didn't like it. Me: That's because they're fat idiots! Parker: Yeah they're the guys in the chairs lol This somehow relates to Portland I love books and libraries yet I never read more than a few pages at a time, I'll miss libraries when they are gone
  2. AlexJens777

    Wash Your Vegetables!

    oh my god teal is beautiful, if i had a girl that looked like her with a butthole that smelled like chamomile i'd be a really happy guy
  3. AlexJens777

    Wash Your Vegetables!

    I was just thinking about doing a liver cleanse, I bought the ultimate liver and gall bladder flush book a while ago cause teal suggested it, i still havent read it or done it cause I had a friend do it too and he made it sound like it was a month long process, but teal just made it sound like something i could do in the morning which would be great, ive been eating like 99% vegan for almost two weeks but also fasting somedays and my energy has gotten much better, i stopped craving sugar and alcohol cause it upsets my stomach since i started eating better, im gonna try and use some of the info from the book to do a liver flush class, cause i had someone approach me to teach tai chi and yoga and cooking classes at a healing center thats gonna open up in a few months, its gonna have all kinds of sex positive and lbgqt awareness classes and human trafficking awareness and reiki and massage and tonics and veganism and diet stuff and im loving the people i'll be working with so far and im so excited, and i hope i can do a completion process soon so i can do that there too, fingers crossed it all works out and goes well, i wish i could go to the next cp training but im like in really bad debt right now, or i would totally come to portland and everything teal has going, i wouldnt be going to my family reunion if it wasnt free, i probably shouldnt be taking time off for it though
  4. Did you ever make it to Luxembourg?
  5. AlexJens777

    False Humility

    The quote from Elon Musk is that "I don't have a degree from Harvard but many of the people who work for me do." A doctorate is like a title, that you have the patience and money to go through that strict process of achievement, which is why it's taken seriously in society, unless you can achieve success without it, then you are an exception
  6. AlexJens777


    Jordan Peterson's daughter goes into an interview on the joe rogan podcast about how she only eats meat, and the path that lead her and her father to that discovery that helped them both escape a black depression, I agree factory farming is detrimental to the environment, but if I kill a deer once in a while or eat sausage my friend made, I don't think that's having the same impact on the environment, even though the deer might have suffered, cause wolves eat all kinds of animals and wolves are incredible for the sustainability of some environments to protect from overpopulation, which isn't how humans treat it sure but it seems like suffering is built into nature, nothing against lowering suffering on the world, I tried going vegan like 4 times and it is pretty hard, and I know when I go vegan I can notice a hint of sour cream where I might not have noticed it before and I feel kinda gross, but game meat still tastes amazing
  7. That's great Teal, you hit the nail on the head again, thanks for sharing
  8. AlexJens777

    What Men Need To Know

    One of my favorite comedians named Bill Burr said that the way a man feels in prison is a way that women feel all the time, that at any moment someone could rape them, which was kinda horrifying and made some sense to why some women have been apprehensive to meeting me in the past since they had been abused before, and even though i have tried to give the impression that I would not be abusive or rape anyone, I don't think it's taken to to the context I wish it would be, especially online, I probably give off a very (I don't give a fuck about you) vibe online, mostly because I take everything I see and hear online with a grain of salt and I don't believe it in the first place, so say a girl said she liked me online, my apprehensiveness, could be taken as I'm not sure how to deal with this person in real life, so the girl might tell me she was raped or abused and I think wow tharts horrible, but I'm not sure if i should believe her or really how to react so she might think I'm going to abuse her somehow or sell her to someone, but I really just don't know how to take what she's saying to heart or how to deal with what she's saying, but I would never do anything like that, I really just want to to feel ok, without having to really connect with her and make her feel safe because I don't feel safe anyway because I was abused and I'm just like well ok, should I cry or hold you? neither of which can be done well online, and the equivalent means nothing, which is saying oh im crying now or I feel so bad, like who buys that shit anyway? not to mean I don't beleve them or what happened to them but its so hard to form genuine connections online with people you can really trust because I've been with people who lied about alot of shit, so how do i determine where the lies begin and end
  9. AlexJens777

    Hot Seat

    In my cult we had a thing called group therapy, each person in the group would ask a question of the group to get to know eachother better, but to answer your question, the first answer that came to mind was Sean Connery, even though I have not kept up with whatever he's been doing, good luck with the e-course, since I didnt know how much grounding had to do with my odd sexual abusive encounters from daycare
  10. The sound was really messing with me on this one but I could totally see using this information in the future, so thank you
  11. AlexJens777

    Online Workshop - January 2019

    My soul is like Teal, my mind is like Graciela
  12. Thanks for sharing Teal ❤
  13. My heartttttt ahhhh FEELINGSSS , you guys are so damn sweet, and teal you sound like such a great fucking mom, the grounding thing reminds me of about a week ago I was at a metal show on a date with a girl that drinks alot and does alot of drugs and i found it odd that as soon as i had an actual date in my head(which i hadnt had in a long time) that i didnt want to drink but anyway during the metal show and the mosh pit, I was a wall of the pit, thats usually the placement I like in the moshpit, i like getting hit and pushing back, and I caught guys who almost hit my date and stood in front of her, I remember another time I was waiting for my friend to pick me up and I stood where he could find me in the parking lot of a grocery store so long a family went in and came out and a little girl yelled "GOODBYE STATUE" my friend took so long i was really mad, but i didnt lose it on him i just had that mad aura, which went away after a while of driving around hawaii and listening to music kinda thing, though honestly when i'm severely emotionally triggered its almost impossible to be grounded in a way that i can really support others for that time of processing and if i get my nuts cut off or totally ripped to shreds, something really bad thats almost like saying you want me to get away from you even if you dont because thats what it feels like, it feels like a sign to back off, if its a girl its like they dont want to be with me even if they are just communicating how they feel, unless we're married or in a relationship, cause thats like containment for me and it feels safe even though its also resricting in some way like commitment but im sure they want me around, my last long term relationship she was really attractive and popular online and she was kinda hard to deal with sometimes, she was an 8 life path and a taurus moon and had lots of trauma, I convinced her to go into therapy after she shifted into a 3 year old one day, I got lots of attention because of how difficult our relationship was on facebook cause everytime we fought or I said something would trigger her she would block me, though i realized that is a common thing with being emotionally triggered since i have been triggered so many times since then, it took me about 4 years without meeting her and 6 failed attempts to meet before i tried to seek physical companionship outside of the relationship, I have another friend that is an 8 life path and he was one of my best friends in high school, still a pretty great friend and we can always joke around, on the other hand though he can be a bit much sometimes and he can take things way too seriously sometimes and i have friends that have had huge falling outs with him and they have all come back and forth to being friends with him, though im rambling anyway, thank you for sharing, love you guys, preciousses now that i think of it my ex and my friend have so much friggin heart and they are so compassionate and strong willed it is inspiring to be around them and they could tell you stories im sure, i know i dropped the ball a few times in my relationship like when my ex wanted me to be on the phone with her all the time, like while she was in the shower and while we were sleeping and i asked, why would i want to be on the phone in the shower with you? and she said oh well thats how it is, you know my ex played his guitar while i was in the shower and i was like aw fuck, other times shed want me to keep my phone on so she could listen to me snoring but it wouldnt work cause i couldnt sleep with my cell phone going by my head, sometimes she would just be tapping her lighter smoking cigarettes while i was trying to sleep and i was like "what are you doing?" and she just went hehe, i was like ugh fuck this and i said i wasnt gonna do it anymore, she said she didnt remember it happening, one night she was having a panick attack and called me at two am and i was straight up like i have to work in the morning what do you want me to do? and she just wanted me to be there and i was like yeah i fucked that up, more so than trying to have sex with someone else after years, and she still tried to make it work with me but then she had sex with someone and i was like alright this is over now and we ended it, and we arent really friends although i know she stalks me on facebook still, i have alot of issues to work through and i'm not gonna work through them in a few days, and i dont want to only have a few days if its gonna go really badly, and then i leave and i cant keep the momentum to work on myself going and collapse in on myself again, even though it seems like im doing way better right now, since i started singing a few days ago, ive been having really weird galatic dreams since then, i would love to not pay to meet someone and spend time with them if that is the only way to do so, or the only way they would want me around, but i know we all have to make a living, i dont want that be a dropped ball but that doesnt feel good to me
  14. AlexJens777

    Spiked Punch

    Honestly it sounds like you had a good time, If that had happened to me I think I would have enjoyed it
  15. AlexJens777

    Toxic Masculinity

    I liked the ad, though I read the comments and they didn't seem that shamed they just didn't want to be given a message by a razor company, which is another ball of wax, like guys that don't wanna see ads for breast cancer awareness while they're watching football because that's like an escape, I'm not condoning escapism but I didn't get a super shamed vibe from the comments either, and honestly I don't understand the controversy at all the commercial is really well made and had a very positive message, I have shame for what men have done and what we innately enjoy and it's not always nice, but I don't want to try and say I don't feel that aggression, but I know it's my responsibility to use it responsibly and not use it irrationally or abusively, jordan peterson talked about the meek inheriting the earth but the translation of meek really means those who can bear swords in the need of safety or defiance but are determined to keep them sheathed and I thought that was beautiful
  16. I was gonna comment on instagram before watching this that I thought the dark crystal was brilliant and beautiful cinematography wise but i never got into the story, i think the legends of the fall is a fantastic movie and total lady porn, but i was surprised you could get through all the scalping and war. but I know you like historical stuff like braveheart, although you said you love braveheart cause he died with integrity, though he never actually faced open combat, he used guerilla warfare to killed specific nobles which is why the nobles hated him so much but i agree it was much more efficient and far less casualties than war so i can respect that, then i saw this was all about historical movies and so far off historical movies than i was referencing like where the fuck is my head at, i liked pride and prejudice though i kinda prefer the bollywood remake bride and prejudice, cause even though they didnt have the awesome clothes they were dancing and there was music, even though its such a beautiful story its also really frustrating to watch cause why the fuck did people lie about shit like that, or allow misunderstandings like that, why cant people just say what they feel, and why can't what we feel just be in alignment with the truth, and thats even a struggle to think about for myself, and perhaps it is odd that I can understand such savagery from braveheart and warfare and that makes me feel kinda at home in a fucked up way, i understand strength and fear and how that has shaped power struggle, but i struggle with why people would play with eachothers emotions like pride and prejudice, i'm gonna have to watch the other two though, young victoria and memoirs of a geisha, though movies where i see women get treated like objects i just immediately identify with the women and want to kill the men, being raised by a single mom i cant imagine where i get that, although that probably creates a shadow where i get off on treating women like objects
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