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  1. THE RIE PARENTING APPROACH Does anyone here follow the RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) philosophy? I am a first time Mum to a 7 month old boy and have been loosely following the RIE approach to parenting as it is respectful and encourages independent development. However, I don't necessarily believe in every single approach and I am feeling torn about their sleeping techniques. I've been having trouble with my boy sleeping through the night and in his crib. We are currently co-sleeping and as much as it is working for him, it's not the best for me or my partner. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. Beccy

    Hi Crystal Rob! Unfortunately I won’t be attending! Beccy xx
  3. Beccy

    I've noted it's back after posting this message! haha!
  4. Beccy

    Hi, just wondering what has happened to the "Let the Universe tell your message" Tab?? I can't see it anywhere!
  5. Beccy

    Thanks so much! I'll definitely look at that video when I've got time! It's been hard to find answers about crop circles as there is so much conflicting talk about it on the net! I certainly want them to be true! LOL!
  6. Beccy

    I would love to know what people think of Crop Circles? I've always found them fascinating and wondered if they are true or not?
  7. I would love to know what Teal thinks of Crop Circles? Ideas anyone? :) 

  8. Beccy

    Far Northern NSW!!!!! Hello!!!!