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    Oh my god, I have the exact same issue! Except for the fact that for me it was about my nose/face in general, not the boobs. But it's killed me and my social life and my ability to have relationships. Basically you've described perfectly the implications this issue has had on my life as well. I don't have a specific point. I don't think I have the ability to have a point yet, given the fact that get triggers over triggers when I get close to this subject. And I'm also currently trying to clear this out. So what I can say for sure is that you're not alone in this. Wish you all the best
  2. Lauraaa

    Pentru ca si eu 😅
  3. Lauraaa

    Hello all again! So many replies.. I m honestly amazed! Hey, @Scot! Thank you for giving your help even though you don t find yourself completely in my issues, thanks for strenghtening my belief that it s valid and I ll keep the second suggestion in mind for when I ll revisit this yet again. Hello, @Garnet! So to answear your questions: 1) I don t know for sure what was my parent s conception story (and it s weird to ask them cause we re not super close), but I am 101% sure that I was not artificially conceived. 2) There really are some "earthly" things that I like, but they seem overshadowed by the internal stuff, but to answear your question anyway, some things that I like are puppies, summer nights, piano music, asian food (I m not sure if you asked about general likes or sth else). 3) One thing that makes me very angry and showed up for me lately is that, if I show myself as I am (which is depressed) to the society, they ll speak and act with suuuuch low levels of understanding that they ll make the situation worse and make me consume myself even more. So, I m curious, were these questions asked for a specific reason, or did you just want to know if I still can access such feelings? Hello, @Matei! First of all, thanks for even taking the time to write all that post!! I d really like to respond to it properly, but it s past midnight in my timezone and this is quite a post. I ll come back probably these days with a response. But what I want to say right now is that I kinda cannot even believe how on point some of the things you ve written are.. or maybe I can but I m too sleepy Hi, @Inquisitor! Thanks for your further explanations! I ll take a closer look at what you ve written these days, cause I can t follow the lines properly at this hour. None of you have hurt me in any way possible. In fact, I m taken aback by how many of you replied, and how helpful the responses were. You really seemed to have bothered to write stuff and not only that, you ve taken the time to make sure you wouldn t hurt me by mistake with your words. Seriously, I m moved. Actually, I found sentences that brought relief in all of your responses. I think I m gonna read these many times. And to be honest, I m afraid that I myself might choose the wrong words in my response.. if I make it sound like one of you is right and one is wrong I might hurt one. So I sincerely thank you all @Scot @Garnet @Matei @Inquisitor!!! By the way, @Matei, are you Romanian?
  4. Lauraaa

    Cp + parts work Is there any cp practicioner who does parts work in tandem?
  5. Lauraaa

    Prebirth trauma?! Hello all! I find this subject very vague and hard to any opinion/suggestion/anything is welcomed! I ve always suffered from depression, even since kindergarten. If I am to describe what depression is to me, it s mostly a reccurent feeling of "not wanting to be in this life", that no structure existent in this 3D life can actually meet my deep needs (I don t even know what needs specifically, I just know they re not met)..there s not even a want for a relationship, money, a good job, having fun or whatever people usually seem to want in their lives. My energy levels are depleted, I ve always felt like a zombie and I sleep 12 hours/day. I have a very very low grasp on my individuality, I feel like I want to melt into everything around me. I spend 90% of my time alone in bed covered with the sheets over my head not wanting to involve in life in any way possible. Very often I feel like I don t even want to talk, and the dissociated and disconnected from everything "in the air" feeling is always there. Recently I ve started to question these 'symptoms' by going deep into myself and the answear I keep running into is that the trauma occured during my conception, when the egg from my mom didn t even want to transform into a baby and participate in life. From this point on, I have not a clue what should I do with this information or with my life in general. Going through life, I ve of course undergone the splitting process, and I ve ended up with parts which want to get this 3d life done rightly, want to be like everybody else, feel the same things people usually do, want to finally understand myself and my needs. I don't know how I can possibly integrate this prebirth part of mine (it s my most dominant part by the way) with all the other parts and with the world around me. Does anybody share this feelings and sensations? Is anybody there who does know how to deal with such stuff? Thank you in advance!