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  1. Tegan_

    I did not know this and it made me laugh. I never knew why that character was mad, lol.
  2. Tegan_

    Well the gender thing really has to do with the energy behind it, and I feel "he" (yes, me), has a masculine energy behind it. Plus, I distinctly remember Teal saying in one of her workshops that it's common for fragmented parts to be either "male" or "female". This is not a negative "entity", the reason I see it as separate from me is because of dissociation which is what parts work is all about. This is something I've been thinking about lately actually, that I (and us as a collective) have a strong tendency to view kindness and vulnerability as weakness when in fact, to show oneself as vulnerable is one of the bravest (strongest) things to do, right? And that there's a lot of positive shadow in perceived "weakness".
  3. Tegan_

    I guess I became scared of him because he wanted to kill the other aspect and felt like if I validated him, it would make it "okay" to kill the child and the child would go even more into hiding. I feel like he has no right to want to kill the other part but yeah, that's probably the problem. I'll channel him later and try to be as validating and understanding as I can be and see what happens! Hmm, maybe you're onto something here, maybe I am ashamed of him too... I guess I need to love him and realize he has a reason for being like that. The energy behind him is just that of murderous rage, wanting to rip limbs apart. Doesn't all parts have a polar opposite? I thought Teal said that in one of her workshops but I could be mistaken! Ah, this really resonated with me. Thank you!
  4. One part wants to kill the other (help) I've been trying to access the shame part of me for some time but I haven't been able to find her. At another attempt today though, the polar opposite part of me came up in the form of a green raging "hulk-type" aspect that legit wants to kill the shameful aspect. I felt like it was searching after the child and the moment it would find her he would rip her to pieces for he felt she had completely destroyed his life. Now it makes sense that I can't find the "hulk's" opposite because she of course has to be in hiding. So now I'm at a loss for what to do. How can I get them to come closer? Do any of you have any idea what to do or say to the hulk or how to make the child feel safe to come out? Do I validate the hulk? lol, what to do? Appreciate any ideas!