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    Coming Out About Sexual Abuse

    Hi addalight, I do not not know what is best for your situation but I can share why. I was sexually abused by a doctor. I had told my mother and she literally asked me “should I stop going to him.” Blew my fucking mind!!!!! That she even had to fucking ask. Wow !! Teal is on point about telling fucking dysfunction families- so much more on that. I struggled so much with what to do with the abuse that happened. I had a close friend of mine say I should report him. I was fucking terrified for a lot of reasons. I ended up reporting him for this specific reason, “if he was going to do that to me a 20+ year old adult, what would he do to someone who literally couldn’t defend herself. And then I thought of my sister. If my mother was literally going to question if she should stop seeing that doctor, it is entirely possible that my sister would be exposed to him. I had to protect her the only way I could. I reported him.” i trust you you will make the right decision. I am not you and I will never know your situation completely, but that is what happened with me.
  2. Lake

    Hot Seat

    Very cool. I came up with a light house worker? Idk someone who sits at a light house and becomes a beacon for ships to come in. And in particular the total bliss, ease, and importance I see him has toward his work. Maybe even on a stormy day and having the wind and rain fight as I turn on the light. i am so happy that your working on the sexual abuse stuff. This has been my focus and great synchronicity.
  3. Lake

    Peak Narcissism

    Thankyou, I don’t what I would have done if I haven’t meet you. ?
  4. Lake

    Teal's Split

    Oh yeah I can feel that split resonate in me too. its like I seize up and am almost shocked that something "good" happened. But, I am so suspicious and then I start to think if that was really real. I put out my arsenal to see if anything would hit. And then, being aware of the very split second of happiness before the shock. Feeling that I would be impossible to now go back to that feeling of vulnerability. I like that phrase "A really dangerous chest game." Like whomever gives in first looses. Reminds me of a person play a poker game (but is really bad at it). And he want to bet chips so he go...fuck it...ok! and then I am just waiting what the hell the outcome would be.
  5. Lake

    The Bigger Picture

    Ooooo I’m excited!
  6. Lake

    Extraterrestrial Healing

    A-line Skater skirt please!
  7. Thankyou Teal for teaching this. I questioned why change anything. What is desire? If you can have anything...than you can have everything (base on this perspective of time). Joy is desire. Follow your joy.
  8. This article is beautiful, interesting and inspiring. I enjoy learning about the fourth dimension and out of body travel through you. Can you come heal me in my sleep sometime, please?
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