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  1. Philippines Hi All! Im Jason, a Filipino Chinese who also grew up in the US. I have been listening to teal videos for awhile but just had the opportunity to join the forum today. Hope to meet and learn from new friends. Cheers!
  2. Speaking from several experiences with this, initially this seemed like a spiritual attack, but after several times it feels more like a physical condition, once you can concentrate enough to move a part of your limbs you would wake up. It became more like a game than a threat.
  3. LoA i think plays a part. I used to be happy with what I had being single untill i decided to take on a relationship with 3 kids. Of course suddenly feeding a family of 5, I had to find a different job. One I never thought I would be able to achieve but trusted that I can someday. That opportunity came knocking at my door not once but three times! So now I knew someone higher was guiding me to fulfill my duty here due to the number of fortunate coincidences that happened along the way. Bottom line, you dont have to want or need money, but trust that there will be a way and keep your chin up.
  4. When i place moldavite on my forehead it feels good, like im communicating with it.
  5. Hi newbie here, I have citrine at bedside, moldavite necklace, and labradorite in my bag.
  6. First rule of swimming is learning to breathe properly. This is similar to meditating. The more relaxed you are the better. I find it so relaxing to be under water since i enjoy the silence and peacefulness it really takes off my stress. Its also one of the best ways to excercise without straining your joints.
  7. Hi, i knew absolutely nothing about your skin condition until i did some research on it. Have you tried drinking turmeric tea with black pepper? Please check it out as it helps many ailments including fungal infections.