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  1. wildwestrom

    New York 2021

    Where's Lauren?
  2. wildwestrom


    Losing free will and not giving a fuck because I'll feel good anyway.
  3. wildwestrom

    Judgement Exercise

    I wasn't able to find a replay unfortunately, but at least now we know where she might host another workshop for Japanese audiences.
  4. wildwestrom

    Judgement Exercise

    見つけたぜー!リンクはこちら @Witt@GabijaCij https://www.voice-inc.co.jp/content/sj_work/1277 https://www.voice-inc.co.jp/store/workshop_last.php?genre1_code=05&genre2_code=080
  5. wildwestrom

    Judgement Exercise

    @GabijaCij そういう意味じゃないと思うけど、このワークショップは日本人向けだからどうやってアクセスしましょうか? さらに、日本人向けのサイトありますか? スワン先生が日本人に教えるつもりがあったら、私はそのコンテンツが見たいのですよ。
  6. wildwestrom

    Taking Requests

    I would like more information about intentional communities. How to create and sustain one, the challenges and pitfalls, and more resources for further research.
  7. wildwestrom


    Very relatable.
  8. wildwestrom


    Definitely normalized divorce. It's been reinforced even more because of the rising statistic of marriages ending in divorce.
  9. I understand that the outside world is just a reflection of myself. But I haven’t been able to fix myself before so how the hell could I do it now? I don’t trust myself to be able to succeed. I don’t even want to try if I have a chance of failure. I have never truly committed to improving myself, and I don’t think I’ll ever be disciplined enough to do so.
  10. I don't think I have what it takes to bring about the change I really want in the world. I think I should kill myself before it's too late. Now I know what you might say. "Your life is important." "This pain is only temporary." You might say this so you free yourself of liability of my death. Please hear me out though. The only reason to stay alive, it seems, is to bring about the change you want to see in the world. I don't even want to try if I have any chance of failing. If life is about to become a living hell and I don't have the power/discipline/will to change it, then why the hell should I live long enough to walk into the fire burning us all alive? I think I should get out now before shit really hits the fan.
  11. wildwestrom

    Unspoken History

    Who was that king? Was it Louis XIV of France?
  12. wildwestrom

    Unspoken History

    How about other cultures affected by European colonization.
  13. wildwestrom


    I’m curious as to why you still use honey and beeswax. What is your take on this. Does this contradict veganism? If so, why or why not?
  14. Audio cutting in and out.
  15. wildwestrom

    Resistance Demo

    Sometimes I just want to truly disown these aspects I tried to disown. Who says I have to identify with them subconsciously? If I make a split in myself I want the split off aspect completely gone! I don't care if I become a different person. I'd rather be a different person. The "I" that's becoming a different "I" is just an illusion anyway, who cares what fragments or doesn't fragment. Who cares if I'm not living some "authentic truth" as if it's something that was decided before birth and cannot change.

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