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  1. What we want to know about your voice? We want to HEAR it
  2. Lenika

    Teal's Hair Secrets

    Love this video Teal! I would be really curious to hear you talk about what your insecurities are when it comes to physical looks, since you mentioned you’ve never had big issues with hair and skin ?
  3. Lenika


    PleaseTeal, we'd love you to make a more in depth video about veganism, and the effects it has on all the emotional, mental and physical bodies <3 Love seeing your passion about it <3
  4. Lenika

    Recipe - Teal's Tamales

    Looooooove these looooong videos ? alsoo for the cook book i‘d love most of teals handwriting?
  5. Lenika

    Recipe - Teal's Tamales

    Looooooove these looooong videos ?
  6. Lenika


    Yes birh trauma.....
  7. Lenika

    Peak Narcissism

    Thank you for your commitment and authenticity.
  8. I am confused... i thought Blake was Winter's Dad ?
  9. same... it gave me the chills too..
  10. Lenika

    Ted Bundy

    her video titled 'school shoters' is AMAZING !!! and will mostly aswer a lot of questions for you
  11. Lenika

    Dating Advice for Women

    hey that's okay. we are all there.
  12. Lenika

    Teal's Split

    yeah... i resonate so much with this split ?
  13. Lenika

    Ping Pong Of Shame

    yeah.. it is important to practise these things with people you feel comfortable and more importantly SAFE with. And how you feel about your mum sure has many good reasons and its imporant to validate them. mh... i feel you. They only thing, in my opinion you can do, is to look for that part in yourself that doesn't want to own shame and deflects it. Basically parts work, if you are familiar with it.
  14. Lenika

    Ping Pong Of Shame

    yes it is super scary. but we need to risk that with people we feel safe with... it'll be worth it..
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