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  1. Dear Teal, I'm sending you all my love! As an ex-narcissist (ex thanks to you) I've got used to the thought that people will both hate me and love me. The more ppl know you, the more ppl hate you. But the percentage stays the same. It's not because of you. It's because hatred is their favourite emotion. Because they are ignorant. Those who follow the haters also choose ignorance for themselves and no matter how much you love someone, you can't impose on to them to be wize and healthy. It's their own choice. You scare the s*** out of the weak ppl, your love is a threat to hatred and it rises to defend itself. You are not only astoundingly smart, but also astoundingly beautiful. Jealously is so wide spread and sure many are jealous of you. If ppl want to learn from you, welcome them. If they don't, let them kindly go to hell. Ignorant ppl don't deserve you, just like haters don't. They don't want help from you. They may be your loved, but they prove their love is weak... Let them go. None of your business. I also let my narcissistic father go. Nothing to do about him,but say sorry.
  2. I have a mission Teal. I want to tell you that I love you as often as I can , so that you see the message . Sorry for the comment out of context . I love you !
  3. I love you Teal ! You changed my life and I love to just even see your face to make my day !

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