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  1. Hi Teal - thanks for writing your thoughts on this - I was interested to know your position. I voted leave - but for me and I know many of us, it was not about the people of Europe in any way - it was about the corruption in the EU itself - Brussels, where they make our laws for us and we have no say in it. It was/is destined to become some sort of super power and I felt it was moving towards everything that we are trying to save this planet from - the global 'elite', one world government, lack of freedom - for me this was a big show of freedom, freedom from the slavery they were trying to impose on us all. There is a large proportion of the country that have voted sole for immigration reasons, which is sad. However, I flt that we needed the immigration problem, to prompt these votes, to break up the EU. It may not have happened if we hadn't had that large share of votes. Great Britain gives more in foreign aid, charity donations and other aid than many countries so it is not that we are not charitable. I know many of us would take all of these refugees in if we could - I would. However we are only an island with a finite amount of space. So we have to look at this problem from many different angles. I hope that this will trigger other countries to remove themselves from this beaurocratic farcical system called the EU - hopefully we can ditch the flag, the anthem and go back to being strong countries, friends and trading partners on our own terms - that is what I had hoped for by voting out,. The new golden age as you mentioned. There was no malice in my vote whatsoever. This is not about the individual countries of Europe or the people. I for one hope this will lead to a brighter peaceful place for us all and peace does belong here. Much love to you all xx
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