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  1. She has an episode on depression. One of the keys is releasing resistance to the feeling of powerlessness driving the depression. It's like once you stop banging on a closed door a window opens. There's some practical advice too. Most psych meds sedate people. Your meds sound like they are reducing your emotions, partially blocking them. Can you truly heal what you do not let yourself fully feel? It sounds like you are disidentifying and disowning the part that was wounded and the emotions it is feeling and heavily identifying with other parts instead. What would someone who
  2. Catalina29

    Taking Requests

    Any more insight into ocd and things to help heal would be great.
  3. Catalina29

    Online Workshop - Jan 2021

    Unrequited love, your analysis is so true. I craved love, attention from someone who was not interested in me, and even on the rare occasion someone does show a little attention that part of me freaks and pulls away. It doesn't feel real, I don't believe it.
  4. Catalina29

    Taping Stones

    What about cleaning ears??
  5. I can only say it definitely helped my mother's fibromylagia. She makes it herself each morning. It's given her back her energy. Even I was surprised how much it helped her. She still has some headaches and pain with the fibromylagia but she's not tired all the time like she used to be, she's able to go out and do things again which makes her happy. Would be interested to know any extrasensory insights on this too.
  6. I only tried them once recently because my ear was blocked with wax to the point it hurt. I don't like going to the drs in normal times let alone now. I thought they worked because I didn't have any issues afterwards. What other treatments do you recommend if it happens again?
  7. Catalina29

    A Closed Door

    I don't know how to meet people to make new friends, to meet someone like me. I have struggled to do this in normal times and now it's like I am destined to be alone and that sent me into a powerless to manifest my desire/meet my needs for connection spiral last night. Even online. I feel bad going up to random strangers. How do I meet new people? How do you find people that are compatible? Sometimes its like I feel lonely wherever I go because they might fit one part of me but they totally reject others.
  8. Catalina29

    Typical Gemini

    Aries sun Pisces rising Gemini moon So yeah I'm full of contradictions but I just see them as complimentaries
  9. Catalina29

    Why You Get Triggered

    As someone who's been an inpatient thank you. You have no idea what it means to have someone like yourself validate you and your feelings. It's hard enough dealing with a mental disorder without psychologists and staff invalidating you and trying to make you not trust yourself, treat yourself as crazy. Which obviously is not healing anyway.
  10. Same. Got called stubborn a lot as a child.
  11. Exactly. Same goal as the virus. That didn't work effectively enough so on to plan b or next stage of plan a.
  12. I disagree. She said that it is not possible to change the world while you remain the same, suggesting internal reflection.
  13. Catalina29

    The Most Difficult

    This. I feel like how can I create my own reality when the unconscious collective drags us into a scenario like this. It makes me feel powerless. It's not fair. I can't make them see reality. Guess we just have do our best in the situation.
  14. Catalina29

    The Most Difficult

    The most difficult thing I am finding is the gaslighting. It's like people telling you what you see is not what you see, what you know isn't true. And they try to shame you on top of it all, want you to comply so they feel good even if you don't. I hate it.
  15. I would say both the illuminati and people who are less aware, people who don't question the mainstream media for example.

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