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  1. Loved these, questions were great and then Teals inspiring answers. Thanks!
  2. Loved these, questions were great and then Teals inspiring answers. Thanks!
  3. I would be (or wish I would be rather) Psilocybin mushrooms, and one side effect would be that you would realize and give in to the deeper truths of yourself and everything around you, and notice that every single step you take brings you closer or further away from yourself. My self aware answer would be caffeine, the side effect would be that you get hyper intense, get lots of shit done that doesnt reaally get you where you needed to go and also you get to be anxious while doing it. Then you can´t sleep at night
  4. ElinoreGustafsson

    Liver Flush

    Andreas Moritz has written an entire book about the flush, I think it is called ”The amazing gallbladder and Liver flush”. I found the protocol also included in his book ”Timeless secrets of health and rejuvenation”. I dont know if there are any differences or updates between the books though.. The protocol is made up of steps that makes it so that it doesnt hurt (for example the Stones first gets softened during preparation, and the area that they pass through gets relaxed and opened by epsom salt..) The protocol also include precautions to follow to avoid nausea and sickness. Andreas Moritz protocol is very thorough, with clear information, steps, what to do, what not to do, when to do / not to do the flush...
  5. I would like to know my aura color. A friend once told me I had a very weak and colorless aura... And that made me really sad and I have been feeling sort of embarrassed about it since. But I would be ready to know now I think. Hope I find someone around who tells me or who I can ask.. Or ideally see for my self...
  6. Maybe because everyone filters their perceptions through their self? As I heard Teal explain other things dont remember what she said exactly but I think she talked about for example channeling, or maybe it was perceptions induced by spiritual medicines.
  7. Got a new stone last week, and the same evening that it was in my mail box in my house I felt I could go visit a friend, and wanted to, without any hesitation. (I usually feel like it is too much effort). Then when I got back home I found that the stone had been delivered. Since then I have been seing my resistance to just about everything in my life.... And I have been crying about it. I feel that the stone helped me somehow loosen up and be "okay" with seeing how much I dislike so much... And the stone is a *drum* Lepidolite. It sits on my table all the time now and it feels like really good company on my journey. I have been aware earlier of that I have been sort of pushed through life by my anxiety (in a not so nice way) and I decided some time ago to not do that anymore. And that helped. Now this stone has helped me to ease up another layer of anxiety it feels like. I have been able to do an inner child day, and to plan things in my days that I actually like, since the day I got the stone. And kind of been able to not have my anxiety ruin these things for me. I am not super good at feeling in to the stones and all that but this one feels like a stone kitten
  8. ElinoreGustafsson

    Liver Flush

    I have done 4 or 5, still got stones coming out. They went from lots of big and small Stones, then yellowish really big Stones, then green smaller Stones and them green bigger Stones the last one. Then I had to recover my emotional strength after a few work life disappointments, it didnt feel good to pause the process but I also felt I had to so I did. Now I feel though that I can handle the preparations and the fast so going to take it up again next week. My body is not so happy that I paused the process, so my advice to anyone doing this if you can- make sure you have support, someone who can help you take care of your obligations during the Liver flush in case you dont feel strong enough so you dont have to prioritize doing the cleanse or taking care of *your obligations if you for some reason dont have the energy to do both.
  9. ElinoreGustafsson

    Regular Job

    I really like the idea of full circle!
  10. What is the music that plays in the break? ? would like to know the name of the artist!
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