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  1. Nellie


    Wow, soooooo interesting. Thank you teal. Love everything about sacred medicinal plants.
  2. Nellie

    We're Our Parents

    Yay Black. So awesome Man. Keep at it.
  3. Nellie

    Empaths Are Not Extrasensory

    Very Very interesting. And yes, it is true I used to see Teal as someone who could do anything. She is the best.
  4. Nellie


    That would be something amazing to see. Would love to watch it.
  5. HAhaha that fox, I am sure that was Blake. Also, she is so right. It is so easy to confuse the negative feelings regarding gaining awareness vs when something is not good for us (internal compass). Guess more practice and being able to pinpoint how both scenarios feel will help me to identify what is happening at a particular time.
  6. Nellie


    Yes, more ghost stories.
  7. This woman is a genius
  8. Nellie

    Picture Time

    wow, so awesome.
  9. Wow Wow, these workshops are incredible, I will go to one of them at some point. Teal is so amazing and incredible.
  10. Nellie

    Star Wars

    blake is so funny lol. I used to think he did not take anything seriously. Now I just see him as a really cool guy.
  11. Nellie

    Non Commitment

    Thank You Teal. You always know what to say in the exact right moment. Great that you are back home. Big Hug
  12. Nellie

    Separation Anxiety

    I am so happy to have seen that kiss at the end. To see that Blake has teal's back. So glad they have each other. ?
  13. Nellie

    The Catalyst

    Teal. You are the best. I am sure you can handle what you are going trough. This too shall pass. I love you, for what you do, what you are, what i perceive you to be and for what I don’t even see. Big, big hug.
  14. Nellie

    What 2018 Is

    Yeah, it would be great to hear all the recording.
  15. Nellie

    Fragmentation In Trauma

    This is soooo good. So much knowledge
  16. Nellie

    Self Gaslighting

    I want to do his training so badly.
  17. I love reading about your out of body experiences. You truly are incredible teal.
  18. This is awesome, I am going to watch them all. Thank you for uploading this.
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