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  1. @Blaze35 I think you misunderstood my line "those that own the jobs now taken by AI, will make all the money". What I meant was, the one owning the job is the boss. Say I own a store, then I'm also owner of the jobs currently occupied by human employees, but if I replace those with AI employees, I will save lots of money. Of couse this won't last forever, those wihtout jobs will need new ways of earning, or else they can't pay for my goods, and then I won't be in business for long either, as I think you also mentioned with your statement "But the demands of services will continue to exist!" right? I don't think workers or anyone have much power in denying AI. It makes sense to us, because it makes resources cheaper, which is something we usually are quite fond of, as long as it doesn't cost our job. The librarian probably won't mind AI employees much when his groceries become cheaper, and the bus driver won't mind much when her taxes are spent on other (in her opinion more important) things than libraries. Both will probably have to adapt, it's never easy, but we are quite good at it. In regard to AI being concious or just sophisticated, I agree that the doomsday scenario of them making a descision to wipe out humanity is rather far fetched, and that is not the kind of doomsday I'm talking about either (I honestly don't consider it doomsday, just a qualified guess at a future scenario really). However, if we look at our own history, we have already several of times surprised ourselves, from believing something impossible to suddenly considering it the norm (bacteria, atoms, speed of light, telephones, cars, the internet etc.). Concious AI, however crazy it may seem to us now, could be something that eventually makes perfect sense to future us or future generations. I don't see any point in denying it, before we can prove it's impossible, and proving that it isn't possible yet, is not entirely the same.
  2. Hi Zhaky, I tried to message you a few days ago and I couldn't post but it was the site transitioning. Message me if you want to talk. By the way you know you are someone else when you realize you've been letting someone else tell you what to think or how to feel.

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    2. Zhaky


      Wow that's a really inspiring story, and it makes great sense that you've ended up where you are now.

      I agree that there are commonalities between christianity and Teal's teachings. I was a devoted christian (relative to how devoted Danes usually are, we don't have quite the same communities as the ones we sometimes hear about in the U.S.A) when I was younger, but the idea of one god being separate from me and other humans, while teaching love and using punishment, did not feel "right" to me, so I searched for answers, and I still do, but now I find most of my answers within and only seek inpsiration from outside.

      I also thing there's a plan of sorts. I especially like the way it's described in Michael Newton's books "Journey of Souls", as being ourselves planning out our lives to give us the lessons we seek to learn. It's difficult to go through hard times and look at them as being lessons we've chosen for ourselves, but I do believe that is the case, no matter how cruel or unfair they seem, I believe we choose to experience those things in order to learn from it.

      I actually just recently (being today) went through one such lesson, one that I've had repeated many times, and still seem to encounter again and again. I was on a date Saturday evening, and I really clicked with this girl. She had so much self-awareness, were confident in herself and she was kind, clever and quite the eye candy as well. The evening went better than I had anticipated, and even though I did feel like something wasn't quite right, I allowed my self to imagine (visualise or daydream) that there was something more. It turned out my feelings did warn me again, and she did not feel quite the same way, so I got a bit hurt, and I tried to figure out, why I (again, because this is the recurring lesson) lose touch with myself and get absorbed into a daydream, just to crash when the bubble bursts. I've realised that I enjoy the thrill, and perhaps this is what I really want, and if so maybe it's possible to continue that thrill, that passion towards another person, even without them having to be my significant other. There's probably more to be learned, but this is an example of a hurtful lesson that is still valuable and something to appreciate. What do you think?

    3. Pastor George

      Pastor George

      "Enjoy the thrill" seems to somewhat self serving, self stimulating, almost like she's not there or not a real person. Are you being distracted from real connection by the fantasy? Do you use porn? Are the images society puts out about women and romance interfering with authentic connection? Don't they always?

      I agree that a lot of Institutionalized Religious teachings seem contradictory to the truth of love and Jesus teachings, Buddha's teachings, there are institutional traditions within all religions but they also have mystical traditions as well. The Sufi tradition in Islam is very mystical and antithetical to the religious extremists who advocate violence! I seek the mystical within the religious in order to counter those who exploit the institutional agenda for selfish purposes. Yet I worked for the Methodist church for 15 years and took their money. I didn't go far in the institutional hierarchy because i chose the mystical path, the inclusive path. Be Blessed, you are a blessing to me.

    4. Zhaky


      Oh but she is real, but I guess you could say my romance-life is based on a true story, but as stories based on a true story often are, it's slightly adapted to be more thrilling. It's possible I'm distracting myself from real connection, I'm still trying to figure out what real connection is, I guess. However I don't see any issues in visualising the possible positive outcomes, as they are often a great tool to find passion and stay motivated. I do use porn occasionally in the same sense that I use smoking, drinking and other quick rewards - I don't let it alter my view on sex, women, romance, relationships, romance etc. however. Taking a warm bath, drinking a banana shake or going for a run is also a quick reward, and there's nothing wrong with that, as I see it, the difference being that the latter options are less (if at all) damaging. So no, I don't think I'm polluted (much) by the society's portrayal of women, romance etc. I believe that real connction is something that (truly) feels right (referring to my definition of true feelings), and I'm not completely incapable of reading my true feelings - I may get sidetracked now and again though.

      Did you always have that approach to religion, or did that change? If so, when did it change and why? If not, then why did you choose the Methodist church? What do you mean by mystical traditions? Are we talking similar to spirituality?

  3. Zhaky

    A great message @Scot I think there is an issue to it though: How are you yourself? Is it possible to be someone else? If so when do you know it's truly you and not someone else you're being?
  4. I guess the point here (that I'm getting) is (in regard to the topic), that we should not pressure or force ourself, but rather accept who we are. Starting with that should lead us to loving ourselves, which can happen at any stage of our spiritual development. Once we align with ourselves (love ourselves) we will most likely (I believe it's certain) head towards enlightment, whether we intend to or not. Don't push yourself towards enlightenment, find your own path and let yourself get pulled towards it - follow your own flow. Doing some research and practicing self-love I've come to the conclusion, that I want to cut down on meat, cut out dairy products (I will surely miss cheese, and I will look for a replacement) and for now not force myself to do anything, but rather accept myself, and deal with my own issues. Lately I've realised, that if I am patient with myself and mindful, I'll almost naturally do the things, I normally would push or force myself to do. Sure it takes some time now and again, but it feels awesome. I hope I will get better at this, and eventually getting out of bed, will be something I just want to do, and not something I'll have to push myself to do - an no, I don't have issues with sleep, I just love lying in bed for a while after waking up, and thinking about lots of stuff.
  5. Zhaky

    Wait... David (Beckham)! I thouhgt you were happily married to Vitoria Beckham? If that's not the case, mind giving me her number? I mean you don't need it, if you're going to marry Tatiana, right?
  6. Zhaky

    I can give you a more scientific explanation of the phenomenon, which also explains why people experience different things, if that has your interest?
  7. I'm not convinced about us being herbivores. There seems to be quite a lot of research on the matter, and both sides claim to prove their case - I'll do some reasearch. Feel free to throw me some articles or videos if you have some good ones. I do however agree, with the Gaia concept in regard to humans, being tasked with the evolution and governing of Earth - It seems to me, that's what you're saying, right?
  8. @Mai-da You seem to know a lot about this, and I have a few questions, if you don't mind? The planet did "create" humans right? But for what purpose? And are we supposed to not alter our food, to make cocoa, bread or meat? Or was that just to point out, that it's man made? I always thought that humans were naturally omnivores, but we are herbivores? So humans are not really animals in this sense?
  9. Zhaky

    Great question, one I can't answer. If you are in doubt however, why don't you just go with what feels right to you right now?
  10. @Mai-da What do you mean that it isn't offering those things? @Adi123 I agree, and that was kind of my point, with saying I won't quit those things just yet, quite frankly I might never. My focus is on accepting myself as I am, whether I smoke, drink or do stuff that's bad for my health - in the wrong amounts everything can be.
  11. @MistaRender Thanks for the explanation of the wonderful (and somewhat disturbing, dreadful) and delightful works of H. P. Lovecraft. I'm great, thanks, how are you? @Done Now I lean more towards a variable in the mix, so not the true deciding factor. I'm not sure how much weight technology will play, but then again, as you know technology are tools we use, they are as such just extensions - like the saying 'guns don't kill people, people do'. Then again, I'm just throwing guesses here, my only basis for them is my personal interest in technology, and my education as a digtial designer. I had to look up boom-bust cycle, now the rest makes perfect sense. I believe AI (again my biggest concern, and not in the sense of Skynet (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skynet_(Terminator))) is the next big revolution similar to that of the internet, it just won't happen quite as fast as the internet (I think). It will change the way we think about jobs and making a living, as most jobs will be taken by AI. Now if we don't resturcture our society to this change and take measures to secure (at least) a close to equal distribution of resources, those that own the jobs now taken by AI, will make all the money. Naturally things may eventually become cheaper, but those without jobs won't be able to buy much, in that sense we get a major bust, possibly even a depression. There is a chance though, that new kinds of jobs will appear, just as it happened during the industrialism (farmers losing jobs, becoming factory workers or yoga instructors), but as it was during the industrialism, it's close to impossible to imagine what those jobs will be (we can't all be programming and servicing the AI - they'll probably handle that semselves as well). I know for a fact that many school system are begining to adapt to this change, by introducing what they call the 21st century skills. This means that they teach soft skills (team work, innovation, critical thinking etc.) to the next generations rather than hard skills (math, physics, culture etc.), as the next generation won't be able to compete with AI, with just hard skills on their repetoir. Deep down I think we'll be alright, but I think we're going to face some tough times first. @Scot I believe Michael Newton covers some of those colours in one of his books about the journey of the soul (Journey of Souls - https://www.newtoninstitute.org/books/journey-of-souls-dr-michael-newton-1994/). In the books, the souls describe how their energy changes colour based on how far they are in their development. I think their description fits quite well with the chart you linked to.
  12. Cthulhu will wake from his slumber and enslave us all - The End! Let's hope not. I feel like it's uncertain and that we're nearing a crossroad of sort. Before we reach it, lots and lots of pain and suffering will happen (man-made or natural, maybe both), this will leave us divided and push us to the edge, and on the edge (the crossroad) we'll make that choice, you also seem to be talking about. I think there may be some rebuilding, and during that rebuilding, humanity will reunite. Naturally it will take some time. But that's just my theory. My concern is that we'll get a huge setback in technology, but maybe that is what we need. If so, I think the unification will help speed up the technological advancement, faster than we've previously seen. I have a little hope that we'll make our first encounter with alien races, and they'll lend us a helping hand in rebuilding, that would be awesome. If the setback does not occur, I fear that technology (mainly the advancement in AI) will create a huge divide among us - those that own the AI and those that do not. This could also push us to the edge. For some reason I just don't feel like that's the reality we're facing.
  13. Zhaky

    That's good to hear. Don't forget to share your experience. I would love to hear, how you make it work eventually.
  14. Zhaky

    @Rose Quartz That is the same I usually experience if I ever get to that point. I have only once been out of my body, and it was for a quick moment, as the new experience "woke me up" or scared me (although I wasn't frightened). I'm still trying to remember what I did differently, and I haven't been able to replicate it. I believe I turned my focus from getting out, to relaxing instead and feeling the vibrations, but again I'm not sure, as if I was right, would I not then be able to repeat my experience from that one time? I usually agree with @Mai-da, and she might be right, but I don't believe that there's any difference to men or women when it comes to astral projection. I guess there could be culturally, but not physically, as I don't believe our physics have much effect on our capability to astral project, apart form our state of mind of course, and our soul is to my knowledge neither woman or man. Again, I'm neither Teal nor anyone who's had proper experience with astral projection, so take my words for what they are.
  15. Zhaky

    I could not have said it better myself, I completely agree @Done Now, and it kind of makes me think, that you ought to love Trump for being exactly that, a symptom, cause he's a very clear symptom. In that sense, whether you like what he represent or not, he's making it very clear to us, that we have some issues we need to deal with.