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  1. You are currently going through you 'Saturday Retun' which is a pretty intense time! Relationships will usually go through an extreme transformation if they last. focus your energy on doing nice things for your body and your emotional state will improve ☺️
  2. Casia

    Ok now I’m inclined to agree with you haha because I was triggered by something someone said and your energy supports me in feeling safe
  3. Casia

    Wow i can’t figure out if you’re being intentional or not 😉 I think it’s safe to assume That it’s intentional. Very clever.... hmmmm Contradictory perspectives, the uncertainty about whether or not I’m going to offend you are coming up and a few others. appreciate the intention 😊
  4. Casia

    Maybe vulnerability presents differently in others..
  5. Casia

    Toxic Masculinity? Sooo many labels in everything. We’re never going to get anywhere if we keep using labels to separate ourselves into categories.. can’t we focus on what we love about one another instead of what’s bad or wrong with everyone and everything?
  6. Casia

    Under these circumstances I feel it best that I should step up and take over leadership of the the world. 😉😁
  7. Casia

    Oh and I meant to say 'how do I know who this person is *to me' - I just realised how my message could have easily been taken out of context. Two words can literally change the tone of the whole email 😑 💖
  8. Casia

    How do I know who this person is? I really want to understand how people can be so certain about this, I can’t accept that if you’re meant to be with someone there can be so little reciprocation. It’s something that really confuses me, how did you meet him and how did you know? Xx
  9. Casia

    I guess it’s all a matter of perspective 😉
  10. Casia

    I completely relate to this...
  11. Casia

    Are you referring to physical traveling, emotional/spiritual traveling, or both?
  12. Casia

    I think i have this
  13. Casia

    Wow, perfect response.
  14. Casia

    Is it ok if we chat privately?