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  1. Hi there! Teal's diagnosis rings true in many ways- but to her and to many close to her vibration. While I have not been physically there myself, my students with ESP abilities have been there and told the exactly same thing about their experience. While I completely agree with most of Teal's comments almost about anything about people and feelings, this time I kind of disagree with her about the Island. From my own energy reading of the islands and many many astral travels - because I have a very strong connection to this place due to many reasons , l am feeling the urge to explain further. By the way let me tell you, I am not an American, I am Turkish, a Circassian, very strongly connected to Lemuria and Atlantis. So I am a bit heartbroken reading this blog post. ( I should not be I know but what r u going to do I am a human with an Ego=) 1. What would YOU do if the entire world was aiming towards a much lower vibration each and everyday..while Gaia is aiming towards a higher consciousness? This place is almost like a haven, a pearl, its entire being aims to protect that, which they should, because it affects the global vibe of the entire world, they are serving the Gaia, the World, us... While not all of the residents are aware of such thing, most of the natives are (at least subconsciously). They are the keepers. This is not the only place in the world to do that, yet one of the very "known", they are always in the limelight (as a vacation place, and for retreat purposes) thus, naturally they would practice any kind of protective energy work to protect their pure energy, it is not exclusion nor hostility, it is necessity, it is the wiser and self-loving thing to do, so please let's label things from a wider perspective and without bias. What do you do to your home, kids, yourself, when you are exposed to MIXED vibrations? We all heal, protect, cleanse and empower right? So should we subliminally call ourselves as "hostile" and label the practice as "exclusion"? Plus, as the healers, the messengers, the starseeds , aren't we the very ones who keep telling people to "protect" themselves from the continuous parasitic vibes of the "system". Aren't we the ones to tell people to "protect" ourselves from the media, news, corporations etc. When it comes to us, we call it protection adn serving the light and when it comes to the Island, we cannot call it "exclusion" and a "shadow" That's not fair. Not to me. 2. The Island(s) is serving the greater good (from an energetic perspective), they have the memories of the ancient knowledge and a future project (forgive me for the "timing" references, you get the idea), and naturally they will preserve and protect. It is one of the organic CRYSTALS of the World which helps the grid (which is now being established for the ascension process)..So from a galactic and macro perspective, you should protect the crystal from being polluted for the greater good, for God's sake, I am trying my best to protect Hawaii (and some other places) from the other side of the World! And we all should be too, if we are here reading this we know(remember) better than the most!. I do not mean any offense to anybody but the overall energy of the USA (and of course my country as well!) is totally something else, mixed as most of the other nations in the World of course!!!...and the Island is "connected" to the USA more than any place in the world and interestingly, while they do not do this deliberately nor intentionally, most of the Americans somehow feel more rejected than any other person of any other nation when they go there- it is probably- they want to feel this place as part of their own entirety, but energetically speaking, this is not possible, no one can do that, this place has a different vibe, different mission. The more you try to hold onto it, grab it, own it, the more you will feel rejected. 3. On the other hand, anyone could notice that the Big Island is not as pure as the other Islands, Hawaii already unites with the rest of the World through the Big Island and to me it is a sacrifice a good intention a necessity to exist in the 3rd dimension, so, it definitely does not exclude the rest of the world. Go to the Big Island, have fun, do your work, routine, establish a career whatever- you are free to do that, aren't you? Also, most importantly, people are not the ones to "exclude" YOU, the Islands do not exclude you, these are your own feelings which arise at the moment you do not vibrate on an equal level with the Island - in other words it is not "easy" to align with the Island, and it is not the Island's problem nor shadow. So it is the person's own shadow which the Island mirrors, the Island does not deliberately reject or exclude anyone, it is NEUTRAL, this is very important to understand guys, it is hard to accept, but the Island's frequency is its BOTH a natural gift and/or a curse, depending on where YOU are, energetically speaking. So, it is our own shadow if we are feeling excluded- they do not necessarily exclude us, BUT MOST DO NOT ALIGN with such high frequency that they feel "excluded" or "rejected" . I was really hesitant in writing this, however, as a person who had connected with the islands so many times, I think this needs another explanation. While I completely agree with most of Teal's comments almost about anything, I do not see this as the Island's shadow, not necessarily... it is our own shadow which makes us feel that we are not connected, or being rejected. Go with a group of "sensitive" and "empathic" friends to Hawaii, and most will tell you the same thing as Teal ; that they at times felt rejected or excluded and that they felt to need to leave, only a few, with very high vibration will tell you that they have found "home" and will tell you that they never wanted to leave. As a healer myself, I continuously do the same thing to my own home, to myself...I cleanse, protect and empower..This is still the 3rd dimension, while all of us are ONE, we are experiencing a separate identity, thus we all vibrate at different levels, so, it is not hostile nor unnatural to protect, cleanse and empower and maintain your independence (let yourself free from the parasitic manipulation of the world) as much as you can, and if you label this as "exclusion", it would be a little bias. Why would a healer, a keeper, an archive, a wise crystal (in this situation it is the Island) sacrifice itself for the sake of making sure EVERYBODY feels welcome, this is not an hotel for God's sake=) Even we should not be doing this, let alone the Island. It is the only way to raise the vibration of the entire World, so while some complains about why they feel rejected, those who do the so called rejection still works for them and yet they get labeled as "cold-hearted" and even "hostile"..well..I am sorry but this is the very shadow which we must see.. And by the way, they cannot care less about what you think of them- the Island does not care- it is neutral..and it should not..let the Island do its work guys and let its people protect its vibration. If we cannot do that, let's not complain about who actually do that- FOR US. As a summary, It is not about the island's decision to exclude you or include you, it is our own vibration which makes us feel those mixed feelings depending on how we are vibrating. The Island is a mirror. So you will let your self out, or in, not the Island. Thus we cannot call that this is the shadow of the Island, everybody and anything will have shadows, but the very issue explained above by Teal is not the shadow of the Island, it is merely how she felt, and from her perspective it is 100% correct... I cannot tell her that she is wrong, well she is not...But that is NOT my experience, so we cannot call this an objective diagnosis at this moment, only her "authentic feelings" . So let's not get furious or approve her like a zombie without ever analyzing our own feelings...just observe... she is telling her authentic feelings, and I am telling will have your own..but none of us can call it an objective diagnosis, can we?..not even mine is an objective diagnosis obviously for I am speaking from a loving perspective- on behalf of the Island- which is maybe also a bias? who knows? ? With love,
  2. Not watching Star Wars (the original versions) ???? IT IS A SIN!!! (I am 34 lol) Watching it is mandatory guys =))) =))))))
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