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  1. This is where postivity-oriented emotional work can come in handy. You feel negative emotions at work, but obviously you need to make money, so a shift in emotionality is crucial. Crucial!! Yes, your feelings matter. Yes, there is a different job that would be ideal. However, whatever job you have now will help you get there... and feeling positive towards your place of work and your coworkers will make it 100X easier. I understand work can suck. So when you feel negative at work, be real about it for a second and then move upward emotionally. Don't sulk, and don't drag your feet too much. Make it a good habit to move onward and upward when you notice negative feelings. Feel it, yes, for a moment... then take a breath and feel better. Sometimes it helps to keep your end goal in mind, whatever it is. And also try some affirmations outside of work. "I can enjoy my work", "I honor my coworkers and customers, and I like being around them." etc etc. Cruuuucial to be happy at work.
  2. What about people you stopped hanging out with years ago because they did something horrible to you and your actual family. Are they in your "soul family" too? What separates "soul family" from all the other people? Let's help this person out.
  3. "Soul family"? Sounds like a cult. Lol Well... this community has open arms for everyone wanting to leave their family, their heritage, and their traditions behind forever. Whataya know! You're here already, how convenient! ! If you're lucky you'll have the privilege of doing the laundry and grocery shopping. Just watch out for the Spirit Science guy. I hear he likes to rape women. Anyhoo. Good luck!
  4. Teal Swan painted a pentagram. The design originated in the book Necronomicon, by H P Lovecraft, a Satanist and occultist. She also published it. Weird. She's probably not a Satanist though, because strange things are rarely true. Scot did you say something? I was busy not caring. My bad.
  5. I wonder why Teal Swan fled Donald Trump...
  6. If I answer this there's going to be another discussion about it. It took me 2 days to stop it last time. Why don't you go back in the thread and look, scotty?
  7. There he is..
  8. If Trump cured cancer This is a hypothetical CNN episode that exposes Donald J Trump's hidden agenda for curing cancer. It's fairly an accurate impression of CNN. I think anything political can be twisted around and spun into brainwashing material these days, especially with CNN. They aren't above these tactics which is as low as you can go really.
  9. Alright... Someone should give me in upvote for that last one. I can't possibly be the only person who cares more about children than someone being a smart ass. It's absurd. I hate how people gang up like this in the spiritual community while everyone just watches. Who am I? Neo from the matrix? Shout out to Grok
  10. @Done Now Oh hey man. I thought we were done. Oh I'm a passive-aggressive topic-related bigot? Oh ok. Awesome that sounds fun. You don't like my "bigotry" towards destructive ideas that cause mental illness and that's fine. I can relate to you. The difference is I hate the bigotry of 2 other things: 1) I hate bigotry against children, and 2) I hate bigotry against the people who speak up about it. Maybr I'm a horrible bigot because I'm an asshole to this creepy nihilist I disagree witI and to someone stalking me. Oh I'm sorry. I'm sorry you saw that. Have empathy for me. Idk. I know why anti-child bigots bother me, so you should figure it out for yourself, why my anti-nihilism anti-stalker bigotry bothers you. It's not my problem, and this isn't yours. So, forgive me for being confused and mad that you jumped in this conversation to spew hatred at me. To me, you're doing this for dumb reasons.
  11. That's probably because it was entirely sarcastic. I don't need to change a single god damn thing about myself because there is nothing wrong with me. Do you understand, pea brain? Yep. 100%. If you have a problem with that, I'm not interested in hearing about it. I've had these conversations with you before and you don't respect what I say about my own feelings. If you had it your way, I would be a broken person who is suicidal and all kinds of issues with hating myself.
  12. @Done Now Don't accuse me of being a "shitwit". Not only is it rude but, I'm not a shitwit. Besides, you joined this forum to talk shit to me an and to shut me up, naming yourself "done now". And here we go again. Are you ever going to stop degrading me? I cried all night last night. Couldn't sleep. Help me Scot what should I dooo?
  13. Wow. He doesn't want to talk to me. It's a miracle.
  14. Scot....