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  1. MistaRender

    Sometimes I wonder what an ideal society would look like. To me it would be culturally intelligent, in that everyone owns a gun, welfare is given with some frugality, and men do most or all of the working. Women shouldn't be expected to earn a living, because you give birth. Women become most useful at home raising children. That should be your "job" so to speak, ensuring human beings come to earth and are nurtured and loved while the man works. Wouldn't that be nice for... Everyone?? The whole family would be happier. If money issues happened, the welfare system would actually have money to help you. Unfortunately, welfare in every western nation is going to the 45 million Muslim immigrants invading them. In the US, much of it goes to Mexicans who never paid anything into the system. That's society today. Economy sucks everywhere and so women have to work.
  2. Kappy, Hollywood, and Pedophilia Jerks Hey y'all! I hope everyone is doing well and feeling good. Lots of crazy things happening in the world these days. It's easy to get stressed by it, but be assured very good things are unfolding. You all know about pedophile cults. Teal Swan was a victim at one point. So, I think we are all on the same page. You might not be aware that Hollywood has pedophile cults within thier community. It's very sad and unfortunate, but that evidence is piling up. Recently, a HUGE breakthrough happened for our movement ( by "our movement" I mean those of us who want to see justice for child victims). We've been waiting for someone to come forward, someone inside Hollywood who is brave enough to speak out. That person became Isaac Kappy. Isaac is a Hollywood insider. He's an actor and knows a lot about the pedophilia problem in Hollywood as he has been within thier orbit for some time. He has stepped forward and NAMED NAMES, to expose the rampant pedophilia in Hollywood, which confirms the suspicions that have already been circulating. This is a video recording of his most recent live stream: He's a really awesome guy. You might not understand some of the things he's talking about initially. The guy "Mike" he talks about is a cult victim from Portland who came forward recently. He also talks about a place called Voodoo Doughnuts, which is a shit hole doughnut venue located in Portland, Austin, Denver and Thailand. They "dogwhistle" pedophilia, in that they have what's called "Little Boy Lover" symbolism. The symbolism was outlined in a declassified FBI document in 2007. I've known about this one. I protested outside Voodoo in Denver a year an a half ago. It's actually a funny story too. Maybe I can tell you guys about it later. Anyway, watch this video and please, hop aboard the truth trane. Good things are happening. The only bad side right now is the ramping up of online censorship. It's all happening and people are shitting thier pants! Let me know what you think. Catch y'all later. Over and out 😉
  3. MistaRender

    I feel you. I was rummaging through my old "Adam" account inbox recently and saw all the people I used to DM before I was banned. That was back in 2016 before I was Neptune. I had a bunch of friends here back then. We had fun. Now they've all moved on to other things apparently. I wonder about them sometimes. I wish them well.
  4. MistaRender

    You said you remembered something from your 20s, implying you're not in your 20s anymore. Later you say you were born in 94, putting you in your early mid 20s. Just looks wierd to me. You left one cult for this one, and you act like you're so free from mental captivity. Also, I don't believe you cut your fingers and magically weren't wounded. Just another wierd post from this place. Very wierd.
  5. MistaRender

    According to your philosophy there is no such thing as objective truth anyway. So, you're kinda just playing devil's advocate. But sure, a lie can cause desire for truth, but that doesn't make the lie the truth. What makes a lie a lie, is that it's not based on objective facts. Therefore, it is a falshood. It is entirely invalid. The truth is factual, as in, based on outer objective reality. This is exactly why I started this topic. So many people in spiritual communities believe in a false model of reality.
  6. @Garnet Why did you not address anything I flagged? Done Now has been more aggressive than anyone has. This isn't the least bit fair and I'm not the least bit surprised. I had to literally yell at you to address what I flagged and you still refused to. If Done Now flags something, thats all it takes. You jump to action. This comment to Done Now is no worse than the dozens of comments he wrote to me. If you punish me, punish him also. Otherwise you look biased and tyrannical.
  7. MistaRender

    Meanwhile, I'm actually the one with any virtuous cause. Lol All they want is you to lower your guard down. Don't want you to protect your mind. Don't want you to protect yourself. Just open up to them. Just trust them. Just Just trust them, guys 😵 🤗
  8. MistaRender

    OooOoOoooo look at the virtuous one. He's so sparkly and bright.
  9. MistaRender

    The United Nations has more power than the EU. There is also a secret society of world leaders. Scary stuff. That's a good way of looking at it. A small government which protects individual liberty is the safest form of government. A big goverent tends to attract people who want to exploit that type of system and they abuse thier power. Government should be in place for the purpose of jailing criminals, allocating taxes to infrastructure and welfare (minimal welfare), military and border protection. The crap governments we see nowadays are ridiculous. Australia bills parents 30 bucks every month that thier child doesn't get a vaccine! That's fascism. Me too. Brexit is going to happen in the way the people voted for, I hope. If not they won't back down easily. It looks that way. Interesting perspective. Ok I wasn't sure. Good good.
  10. MistaRender

    I want to believe the truth. People who believe your type of philosophy believe a falsehood... a very very BIG falsehood... that you can choose the truth. You can't choose the truth. The truth is the truth whether you believe it or not! Love and light
  11. MistaRender

    I'm sparkly and special because I say nice sounding words. Ooo lah-dee-daah
  12. MistaRender

    I'm still waiting for you to admit your faults. Saying little girls ages 4-7 are "actually very sexual little beings" to me (or anyone) is very inappropriate. It's inappropriate especially here on this forum, were people might be open to destructive ideas unknowingly. They trust you, Garnet. EDIT: Garnet banned me from posting freely. All my posts now require mod approval. I did not twist her words. She is simply evading the responsibility of saying what she said.
  13. MistaRender

    Faith in God requires connection to God. It doesn't require connection to creepy strangers on the internet. Scot, just stop. Satan has little to do with this, if anything. You are manipulating people to break down thier protective barriers. That's a big no no. Super creepy, super destructive, and actually a bit evil. Enemies want barriers down. Friends respect boundaries. Woopty freakin Doo "Like us"? You are nothing like the innocent good-hearted. Yeah, people need to protect themselves. Especially today on the internet. This teal forum is the easiest place to find someone to believe your bullshit. They don't need to also be told "trust everyone. Put your barriers down. Everyone is a good person." That's actually the opposite of safe. Unfortunately for you and Done Now, you fucked up too much. I already know your hidden motives. Some people might believe you. They'd have to be pretty naive and gullible, but I'm sure those people exist. You don't fool me though. We both already know this.
  14. MistaRender

    Who deleted a post? I didn't delete any post. I can tell your talking about me you guys sounded like bots I was clearly talking about Scot. Wtf are you talking about? You're trolling hard. Another troll. Isn't this place lovely?
  15. MistaRender

    @NewMooninGemini I agree that Scot is hellish. I've often (very often) wondered if Scot is actually a bot. As in, artificial intelligence. He could be. He doesn't learn well and he repeats the same old narratives as if he were literally a robot. He doesn't seem human to me. I've often wondered along the lines of your reasoning, Newmoon. I've wondered, maybe he doesn't see it? Maybe he is autistic? Maybe he doesn't realize he is so mentally stubborn. Initially, it took me only a few days to realize he wasn't a genuinely good person. Now, I question is humanity altogether. He has talking points, and says nice words. Unless he's talking to me, that's about it. He really might be artificial intelligence lol. Seriously though. Scot might be a bot. We should call him... Scot the Bot.