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  1. MistaRender

    Hey @Garnet There's a PM conversation from 2016 between you and me. Remember? I have screenshots of it. You said little girls ages 4-7 are sexual beings. Why did you say that? Do you believe it's ok to be sexual with a child? I'm bringing this up because I deserve an answer to that question. I actually felt like you were trying to convince me of something inappropriate. Didn't feel right. Also, now that we aren't banning anyone, I feel more comfortable asking you without the risk of being banned. So, do you think it's appropriate to be sexual with a child? Why are you telling random people that 4 year olds are sexual beings? 4 year olds aren't sexual beings, Garnet.
  2. MistaRender

    Garnet responded on another thread. She said No bans. No Warning Strikes. I deserve to be treated this way. She said ""@MistaRender @Inquisitor @Done Now Enough. As far as i am concerned you all deserve each other. If this is the way you solve your issue on the forum's wall, then I don't understand how you get anything done beyond that. Go get beer together because you could probably be good friends to each other. As far as "bad advice" goes. There is tons of it out there, including on the web. I may have given "bad advices" myself too. The way you respond to each other could be considered as "cyber bullying " . No one pulls your tougue here but you yourselves.  Deal with it. "" @Garnet You told me you are required to address flags. Why aren't you addressing this problem? Why aren't you responding to my flags? @Garnet You told me in a prior conversation that you're required to respond when someone flags a comment. I flagged at least 3 comments in this thread. Garnet, why are you refusing to address this problem?
  3. MistaRender

    No strikes for Done Now or Inquisitor. It's utterly amazing how these people miraculously evade any and all responsibility. They're protected from all wrong-doing by admin. At this point we can make that inference. The evidence is right here. You're totally biased. You are completely exposed right now. @Garnet
  4. MistaRender

    @Garnet You said to me you are required to address flags. Well, I flagged two trolls you have on the forum, one of which is demonstrated to be harmful to other members (We can get to that, sure). Why aren't you addressing those flags? You instead brought up an old post of mine from a month ago. I don't mind addressing that with you, but I'm tired of working this hard to point out the obvious. I'll check back tomorrow. Again, thanks for your much much needed cooperation.
  5. MistaRender

    I have to explain to you what's been happening on the forum? You haven't paid attention to anything? I have to explain this AGAIN? Garnet, lol. Why don't you just pay attention? You're a MODERATOR, Garnet. There have been 4-6 threads with over 1500 views and hundreds of comments just of me fighting these people. You haven't taken interest?? As a moderator, you never thought "huh gee golly, let me check out what they're arguing about" ??? No you've never wanted to read the arguments. OK THEN. Wow. That's really unbelievable. Garnet, you're ignoring my flags from the other thread. Inquisitor was exposed ENTIRELY as a troll. Set aside the suicide stuff and all that. All you have to do is look at this thread: I flagged multiple comments AND tagged you so you would READ IT. Why are we here now? The thread shows you everything you need to know about Inquisitor. Why aren't you addressing the flags? I also flagged Done Now's comment. Why haven't you addressed that issue either? You are making me work WAY freaking harder than I should. Unreal. This is your job as a moderator, Garnet. You are supposed to keep trolls out. Well, there they are!! I flagged them for you. Why don't you address the flags, Garnet? Why are you bringing up my post from a month ago? I flagged those comments for you in the other thread. Go address them. I fully expect you to address that thread. That's your JOB as a moderator.
  6. MistaRender

    From my understanding, the problem is when two of the same recessive gene combine. While technically it should be less likely with genetically distant parents, all humans are similar enough genetically that it shouldn't make any difference. I'm no expert but I don't think it's true that mixed race people have better immune systems. I can take myself for example. I'm German, Polish, Swedish, and Irish, Icelandic, and some other stuff. I'm almost as white as you can get, and I have 20/20 vision at age 31, never had a tooth cavity, and I rarely get sick. I'm about 6 percent Native American Indian, so that's something to consider I guess. Netflix is brainwashing my people. That's the engineering aspect. Excuse me but, I didn't vote for that. Lol. No one did. No one in the public ever said "Hey billionaires. Please brainwash all these gorgeous white women to leave my gene pool. It will help integrate them into society so white guys stop being so hateful". If anything it does the opposite. By all means. You are free to do as you please. And so will I. I don't personally understand your opinion that it's not a big deal. We even see it HERE. The brainwashing occurs HERE, incouraging lonely white guys to date foreign women, to move to the Philippines or whatever. Think about it. Everyone, including myself, have been victims of anti-white propaganda brainwashing. Were all brainwashed to think white people are genocidal monsters who can't jump, and are nerdy, and that we generally just suck at things, and we have small dicks and are lame and blah blah blah. White women have to grow up hearing this, and this is who they have to choose from. Now Netflix is giving the same women these images of how great it is to marry a black guy, so now they feel comfortable finally dating someone cool, or who isn't constantly attacked or judged. Maybe she's the one judging but I digress. Netflix is in on the whole thing lol. To not care and not do something is just depressing!!!
  7. MistaRender

    I've been on forums for years. YEARS. I can smell them easier than most. It takes practice. I can say honestly, this kind of manipulation reflects a systematic approach taken by Inquisitor. That's not a good thing. That's a major big time RED flag that tells of troll activity. I'm not implicating anyone else here necessarily, but if whatever subsequent actions from here reveal that this behavior is fine, that would start implicating the site administration. Again, there is clearly systematic "trolling" activity here. It was premeditated. It's obvious what he did and I caught him. What he said to me, he said it to me on the same day he made the other post. He clearly baited a response from me on the other thread to start an argument. It was intentional. That alone is breaking the forum rules. Not only that, he used the situation to flame my thread here a month later. That's also breaking forum rules. He kept it in his arsenal, launched it at me here, and it failed. It failed and now he's exposed beyond even the most reasonable doubt. @Garnet I appreciate your help. I'm just tagging you so you read all of this. This needs to be addressed.
  8. MistaRender

    This is Inquisitor's post describing how I "incriminated" myself by downvoting his post. He acts like he never told me he wanted to use the Grey Rock Method on me. HE TOLD ME THAT THE SAME DAY. And then he said it warrants a mental health statement. This guy is a piece of shit. This is so ridiculous. @Garnet This guy is a troll. A very easy solution would be to ban him from posting.
  9. MistaRender

    You can see them if you look. I'm far too lazy to look into it that far. It was the same day. I was wrong. Yeah both your posts were the same day so... your point was obliterated. Lol. It was completely destroyed. You're full of shit! First you said, "screw this stupid thread, he's just a narcissist". Then you tried to exemplify your complaint by telling a little story. "MistaRender is SO narcissistic, he downvoted my comment about Grey Rock Method thinking it was about him!!!! He's so narcissistic!" Then what happened was... we found your comment that you wrote on the same exact day. What we discovered is... you WERE talking about me!! Haha! What in God's name is going through your head, Inquisitor? You're accusing me of being narcissistic for thinking you wrote about me indirectly when you directly told me you were "using GRM" against me to make me stop talking to you or whatever. (Not sure how that fits with his harassment of me here but I digress) @Inquisitor Why would you expect me to assume you were talking about someone else? Why are you calling me narcissistic for thinking you were talking about me? You did tell me directly that you were using the GRM as a tactic. And that's the wierd thing about these guys. Proving them wrong, proving them to be malicious and so forth, isn't all that difficult. It's the explaining I have to constantly do that loses everyone. That might be how they get away with it. Honestly how hard was it to explain this?
  10. MistaRender

    Dear Readers, If you're reading this and haven't a clue, let me fill you in. Inquisitor has been fighting me for months. His complaint this time is I'm being narcissistic. In order to prove that point, he made up a story about me. I proved his story to not be factual. Yet, here he is... still saying I'm narcissistic. Still trying to paint that picture, and even demanding I get a psychological examination. What a joke. There is no "solid ground" of reality with him. He never gives in. I'll prove him wrong overtly, and he never says "Oh my bad. I guess I was wrong." He never does that. Never says "Woops I'm wrong". Instead, he keeps it going. This time it's "that doesn't technically mean you're not not narcissistic and I was looking for a time stamp anyway and ..." or whatever else. He has these stupid little arguments that are literally just MADE UP (some are funny how stupid they are) and he demands I give it attention. Here he is now, flaming my thread, which is also against forum guidelines. He can go on indefinitely like this and mods do nothing. There is no "rock" of truth to hit. Theres no stopping point. When you tell the truth, he morphs his comments. He attempts to distort reality. Btw, these aren't insults! This is just what's happens with him. When I prove he's wrong, he adapts to the situation, changes his narrative accordingly, and continues baiting off-topic replies from me. It doesnt matter to him if he's accurate or truthful. And... that's actually breaking a rule of the forum. He should've gotten a strike many many times. I'll be flagging his comments here. Let's see if Garnet does anything. My guess is, she won't do anything. Most of my flags have been ignored by the moderators.
  11. MistaRender

    If that's what you tell yourself but if you're that determined, find and bring a screenshot of the timestamp of the one I said to you, but either way, there was no direct mention of a link between you and GRM to anyone else and you can check. HERE: THERE YOU GO. READ YOUR OWN COMMENT YOU POSTED ONE DAY BEFORE. MAY 15TH. It is soooo overtly obvious your goal is to demonize me and discredit me as an irrational mentally insane person who just makes shit up. You are a full blown brainwasher and manipulator. You are!!! Look at this conversation! It makes me SICK that the moderators are so negligent. You don't belong in a place like this where people are trying heal, learn, and find answers. You are a liar, a manipulator, and a troll, and you need to LEAVE. Get lost!!!
  12. MistaRender

    I see what you're trying to do. Sadly, some people are stupid enough to believe someone like you over someone like me. Inquisitor, your little "proof" there doesn't mean anything. I know I down voted you. Why did I? Because on a PREVIOUS post, you told me "Grey Rock Method: Activated". AFTER that, you posted that comment and I down voted it. Do I need to prove it? Just fuck dude this is so ridiculous. You can't be any more overtly malicious and manipulqtive. @Garnet @Garnet @Garnet Hello? Garnet? Moderators? Doesn't ANYONE care at all. I swear. If I was a mod this would never ever ever happen.
  13. MistaRender

    Literally the same day you posted that, you told me you were using the Grey Rock method on me. You said "Grey Rock Method: Activated" or something like that. Then, you went to another thread and said you were using it on someone. You're saying now, you weren't talking about me? I didn't incriminate myself. You told me you were using that method against me. But... It didn't even make any sense for you to use it against me. If anything, this forum should use it against YOU. Lying, manipulative, scum bag. Lie like lie lie lie. Trick. Decieve. Try to appear rational. That's all these people know. They know how to lie, decieve and character assassinate. That's what's happening.
  14. MistaRender

    Hey thanks for ruining my thread, guys.
  15. MistaRender

    You're done talking to me? FANTASTIC Now we await Garnet's return to make a decision about you. She has to make a decision about Done Now, too. Both of you should be banned. Telling people the white population is stagnant because whites are being brainwashed and demonized is not "fearmongering". It's REALITY. It's a REAL danger. A REAL THREAT. I know you want people to believe I'm just fearmongering. That's not shocking. What the actual fuck is going on. These people are sick. Every single time I try to tell people something important, these guys have a problem. I gotta say... These two are the absolute worst characters to have around any kind of "healing place". Moderators have done nothing about them. They're here. All the time. Right now. Every single day. Every single day these guys are here. They're here telling people it's okay to kill themselves, telling people everything is strictly subjective, telling people to let people rape them, demonizing me non stop, lying lying lying lying lying all day long every day. I am anti-exploitation, anti-child abuse, anti-brainwashing...... yet they attack me and everything I say. @Garnet Do something for a change.