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  1. @BeyondTheRim HEY!!! HOW DARE YOU SAY THINGS ABOUT AFRICA!! DON'T YOU KNOW THAT BLACKS ARE OPPRESSED?! Excuse me sir. You're not supposed to say offensive sounding words like that. It hurts Jay-Z's and Usher's feelings. Africans have NEVER done anything, and they didn't ever migrated out of Africa by choice. It was the white people who stoled Europe and America from them and they are just returning to thier rightful homeland. RESIST!!!! GIRL POWER!! WE CAN DO THIS!!! 🦄🐮🐷🐰🐹🌼 STUPID BOYS!!
  2. @BeyondTheRim It's not just a problem in North America either. It's a problem in every white nation except for two or three in Eastern Europe. Even in some non-white nations the muzzies are taking over and refusing to assimilate. There's an Asian country where this is happening, and the Asians are protesting because the Muslims are sexually assaulting the women. Not a single country is enjoying the immigration from Africa right now. Everywhere they go they bring problems. What's happening in the UK is beyond worrying. Soldiers are being kicked out of the military for posing in a picture with Tommy Robinson, someone simply labeled a "white supremacists". He's only considered a "white supremacists" because he tells the truth about immigration and Muslims... rape gangs and whatnot. He's been jailed multiple times for thought crimes (1984 style). I have a family member in pest control. He's been into people's houses and seen how they live. Landlords call him up to spray apartments despite the tenants intentions. He said some Muslims STILL don't use toilet paper. They have no toilet paper in thier bathrooms, and they wipe thier poop off with thier hands 💩 ✋. Isn't that nice? That's why Muslims take offense if you reach out your left hand for a hand shake... the left hand is the poop hand. They use the left one. Why don't you go buy some damn toilet paper. A roll is a dollar. In bulk it's even less. They have no desire to assimilate even if it's good for them. This sounds like "racial hatred" but it's just the truth lol. They want to bring thier culture wherever they go, while we all pay for them to live with us. It's the most backwards thing ever. Never in history has this happened, where nations pay for a massive foreign invasion like this. It's unacceptable. @Harris Care to explain the down vote? We're all being honest here.
  3. Here is a video of Somali pirates getting massacred at sea against the US and Russia https://youtu.be/1NKdAxN5jJI I think Somali pirates were a bigger problem before than it is now, but, yeah. If you give those guys as much as a speed boat they think they can rule the ocean. It's truly insane what those Somalis think they can accomplish. They aren't even suicidal. They're just literally reatarded. I think the average IQ in Somalia is around 65 or 70. Bringing this back around to immigration, there are 150,000 (my estimate) Somalis living in the state of Minnesota. Its verifiably over 90,000. Given the fact that muzzies like to own sex slaves, it makes me wonder how many blonde beauties have been kidnapped by Somalis in the last 20 years in Minnesota alone. It's really terrifying It's not a joke. This shit is real. What do we do? Vote Republican in the mid term elections. The major issues are not about racism. The major issues are about life and death, literally. I'm not sure what else needs to be said. Mass immigration is a massive problem. You won't enjoy sipping vanilla bean lattes in public 20 years from now when Muslims force you to wear a burka (when I say "you" I mean the women here who might be reading this). Just my 2 cents on that. It's kinda funny until you realize that these muslim people live everywhere now, and that Democrats are fighting to keep them coming in. Crazy stuff.
  4. I haven't done any more research on it, but it dawned on me that the US has more power than Israel. Israel has depended on the US for financial aid and they apparently needed the US to declare the capital of Israel. Some Jews are rich, like the ones who own the Federal Reserve. But Trump's attacking the Fed now so... Lol. I dont think it's so cut and dry as "the Jooz rule the world" like some people think. That seems to be a more acute representation of Zionism than the theory of world domination. The game "Risk" comes to mind. The world is more complicated than a board game. I think even the smartest most wealthy people would have a hard time taking over the entire planet. We're fairly early in the evolution of society but it hasn't happened yet (not saying it couldn't happen but it hasn't). No the Somalis are still trying to be Pirates. Lmao. We still fight those guys at sea. So do the Russians. An occasional ship gets hijacked I think (doubtfully Russian or US).
  5. MistaRender

    Nah man. You just can't back up your accusations. Simple.
  6. I'm not sure what you know about Zionism, but I've picked up a couple nuggets recently. I'm just now starting to learn about it, so it's tough for me to tell what is true and what is a conspiracy theory. It's seemingly a very secretive thing amoung the astronomically rich and powerful so it goes without saying that not a lot of overt information is published about it. Supposedly it's relevant to current geopolitics. The information I've gotten is mostly... yeah... a bunch of online "conspiracy theorists" publishing on thier own WordPress sites and YouTube channels. It is interesting though, because Trump is pandering to Israel like he's thier own personal servant. Some $40 billion is going to Israel yearly still. We established an embassy in Jerusalem. He declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. There's word about a Third Temple being built over there, which actually fulfills Biblical prophecy. They are excited over there to say the least (what's kinda scary is that the anti-christ prophecy fallows the building of the Third Temple).  It's interesting to me because we aren't allowed to criticize Jews, and all the the right wingers support Israel. Some guy named Adelson (Jew) made a $200 million contribution to Trump, and supposedly he's calling a lot of the shots behind the scenes. So, it kinda kicks the left-right paradigm on its ass if it's all true because America isn't sovereign anymore when Israelites are calling the shots, which has supposedly been happening for some time. Take all this with a grain of salt. I'm just now starting to learn about all this. I'd be VERY interested in your thoughts if you're aware of anything that you learned from a credible source about Zionism.
  7. MistaRender

    Interesting!! You accused me of not responding properly to posts and just dismissing them. Yet here you are doing exactly that. What's the problem again? You can't back up your bullshit RUDE comment to me? Of course you can't. That's what I thought.
  8. MistaRender

    @Scot Stop interrupting. It's very rude. Your question is completely irrelevant. @Done Now Please respond to my post. https://tealswan.com/forums/topic/4841-patriarchy/?do=findComment&comment=35813
  9. MistaRender

    I say we pick up the conversation as we left it here. Explain your rude opinions that you expressed here please. I want to organize your response by numbers. I will use numbers for each question, and I want you to answer the question USING QUOTES of mine along with an explanation of why you think your opinion is accurate. Please use numbers to organize your response. 1) When did I gaslight anyone? Provide proof I gaslighted people. (Careful. Me giving FACTS does not equal gaslighting.) 2) What arguments did I make that were "disjointed"? 3) What arguments did I make that were "self-serving"? 4) What arguments did I make that were "contradictory" to other points that I made? This is a mild version of the usual vomit pile you write to me. You've written much worse, but I think it makes the point your priority is to demonize me. This is just the beginning of digging up your past so I hope you're ready for more after this. For the sake of organization we'll start here. I want to see all 4 questions addressed with numbers that correlate to my questions. Thanks.
  10. MistaRender

    I'm going to try an impression of Done Now. This would be a typical reaction to an intellectual post of mine, like the one I just wrote. Here's Done Now: "Aside from the fact I didn't call you a predator here, this really shows how delusional and self absorbed you're capable of being. I can't think of a single person in my life who would have an episode like yours, insult the whole forum, and come back the next day pretending anyone wants them to come back. Just goes to show, your self absorbed ego is your own top priority and everyone else's problem to deal with. Oh well... Heh. The more you argue the more you dig your own hole deeper and deeper. It should be obvious to everyone that your intentions here are questionable. Oh well... Heh. No one can control your child-like outbursts of rage stemming from years of resentment towards your mother. I hope you get a handle on those issues but I doubt that's even possible with an ego like yours. Oh well... Heh." 🤣😂😂
  11. MistaRender

    Also, my sincere apologies go to Melo. I edited my comment about him out. It was completely uncalled for and he didn't do anything. I was triggered as hell and in my "fuck the world" state I get into when I feel powerless. I'm sorry. Probably a strange compliment on some level.
  12. MistaRender

    This is what Done Now does when he is forced to say something to demonize me but has nothing truthful to say. He throws accusations at me. "You're an absolute predator and insecure and blah blah". Even if I was a predator, that isn't an argument lol. That doesn't disprove that the Me Too movement was hijacked by new wave feminism. That doesn't disprove that I caught Garnet twisting her arguments around. That doesn't disprove that Patriarchy doesn't exist in the west. That doesn't disprove that the Middle East is a viscious Patriarchy that needs to be protested. That doesn't disprove ANYTHING I said. But... he has to say something. But no. I'm not a predator. Done Now is an actual predator.
  13. MistaRender

    I changed my mind. I'm back now. Battling you is too much fun to pass up. Destroying predatory people like you intellectually isn't hard, just a lot of work. Blah blah blah. You're damage control for Teal. It's easy to figure out. Unfortunately for me, it's a lot of work to continually point it out so people see it. You've stalked me and harassed me for... what... almost a year now? I don't even know how long. Honestly... yeah, some people here are really really dumb sometimes. That's a big plus for predators like you. I hate seeing people fall for it, but I've actually done a good job so far exposing predarors like you and Teal. That's why only a handful of people frequent this forum. If it wasn't for ME, predators like Yamanu, Walt, and Inquisitor would still post here and people would believe thier bullshit. Walt was banned because a Human Trafficking Task Force employee from Texas complained about him after I battled him and Scot for months. Yamanu left with his tail tucked between his fake little legs, and Inquisitor I utterly destroyed intellectually. So he doesn't prowl around here anymore, thanks to me. Oh you're welcome everyone. Remember your buddy Inquisitor, Done Now? He was the guy who told people it's not bad to kill yourself, and he fought me for MONTHS for his right to tell people nothing is bad about killing yourself. You defended him relentlessly while calling me a predator, just like you are now. What a joke. You're a freak show. Anyone who doesn't see it is uninformed about you.
  14. MistaRender

    I'm done All you dumbass Tealers love to be brainwashed, so I'll leave it up to Teal, Done Now, Scot, Inquisitor, and Sagittarius. They'll gladly brainwash you and rape your mind to pieces. They'll Glady turn you into a perfect little mind zombie and ruin your life. I'm absolutely done wasting my time here. Peace gone. Fuck you all. Go to hell. I hope these people ruin your life forever.
  15. MistaRender

    Clearly you love being a brainwashed mind slave because you paid Teal to make you one. Any old fuckin thing Done Now or Teal Swan says you just agree with because you're "open minded" and "can see things from different perspectives". Haha smh. So incredibly STUPID. Casia, believing OUTRIGHT LIES is not a good thing, idiot. Who would pay me to be here and "stir things up"? Wow that's a real genius viewpoint. You think I'm part of the "Mormon cult" out to get Teal Swan? HAHAHAH! OMG. smh. That makes no sense at all. NO ONE IS OUT TO GET TEAL SWAN EXCEPT REAL FUCKING PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE WORLD. I am soooo triggered right now lol. Done Now wins. Teal's little damage control faggot wins. Congrats Casia. You did so good.