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  1. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    Mulla ainakin on sukua Helsingissä, niin voitas morottaa sit kun oon muutenkin menossa sinne päin?:) Ja Bashar on loistava!
  2. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    I'm sitting here and wondering, if you have so much hatred towards her, why do you keep coming back to her website and forum after being banned 4 or 5 times before? I would assume you too, would have liked to move on with your life by now. I think it's not the spiritual people that get on your nerves for not handling their life effectively, it's that you're angry at yourself for wasting so much energy and time bashing other people, when you could actually do something good for yourself and even the world. Maybe root for something that you like and enjoy instead? Anyway, I don't really even care what the issue is here, could I just ask you to create your own topic for this conversation? Thanks!
  3. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    This video might help a lot with your recovery. Also, Krystine suggested this channel to me (Bipolar or waking up?), and it has been a life saver for me at least. I think anyone who has had similar experiences to what this guy talks about in his first videos should watch all of them. Although the name of the channel suggests that it's aimed for people who are diagnosed bipolar, it's really for anyone who's had psychotic episodes, bipolar, or schitzophrenia. So check out this video and the first videos he released on this channel, and see if it resonates with your experience. Although he talks a lot about going off your medication, I think you should do what you feel is best for you at this moment, no matter how bad those drugs are for you. But this might just give you a glimpse of hope that one day you can get off your medication safely, and that there are ways to recover naturally.
  4. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    I would also love to be your new friend, I think we would have a lot of similar experiences to talk about:)
  5. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    I definitely think that this has to do with you releasing some old trauma that has been stuck in your body. I don't know if you've heard of how kundalini (or whatever you want to call it) works, but the pain is usually an indication that the energy is sort of burning something old that has to be released so that it can move freely. Especially now that you have made so many changes in your life (witch will wake up the "kundalini" even more than before) the energy has to "catch up". And this is also why I think you felt better after the experience. I've also experienced something similar to this, and the advice I would give you, if this happens to you again, is to focus on and surrender to the pain, and if you can, try to communicate with it and solve whatever comes up for you. I was alone when this happened to me, and I remembered a past life in London, that was connected to a sharp pain in my lower back, that I had never experienced before. In that life I was being raped by my father. I hadn't read about Teal's Completion Process when this happened, but I sort of instinctively started to focus on the pain, and suddenly the memory came through. The way I went on to solve this memory, was to speak to my father in this past life. My voice sounded like a child's voice, and I suddenly spoke with british accent. I sort of stood up for myself as the child and told my father in that lifetime, that this needed to stop and that this was my body, and that I won't be obeying him anymore. Also, I know what you mean by grounding yourself with weed, since I've used it very frequently for over five years. But having gone through similar experiences, I do suggest that you try not to smoke if you want to slow down your inner experiences, or if it gets too much for you to handle. Weed is something that can accelerate or even start the process for some people, in a way that they're not ready for (also talking from experience). But anyway, this is just the feeling I got from what you wrote and from what I know. I think you should trust yourself the most in what all of this means, because it can be tempting now to ask for others opinions, but usually with stuff like this you'll realize later, that you were right all along in what you felt was true for you.
  6. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    Yeah, now it makes much more sense, thanks! I've been wondering if the energy here in Finland has anything to do with the fact that people in Finland commit the most suicides in the whole world. 'Cause as you say, finnish people are not so open, they are quite rigid and stuck in their heads. Social circumstances are the best example of that. I think the biggest obstacle in my life personally has been finding people who are open to discuss about spirituality, and people who haven't lost their child-like nature. But to be fair, I have been blessed with some of the most amazing people in my life as well. It's just that if you wish to make new friends in Finland, it seems almost impossible to do after a certain age. But nevertheless, I totally agree with you in that finnish people are very spiritual and have a huge capacity to develop in that area. It's just that we feel so alone, that many find it hard to maintain their spiritual development when they have nobody to share it with. So I guess it does reflect the personal strength in people who are still striving for their spiritual values in spite all of that. Even though we are quite a somber nation, I still definitely recommend you visit some day! Especially if you feel intrigued by shamanism. I've understood that in Lapland there are still some natives that practice shamanism in the way their ancestors did. Also, we have two crystal mines, one where you can mine amethyst and the other where you can mine spectrolite. I've been dreaming about visiting both mines when I have the opportunity. I've understood that New Zealand has maintained a lot of its native/tribal ways of living, is that correct? Or that there still are a lot of tribes left, living the way they always used to. I remember seeing some kind of tribal dance from New Zealand, and it made me feel like it would also be an interesting place to visit some day. And thanks, I'm so glad I found this community!
  7. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    Tuih:D Ja joo tuttu tunne, siks se sen tyyli varmaan muakin puhutteli. Autenttisuutta parhaimmillaan. Rob, did you use Google translator for that message? Could I ask you to write the same in English? It doesn't make much sense in Finnish.
  8. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    Yeah, balancing the two is definitely quite difficult when you are bombarded with proof that this "reality" is a dream or a game of some sort. Or that the external is essentially your inner world. Thanks for your suggestions! I'm so grateful to see that all of you guys, even though all of you may not have had the exact same experience, are still so understanding of what this means from a spiritual perspective. It's so nice to notice this after people feeding you the lie that you are a problem that has to be fixed. So thank you guys for existing!:) I had to laugh outloud when I read what you wrote about midsummer magic, because I think this happened during or right after midsummer. I'm just in the middle of watching the channel on Youtube that Krystine recommended called "Bipolar Or Waking Up?", and this truly is a life saver! I think anyone who even has a relative or a friend who's gone through this (or bipolar or schizophrenia) should watch all of his videos (or at least some), because he outlines the ways you can support someone going through "a psychosis" like this, and what are the different stages of this process. Because I'm not gonna lie, it can be very scary to watch a psychotic person if you have no clue of what's going on with them.
  9. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    Haha, Ralph on ihan liian lutunen, siinä oot oikeessa. Mä taisin itseasiassa just sen videoiden myötä alkaa ite avautumaan näille jutuille. Ensin kiinnostuin hirveesti veganismista Youtuben kautta ja joku päivä Smartin naama tuijotti mua etusivulla videoehdotuksissa, kun se on niin kova advokaatti kasviperäselle ruokavaliolle. Aluks en ees tykännyt sen videoista kun oma ego tuomitsi sen niin poikkeavaks, mutta joku siinä jätkässä sai mut palaamaan niihin videoihin ja kattomaan että mistäs tässä on kyse. Ihan huippu tyyppi:)
  10. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    Thanks a lot, I'll look into them! It's so great to see that at least some people understand what this really is about after all the bullshit (excuse my french) you have to go through in todays society if you experience this. It breaks my heart to think that even right this second people are getting traumatized in these hospitals for the cowardice of the majority. But I believe it will change soon. It has to.
  11. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    Heips! Ihanaa nähdä että Suomikin on päässyt kartalle mukaan. Jos saataisiin kaikki suomalaiset messiin keskusteluun, voitais harkita miittiä jossain päin? Koskaan ei oo liikaa saman henkisiä tuttavuuksia, mulla ainakaan:D Olis myös kiva tietää vähän kaikkien taustoista henkisellä polulla. Kaikilla meillä se taitaa olla ihan verissä kylläkin, mutta miten päädyitte etsimään ja löytämään tämän osan itsestänne?
  12. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    I just wash my stones with soap before placing them in water (and occasionally I soak them in saltwater to cleanse the energies). Then I usually wait for at least an hour for the crystals to do their magic, so you'll probably not see the difference just after placing the stones into the water. But yeah, it is very interesting:) I think I'll do some experiments with different stones next and see if it makes a difference, and if keeping the stones there overnight will also affect the results.
  13. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    This is something I also encountered when sharing about my vegan lifestyle. A friend of mine told me that plants have feelings too. And yes, they do. It's been proved by science. Wether or not they are the same kinds of complex feelings that humans experience, I have no idea, but if you attach a plant to a lie detector, the detector will react even if you think about hurting the plant. Although as an empathic person this might concern you, I think you're contributing to peace on earth a lot right now just by going vegetarian, so thank you for making that shift! Remember to remind yourself that not many people are as aware of animal suffering as you are, so you're doing great already:) Also, being a vegetarian has a positive impact on plants from the broader perspective, since it helps the environment (the documentary called Cowspiracy is great proof of that). So it's really about choosing which diet causes the least harm in your opinion. As Mark said, the attitude of gratitude works wonders, and people in the ancient times knew this. This also applies to animals, and that's why the native Americans used to bless the animals they hunted before (or after?) killing them. So if you feel too worried, I think you should try and bless your food before eating or preparing it. And again, remind yourself that you're already doing great by being a vegetarian. Also, if we believe that everything is essentially consciousness, that every particle (atom for example) is conscious of itself, then there is really no way to avoid hurting something or someone at some point in your life anyway. Even you walking on grass may hurt the grass, but you can't really live your life being afraid of every step you take. That wouldn't be conducive to your own wellbeing. Also, breatharianism is something we will eventually evolve to, but I think (having researched this topic a lot) we should not be perfectionists in the spiritual field and try to jump the gap too quickly from eating solid foods to living from prana. I would also like to add to Mark's reply, that breatharians do not really live off of air or breathing, rather, they "eat" or consume energy, prana, or chi, whichever term works best for you. The breath in breatharianism has to do with the intake of life-force energy with every inhale. But the polluted air does play a huge role in wether or not you are able to be successful at the pranic lifestyle. Anyway, I hope you can be at peace with your decision to eat plants, since like I said, it makes a huge difference in your, the planet's and the animal's wellbeing. And if you still feel like you are afraid of eating them, maybe you could try and find out if you have a belief system underneath this worry, by applying Teal's method for finding a core belief? Hope this helped!
  14. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    Yeah, it's true that we tend to like certain crystals, but then our frequency changes so that we need a whole different kind of energy around us. I used to love moonstone, but for some reason all of my moonstone jewelry kept breaking, so I considered that it might mean that it's not the right time for me to use moonstone. Instead I seem to gravitate more towards black stones now, wich I used to avoid before for some reason.
  15. Ronja Tarkanmäki

    That's exactly what it felt like, a video game. Or some sort of cosmic joke:D And thank you, I actually haven't read a lot about kundalini energy, so I'll definitely look into it. I do have a couple of spiritual groups near me but they weren't really resonating with me. The other one for example, treated clairvoyance like it's some sort of rocket science that you need to study hard in order to be successful at it. And they only saw seeing visions as the real way to be "psychic", although there are much more ways you can sense these things. And they had no idea what synchronicities are. Luckily my husband understands what I've told him about not believing in mental illness, so at least I can rely on him if I feel like another "psychosis" is on its way. The last time I had this experience I was sort of prepared, since I knew about two months beforehand that I was about to go through this again. So when people around me (relatives) started freaking out about what was going on in my head, I called my mom and asked her to contact someone in the spiritual field and ask for guidance. This person that she contacted saw my situation and performed some kind of remote energy healing to ground me. I think she removed some energy blocks from underneath my feet. But as soon as she did that I felt so irritated that I had been grounded. I don't know why exactly, but I just hated the sinking feeling of being pulled back towards the ground. I also felt really tired, but maybe that's a part of grounding your energy? Anyway, I also went to see a psychic after the first experience, ans she told me that my crown chakra and my third eye chakra had opened too quickly, wich caused this confusion in me (that would also explain why I had these reactions to the color violet). I just realized from your message that I should probably try and balance the lower chakras with crystals next time, so thanks for the advise!