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  1. Lola

    Mulberry Cobbler

    You are so gorgeous teal! Makes me motivated to eat healthy like you so I can glow like that too.
  2. Lola

    Sound Bowl

    Sending you love teal, thanks for the healing sounds
  3. Lola

    Board Games

    There’s this card game called “mentally stimulate me” and it’s a kind of get-to-know-you relationship topic game. I’ve yet to play it but I wanna buy it eventually. I think you’d like it.
  4. Lola

    Free Will

    Teal, your talks about free will really helped me get in touch with my sense of free will this year. I never felt more committed to life. Because even tho I can’t always have my cake and eat it too, at this point, I get to say yes or no to things. And if my no leads to massive consequences then so be it. At least I get my vote now, and that’s why I wanna be here more. I find it specifically with the vaccine issue. I don’t want any more vaccines and it’s a hard no for me personally. I really lost out on certain privileges after making my choice but so be it.
  5. Lola


    Lmao yes! I am here for this XD
  6. Lola

    Reason For Tragic Events

    No my logic doesn’t conclude people are a match to being burned to death for being Christians. It concludes people that are full of the the suppressed rage of self hatred and self denial are a match to being burned to death. Which could be anyone, and ever Christian isn’t like this. But a lot of Christians are, especially the ones who try the hardest, against their own hearts to be good Christians and not who they really are. I’m not saying you are like that but it is a common theme for many. edit: i feel like this relates to teals new article on karma. Like it’s not about judgment or deserving destruction. It’s about being a match to destruction when you partake in fragmenting and destroying yourself to fit into a culture.
  7. Lola

    Reason For Tragic Events

    Ok yes I see why you won’t openly suggest that the conciuousnes of the Christians made them a match to the fire, because I told my mom I thought they brought it on themsew and she was apauled lol listen to the “hellfire” Disney song tho it’s a great illustration
  8. Lola

    Reason For Tragic Events

    You know what’s weird? The day before the notre dame fire, I was listening to the Disney song “hellfire”. I sent the video to my friend, in a effort to illustrate how attraction and love were different. The priest in the video was super attracted to Esmeralda (and didn’t love her at all, kinda hated her actually). And I was saying how the painful desire to be with Esmeralda was actually his painful desire to be one with himself again. She represented the sexuality and freeness that he disowned and “wanted but hated” in himself. So I was surprised when I hear the cathedral went on fire. And was thinking “what does the fire represent?” And I guess it represents the pain of self betrayal and the anger in it. The anger of not being able to be with parts of yourself. So I guess that could have been a vibration in the church. Potentially all the anger at self betrayal, and frustration to be whole when they choose to be “good” instead, lead to them being a match to a fire of the place.
  9. Lola


    I agree, I’d like to see this too!
  10. Lola

    Agree To Disagree

    Isn’t agreeing to disagree just basically accepting incompatibility? Don’t get me wrong, I hate agreeing to disagree. It would be great to feel like incompatibility can be undone.
  11. Lola

    Teal's Favorite Crystals

    Thanks for sharing that about aura crystals, and opening geodes. Actually I think it’s extra magical feeling sometimes when they are not opened. It’s makes you think about potential. B.diana, I thought the audio had a bit of static sound, but overall it was pretty easy to hear and I didnt have a problem understanding anything. Maybe the issue you are having with the sound is something else
  12. Lola

    Power Lattice

    I think the "softer" thing is good to practice, so you are gentle and kind with yourself. I thought this was a good little talk she did on alignment. https://tealswan.com/premium-workshops/2018/seattle-workshop-2018-part-44-r126/ (part 4 of 2018 Seattle workshop) at 22:40 she talks about alignment and how it is her greatest success tip to be in alignment. It is about getting all you internal parts satisfied with a choice, internal harmony, and mending fragmentation/cognitive dissonance.
  13. Lola

    Power Lattice

    Being able to choose, "I can surrender/let go" is a form of power. As opposed to people who feel they cannot let go or surrender to source because they are afraid of something, and resist what could happen if they let go too much to let themselves do it. Also, source is an extension of you, so yes it is good to surrender to source when it just just surrendering to yourself really. But I don't see is as you are handing your power to source, at all. You are using your own power and choice to let go of resistance to your source self. I know you were asking teal, but wanted to share my perspective in case you found it helpful.
  14. Lola

    Power Lattice

    Love this teal! Power and freedom! Choice! The prerequisite to love
  15. Lola


    Not being able to choose to forgive, is like not being able to choose to just let yourself out of a prison of resentment. I don’t know how to rectify that with free will and choice. I think we can choose to forgive but the actions that follow that choice should be a step by step healing process instead of dissociation, which won’t even get you to forgiveness, which implies you maybe didn’t choose forgiveness you chose hiding from life. And that’s what you got. I was very disturbed at the idea of powerless lol, I am trying to think of it in an empowering way now. thanks for the episodes tho, beautiful and enlightening!! Instead of saying we can’t choose forgiveness, maybe we can say that we need to re-evaluate what it means and looks like to choose forgiveness
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