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  1. Yes! Thanks for uploading!! Love her talks
  2. I agree with the people saying we should not be promoting hate to anyone, even including the hateful people harm others and who pretty much deserve to be punished. Because hate only creates more hate back. However, it is not hateful to give your honest opinion with good intentions. In my opinion I cannot understand why Muslim (and Christians and Jews) would affiliate themselves with an explicitly xenophobic book and have the cognitive dissonance to read that their all knowing God wants to condemn gays and then they say they are ok with gays. What? I just don't understand. I don't understand even having three of my closest friends being Muslim. They do not want to discus this issue and say it is just "their back ground" or "who they are". I just don't get it, why do you have to accept these outdated world-views just because you are born into them. You would be more of who you are if you didn't have some fractured identity believing two things at once. Anyways, people should do or be whatever they want, but why don't they feel like they can open their identity outside of their religion? (Besides the fear that some might feel of being killed for leaving Islam, which is how the book says you handle people who leave Islam). Here's a relevant interview with teal:
  3. Come on, are vegans really the least compassionate people out there? I mean, there are some other crazy groups of people here on earth. Lol. But ya, I see how vegans can be judgmental of other people, basically saying that every non-vegan is a cruel killing supporter. I have been guilty myself of being resentful when people would refuse to agree with me about not supporting factory farming (I think hunting, fishing and family farming is a better than factory farms but i don't do that stuff, especially since I live in a city), but, but I have been understanding in one way: Veganism helped me be more understanding to humans because while I was in the transition to veganism, I realized that I had been looking at those animals I ate as worthless and expendable, I was so disconnected from them that I really didn't care about them. I only started thinking about caring when I realized that maybe what I was doing what effecting me personally, health or environment wise. So when I see a person, or politician, or criminal, who treats the average person like they are worthless, I don't hate them as much because I understand them. They are doing what they think they "have to" or what is "normal/morally expectable" in their circle, or they just were raised one way and didn't bother to really think about what they are doing. So if I see some elite rich people treating normal people like me like a pig, I can understand their mentality and feel less angry, because look how I grew up treating pigs. Just like a statistic not a real being. Veganism also gives me hope because I think, if us normal people can stop enslaving animals just because we care now, maybe the elite will start to follow and stop enslaving/scamming us. ...too hopeful? Haha.
  4. Lizzy

    lol if I were to imagine those in a battle context, I think a fighter starts the fight looking like a Kiki and ends up looking like a bouba
  5. Lizzy

    I don't see frequencies visually like teal either, but I think everyone kinda gets the vibe of drawings. I mean, I think your description really matches too. If you're interested you can google the "bouba/ Kiki effect" and there's a Wikipedia page on it. How most people associate sounds with certain images. One of these images is usually picked as a "bouba" and one as a "Kiki". I think the painting is closer to bouba than a Kiki vibe. It's the more chill one lol.
  6. Lizzy

    Since there seems to be a correlation between people interested in spirituality/metaphysics and asmr, it makes to curious of what is going on on an energetic level. I wonder what the aura of energy field is doing or looking like when people get asmr tingles. I just realized, like PrimaMateria_ mentioned too, that you can only give 10 reps a day lol so I'm out for now, but thanks!
  7. Lizzy

    I really like your painting. What would you title it? If I were going to think of a title of the kind of frequency I think it seems like I'd say "allowing inspiration". Because it has curves and circles that are like a allowing/feminine energy and it has an expansion/ expression look with the ripple design. And purple is for imagination.
  8. Lizzy

    I have come across some cool ASMR videos on youtube. ASMR stands for "autonomous sensory meridian response" which is basically the tingles or chills you get when you feel really relaxed and someone I combing your hair or something. To me it feels just like getting a reiki healing or something healing like that. A lot of the people who watch these videos watch them to fall asleep if they have insomnia. I just find them really relaxing and high vibrational feeling. It's like listening nature sounds, but better in my opinion. What do you guys think? Is watching this stuff almost like meditating?
  9. Lizzy

    Games would be cool. We could play two player games like you guys mentioned, but also we could play multiplayer games that are more open ended. Like that flower of life game that teal mentioned on her Instagram a while back. Intersted in seeing what develops .
  10. Jerry, I think you really should consider looking for someone to be with you instead of try to be ok with being alone, if that doesn't seem to be working. I think we come to a certain point where we just can't do it on our own, and trying to do things on our own is coming from shadow reasons (like thinking it's not possible to find a person so might as well try being alone, or being afraid of intimacy so decided to be alone because of that ect.). If you want to try to fill your own cup completely, then by all means make it a practice. But if in your heart you know you really just rather not do this whole spiritual practice thing and you simply want what you want, then go get it. On the bright side, even after you find someone to spend time with you you can always return to yourself and be alone again if you want to. See which works. Once you decide to find someone, you might find it is quite a inner-work/ self-love developing thing to let them even be in your life. It could be that you have been very used to being alone and you are subconsciously afraid of intimacy, so in a way being self-sufficient seems appealing, but emotionally you are not fufilled because you actually do need the healing to take place within the context of a relationship.
  11. Lizzy

    I don't think we're getting bad energy from eating plants. They have a lot of good energy and nutrients in them. But ya, I guess we do cause them some contrast by eating them or cutting them down so they can't grow any more. I'm not really sure how that "pain" in the plants affects how they affect us if we eat them. I like to keep in mind that at least being vegan causes less plant deaths as well as animal deaths because there aren't so many plants being fed to the animals we eat. And that it causes less pollution and habitat loss. Also, at about 8mins into this interview with Laura Marie, Teal talked about veganism and how plants have feelings. I think you'd find it an interesting conversation:
  12. Lizzy

    Hmmm... Getting down to the root cause does seem like the best idea. Actually, I haven't really thought of doing that and have been ok with coping with the heat so far. But now that you mention it, the idea of it being related to circulation and stuck-ness resonates with me a lot. Most of the times I'm afraid of getting too hot are in situations where I would be stuck, like in a car with a broken AC. And I have general stuck-ness and cold extremities/poor circulation too. Ya, I hope we can get some help on how to deal with the root cause because connecting the dots like this is interesting.
  13. Lizzy

    I've had problems with getting overheated before, to the point of almost heat-stroke, and what I have found to be the absolute best thing ever for overheating is having water. Drink water (it helps your temperature relualation system, I've heard) and when you are super hot, get water on your body. You could ideally go swimming or something, but just taking a water bottle and splashing water on your arms and face works well and combating over heating. It's kinda like how sweating naturally cools you. You could also mist yourself with a water bottle. I've seen them sell water bottles that spray mist and have fans attached at theme parks in the summer. Keep hydrated with fruit too, because they have electrolytes that help you not run out of energy. That's why people who play sports drink Gatorade. But stuff like citrus or coconut water works just as well. Two other things that help are getting in the shade, and a breeze/fans.
  14. Lizzy

    This new site is really awesome. It's a great foundation for sharing and connection to grown on. Congrats!