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    Teal keeps alluding "to what is actually happening" but we don't know what is happening and it does not seem we have too much control over what is happening. I am one of those people she mentions who uses the spiritual perspective of this is all happening for a higher reason and its ok. I don't think this is denial if you are seeing both perspectives. If you were to just concentrate on what is happening without the spiritual perspective that would also be unbalanced. I find it difficult when we don't know how things are going to pan out in the material world and things just seem to be on pause.
  2. NadineG


    Sounds like a birdhouse in the background Escapism equates a bit to denial for me...I am wanting to escape as I am denial of what I feel.
  3. I wish they'd asked about San Pedro Cactus
  4. NadineG

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    I find the answer she gives the guy to 'get his own stage' to be a shallow solution. If he is wanting to be significant, that is his ego which he has mistaken to be himself. I'm sure that getting his own stage would just lead him to realize that going in that direction is not it.
  5. NadineG

    Spirituality 101

    I've really been feeling this....the not wanting to change and stagnation. Just being aware that I can affect some changes and I am not a total victim of my current life has helped me.....looking positively toward the fact that I can do things to help myself.
  6. NadineG

    New Beginnings

    It WAS an awesome workshop. Loved it
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