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  1. Yes, but the internal reflection she suggested was relative to the reactivity that is going on, not relative to racism. And the fact that some people don’t see that feels like a gaslight. When Teal posted her blog about school shootings, she was very vocal about not expecting anyone directly affected (loved-ones of those injured/killed) to have compassion or forgiveness in the situation. And yet with this it feels very... “turn the other cheek.” Once again, I don’t DISAGREE with what Teal said, and I mostly agree with her content. I just think she missed the mark on some th
  2. While I agree with the bigger picture, this felt a bit like spiritual bypassing. Without acknowledging our actual internal racism, a huge problem isn’t addressed. I also found it interesting that out of all the examples she used, she happened to use a black man associated with counterfeiting money (none of the other examples mentioned the race of those involved) Just reflecting...
  3. The way she’s showing her artwork so proudly and folding her hands in front of her reminds me of a little girl doing show-and-tell of her favorite toy at school. Such a pure, sweet energy
  4. I had a bit of trouble understanding the audio as well, especially because I was not initially familiar with the names of the crystals/gemstones Teal was showing. However with a lot of replaying and a bit of digging using Google, I found all of the stones named. For anyone else curious, here is the list: 1) Tangerine aura quartz (orange crystal that helps with sexual abuse healing) 2) Flourite 3) Rhodochrosite
  5. UnicornFairy

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    What great friend chemistry ? I can only hope to find connection like that one day. Inspiring duo! ?
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