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  1. Derek

    I was expecting a more simple answer..LOL...sounds like an interesting life Jocelyn ! sure to keep us informed of your plans ! Yeah for sure Sarah-Jane ! Pretty sure I will be going,I just have to stop procrastinating on the ticket
  2. Derek

    Wow that's some confluence of events ! Congratulations on winning the ticket ! It seems it's written in the stars for you choice but to go Where are you located?
  3. Derek

    Mostly intending to but I haven't bought my ticket yet.. You?
  4. Derek

    @Renat@kerrieoreilly Thank you both for a great meetup yesterday,nicest afternoon I've had in a while.Two super people! Still can't believe it didn't rain! Must be The Law Of Attraction can control the weather also,must be..
  5. Derek

    That's grand Renat,see you both there at 2 !
  6. Derek

    I'm fine either way too but Stephen's Green does sound nice....guess we'll wait and see what Kerrie wants to do and if she's even comfortable with a group of three.Might be a case of having to try and cancel it.
  7. Derek

    I'm still down,but I guess that's only the three of us left standing.Not much of a "gathering" ha! ..what do you guys think? Renat? Kerrie? Get well soon Sarah-Jane and fair play to you for saying sorry and offering to pay your share too.Renat put real effort into organising this meetup.
  8. Derek

    I don't think I've seen that one.
  9. Derek

    Great suggestions everybody ! ! I was wondering myself about ideas for the group and was looking through the processes listed on this site and they all seem to be very solo oriented,which is to be expected.. I like the idea of changing core beliefs and this is something I know I've struggled with personally.I could definitely see the 8 steps listed above from Kerrie working...IF you put in the effort needed. (big "IF" ha) I think a 20 minute meditation sounds like the perfect amount of time. Tough to know what the best course of action is for a first group meeting...LOL ! Set questions for each of us to answer seems like a good idea and something that could be expanded upon. Hi Kirma !
  10. Derek

    Yes ! Good job Renat,taking the bull by the horns ! (curiously there is no Thumbs Up emoji,I was going to use one here)
  11. Derek

    Ha!..thanks Kerrie,hope to see you there too ! I'd just like to say I'm open to indoor or outdoor and would help fund a meeting place preferably in Dublin (sorry to those outside) ,otherwise agree with the sentiments shared on inviting other people.Personally I wouldn't know anybody I could invite into a group like this,such is the way of the world but that's what makes the Internet such a great tool. I sense a lot of genuine good vibes on this forum here,which is super refreshing given the negativity and trolling encountered on a daily basis these days !
  12. Derek

    Hi Kerrie ! Physically I'm in Dublin but mentally I'm in Argentina sipping on something cold...such is life
  13. Derek

    Another one aboard the Teal train ! Hey y'alls How we doing today