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  1. I Feel that we are energetically linked I really do...thanks for the reminder Teal. Its extremely easy for me to fall back to a state of powerlessness when things don't advance forward the fast as I believe they should, like today..??
  2. Carla Mariel

    Connection Rant

    YES..... more and more I get the feeling that the suppression of DF plays a key role in this.
  3. Carla Mariel

    Parallel Realities

    Good morning Teal! I been meditating on this since Sunday...Basically what I found out in NY is that I spent 26 years unconsciously hurting my mom as much as she has hurt me. I've been swallowing a SUPER shame pill and basically dealing with wounded pride....but what's helping me is accepting the fact I will never have the perfect relationship with her, but I can meet her reality in some capacity because of awareness; being present when I'm with her, has helped me appreciate more and I've come to realize that she's been there...(not just out of moral obligation of having a handicapped child, as I have perceive it for so long.)always will be and in her own way does genuinely love me. I don't know what your particular situation is, but I hope my post helps you bring some clarity. Xo
  4. Carla Mariel

    New York City

    Hope all went well with the specialist Teal. As for aging, that's me as well...The CP may play a big part, but lately I've been playing with the idea that being "frozen" in time as you have explained may be a factor as well.
  5. Yeah NYC is as paradoxical place as it can get. Sunday when I came to see sister showed me all the new places to eat as I didn't have the proper time and arrived way to early. I'm still in awe on how peaceful it can be.....we took picures of the trees, I finally got to visit Strawberry Fields and with their help I was able to do some grounding on Central Park. Then the time came, and from moment you said patterns, I had expected anything but not what I was shown - more than half the questions that I had were answered in a single instant. It was PERFECT!Two days later I can't NOT be present with myself no longer. I refuse, even when I may fall into old patterns (sitting with a bag of potato chips beside me) because I know how they serve me now. I will be eternally grateful for the door that you have pointed out to me Teal, and I hope that you'll will consider bringing the Workshop to Connecticut as would love to get the full extent of it and expose as many people as I can to its cathartic healing power. The song reflects me today- Loving thanks, Carla Rodriguez
  6. Carla Mariel

    Frozen in Time

    Can't wait to see this concept explored, I feel like I'm a prime example of it.
  7. Carla Mariel

    Real Healing

    Hi Teal...yeah, people don't realize how much true healing can suck. I stopped following your work for a while because of that..and I ended up in the hospital due to Novocain healing and four years later I'm here.
  8. Carla Mariel

    Preventing Suicide

    I want help with this!
  9. What you just explained about the Universe lining up with each fractal aspect of ourselves explains a lot.
  10. Finally! someone that brings up that this is a time of potential...
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