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  1. I Feel that we are energetically linked I really do...thanks for the reminder Teal. Its extremely easy for me to fall back to a state of powerlessness when things don't advance forward the fast as I believe they should, like today..??
  2. YES..... more and more I get the feeling that the suppression of DF plays a key role in this.
  3. Good morning Teal! I been meditating on this since Sunday...Basically what I found out in NY is that I spent 26 years unconsciously hurting my mom as much as she has hurt me. I've been swallowing a SUPER shame pill and basically dealing with wounded pride....but what's helping me is accepting the fact I will never have the perfect relationship with her, but I can meet her reality in some capacity because of awareness; being present when I'm with her, has helped me appreciate more and I've come to realize that she's been there...(not just out of moral obligation of having a handicapped child, as I have perceive it for so long.)always will be and in her own way does genuinely love me. I don't know what your particular situation is, but I hope my post helps you bring some clarity. Xo
  4. Hope all went well with the specialist Teal. As for aging, that's me as well...The CP may play a big part, but lately I've been playing with the idea that being "frozen" in time as you have explained may be a factor as well.
  5. Can't wait to see this concept explored, I feel like I'm a prime example of it.
  6. Hi Teal...yeah, people don't realize how much true healing can suck. I stopped following your work for a while because of that..and I ended up in the hospital due to Novocain healing and four years later I'm here.
  7. Finally! someone that brings up that this is a time of potential...
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