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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words!
  2. New to Teal premium /Shadow Work Hello Everyone! My name is Roman and I am new to the Teal community. I found..or rather manifested Teal into my life a bit over a month ago. Teal helped me get through something in my life that was causing my great pain, through her teachings I was able to let go of something that had been on-going for over two years and was very toxic. Everyday I watch Teals videos on youtube (and now I just started my memebership) and I feel a shift in myself, I am starting to look at myself in a whole different light. Starting January I am going to start my Shadow Work, it is my only New Year resolution. For those of you who have gone through Shadow Work I'd like to ask some advice? I internalize a lot of self loathing and I don't want it to get in the way and make me give up on my journey. I would like to know the ways Teal's teachings have changed your life and your perspective on things. And I also wanted to say hello! I am still trying to figure out all the perks of a premium member and surfing the site. Would love to connect with like-minded individuals and hopefully make some friends along the way! -Roman