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  1. Roman

    Thank you so much for your kind words!
  2. New to Teal premium /Shadow Work Hello Everyone! My name is Roman and I am new to the Teal community. I found..or rather manifested Teal into my life a bit over a month ago. Teal helped me get through something in my life that was causing my great pain, through her teachings I was able to let go of something that had been on-going for over two years and was very toxic. Everyday I watch Teals videos on youtube (and now I just started my memebership) and I feel a shift in myself, I am starting to look at myself in a whole different light. Starting January I am going to start my Shadow Work, it is my only New Year resolution. For those of you who have gone through Shadow Work I'd like to ask some advice? I internalize a lot of self loathing and I don't want it to get in the way and make me give up on my journey. I would like to know the ways Teal's teachings have changed your life and your perspective on things. And I also wanted to say hello! I am still trying to figure out all the perks of a premium member and surfing the site. Would love to connect with like-minded individuals and hopefully make some friends along the way! -Roman
  3. Roman

    I constantly end up with the worst people for me possible. I seem to gravitate towards them. Whenever I've had chances with good, kind, and compatible people I've done things to ruin that chance and gone back to the toxic people. This is a pattern that I've been going through since I was 18 and I am 34 now. When I am with someone good I find that I feel resentful of them. When I am with someone who is toxic I find that I automatically feel in love and romanticize everything of this toxic person. Habit I cannot seem to break.