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  1. Hi Teal, Thanks for opening up. What a read. Yeah the pressure of fame is very painful and isolating. And it's a whole lot on one person's back. The whole trust issue too - who you can count on especially. Although I don't know fame first hand, I can empathize and imagine the isolation and the huge amounts of responsibility. Just want to say, I hear you girl. You're doing the best you can and you're taking one for the fucking team by being so outspoken. It's noticed and I truly appreciate it. My thoughts on the whole suicide situation, you're doing it right. I don't see a "better" way of going about it right now. You can't possibly do the job you're currently doing and also personally save everybody. You'd completely loose yourself and your bigger purpose. So I agree. And it sucks, because you're right, these people don't have a ton of options. It's incredibly painful. Hopefully the teal tribe movement will create resources worldwide over time that have a lasting impact. #tealtribe. I'm sorry you have to carry so much on your shoulders. It's unfair. I can feel the sadness. I'm sending you one of those really good, comforting hugs. So much love teal, Marianne
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