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    Any tips to get rid of acne? Most of my acne is on my foreheads. I have been suffering from this acne for the past few months. I have tried different DIY tips to get rid of this acne but there was no change in my condition. So I consulted my family doctor and he said that it might be due to dandruff or dairy allergy. I don't have dandruff but I'm not sure if this is due to dairy allergy or not. So I completely avoided dairy products from my diet. It was not at all an easy task as I was very much fond of dairy products. I missed cheese. But I controlled my emotions as I need to get rid of this acne. There were no breakouts after avoiding dairy from my diet. I was happy to see that but it was not clearing up. I was depressed so one of my friends suggested undergoing natural beauty treatment from a clinic in Toronto. She said that they have many skin care protocols and advised me to give it a shot. I'm confused. Any insight? Are there any tips that helped you to get rid of acne? If so, please share it here. Thanks in advance!