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  1. Moemoe

    Hi Stephanie! I recently teamed up with RAW and will be at an upcoming art show over by Metro Chicago.
  2. Moemoe

    Oh I totally understand! In order to keep the manifestingball rolling I try my best to go through with things or events that come my way. The universe was nice enough to bring me what I wanted. It's impolite if I get nervous and say, "NO NO NO ABORT MISSION GO BACK NOOOO!" The universe will get a scrambled signal, and that will slow your roll down haha Be headstrong and push through your mini tests! Everything repeats in cycles until we get it right! Then it becomes more advanced as we learn to handle this thing called life. It is a tad bit scary
  3. Moemoe

    Ahhh! Synchronicities everywhere haha a couple days ago I had two transactions at work that came out to $7.11 I was like oh man I'm gonna look that up for a measage. (711) Good vibes all around thank you!
  4. Moemoe

    Hi my name is Moses and I like to create. What do I create? Just about anything! Life is art so the experience is totally rad! Nice to meet all of you.
  5. Moemoe

    Hmm, in my reality the synchronicities mean something because I have assigned and set up the belief system. It's like trying to figure out what side of the coin is facing up when you see it on the floor. It's still just a penny. We add meaning to stuff as we experience it. So we set up a belief system in order to practice manifesting. Feeling good with each experience we can raise frequency and manifest at a better rate. That's why we start small and work our way up. Everyone has their own specific systems set up in their being in order to navigate this thing called life. That's how I see it in my reality haha
  6. Moemoe

    Pretty pretty! You should make more! (I want to see!) It's very therapeutic. Not just when you look at it, but while creating it. It feels nice to look at. Calming. It's like staring into someone's eyes.
  7. Moemoe

    I'm so glad we can all share our experiences on here. When we feel doubt in our minds, a little trip here can serve as a reminder that we are where we need to be. Woohoo you are all awesome! Ever since I signed up on this site my synchronicities have gone into overdrive. I can say my training is going very well. Learning to listen to the universe can save us a whole lot of trouble. I try my best to focus on the positive, to understand how the world is by just letting it be. Be calm like water and you can raise the vibrations around your field. Again, I *try* my best. Lol Thank you all for being so wonderful
  8. Moemoe

    You can use the synchronicities to train yourself on how to listen to the universe. For example, I work at an auto parts store. When I go look for stuff by number, I simply go to the general area and let my body reach for the part I need. I "feel" around for it unintentionally. I usually end up reaching around, or even directly by the part I needed. All this happens in my reality when I keep my mind calm throughout the day. I tend to get less synchronicity action when I'm overthinking, stressing out, etc. I learned to pay attention to numbers because I wanted to lucid dream/astral project more often. It then lead me to the synchronicity path, which is totally cool by the way. Oh yeah, another thing is that the frequency of synchronicities increases for me as I'm more thankful. Little things add up Oh yeah, I got a 37 synchronicity today. I was having a little bit of a hard time at work but I told myself to chill out. My clock and battery percentage both displayed 37 haha
  9. Moemoe

    I got a hunch to click on this post. I also use the Joanne Sacred Scribes site to look up my synchronicities related to numbers. I read about the number 37 and took the message all in. I loved playing Super Mario Bros. 3 growing up! Speaking of threes, I frequently see 333. Hearing about synchronicities from others is so awesome.