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  1. Ramses Rodriguez

    Thanks Everyone! I know I've been absent for a bit but I appreciate your responses! Best, Ramses R PS @Crystal Rob did you hear back from Teal yet? I read your post about you applying for the Australian CP training. Hope you get to go!
  2. Ramses Rodriguez

    Can ones Love Language Change? Hello All, I was curious if anyone has experience a change in their love language? In order of importance, my love languages were: Physical touch Words of affirmation Quality Time Acts of service gifts The reason I ask this is, the more I've integrated aspects of myself that had to do with abandonment, the less I feel that Physical Touch and Words of affirmation are my primary Love languages. I don't have this NEED for physical touch or NEED for words of affirmation. In essence, those were my primary love languages because they were a way for me to manipulate getting consoled and intimacy. In many cases, I put so much stress on those being my love languages that I overwhelmed previous partners. Although I would still perceive physical and words of affirmation as love, I think I have been opening up to perceiving the other languages as love, also. In other words, I feel that my perception of love is being spread across all five love languages a little more even now. Has anyone experienced this? Any input on your experience with love languages? Be well! Ramses Rodriguez
  3. Ramses Rodriguez

    Thanks everyone! I will summarize this conversation. I will let him know: 1. explore aspects of self-doubt pertaining to tasks with deadlines. 2. explore reason for keeping so busy. Is it for a particular reason, say, subconscious need for approval? 3. explore opportunities to delegate 4. explore options for organization 5. explore options for time management Is there anything left out here? Also, any tips on how someone like this may find relief from insomnia? I think the obvious answer is "do less." But he feels an obligation to some of these commitments. So perhaps a temporary technique? oh and... 6. Linda Walker, ADHD Coach
  4. Ramses Rodriguez

    Thank I will. He an I have definitely talked about some of this. In his own words he said "I seem to be having an issue with time. but I'll figure it out." He has mentioned that his family "expected" him to do well in school. His parents had divorced when he was around 6 and now hes 54. When he was younger he did not know where he was going to be in the weekend but he didn't know which parent he and his two brothers were going to stay with. Yet, they expected them to do well. He admittedly said he is having trouble identifying why deadlines, projects, or time, in general are affecting him. To me its obviously him just doing too much but he wants to understand why he is triggered with panic. Essentially, he notices that some don't panic with a lot of work to do but he does. so he pushes people away and only focuses on tasks because unless they are complete he does not rest easy. He suffers from insomnia as well. I don't know what techniques to offer. Would awareness alone help?
  5. Ramses Rodriguez

    No, not really. He feels as though if he does not do it himself it wont get done correctly. He and I have talked about this. He has had withdrawal enmeshment trauma so he essentially feels like he should do everything on his own.
  6. Ramses Rodriguez

    Help- Anxiety caused by deadlines My friend tells me that he knows he has some sort of hang-up with respects to time. He told me that anytime he has a commitment to something, a deadline, or a favor to follow-through on, he gets a sense of panic. He freaks out in a sense. He is a chiropractor, a laboratory technical assistant, a professor, a cycling instructor, and an optician. He works constantly, probably over 60 hrs a week. I have brought this up to him: "maybe you are doing too much?" He says that he loves doing all his work but he is more frustrated with the chaos he feels when he has time crunches. I've brought up the idea that maybe he is keeping busy because he might be avoiding something, perhaps himself? He does meditate but lately has not given himself the quality of time he needs to really be present with himself. Could he be dealing with "self-sabotage" (in quotes because I do realize that self- sabotage doesn't really exist) caused by a fragmented self not wanting to be present? Could this be an addiction to stress? Please share any explanations, personal experiences or techniques that may help him out. I do care about this person but I see that he is isolating himself from life now! Best, Ramses Rodriguez
  7. Ramses Rodriguez

    Positive aspects complete for today! Instead of a list, I've decided to share some thoughts.... This is proving to be an interesting technique. Not only does it help me release resistance to situations, but I'm finding that It is also useful for Identify benefits to beliefs or negative emotions. In other words, using positive aspect lists helps in identifying the advantages for why one holds a core belief. For example, when we question why it is beneficial for us to hold a core belief, one could simply ask "what is a positive aspect about his belief." For me, this re-wording makes things seem less "deep" and more of a light way of choosing the beliefs we have. I guess this is a subtle way to lighten up the shadow work, which as we all know could be a bit intense! Let me know if this resonates with any of you.
  8. Ramses Rodriguez

    Thank you Garnet! Yes, you're right. As I was reading your reply I immediately started thinking of Teal's "octopus technique." I will give this a try. Stay tuned for my new post about this. Thanks for the words of encouragement and guidance! Be well! Ramses R.
  9. Attunement to you food... Vegetarian vs Omnivorous Hello all, So I know this could be quite controversial but I admit that I am asking this from a place of complete naivety.... I recently saw Teal's video on attunement and some interviews where she and her partner speak of their decision to become plant-based eaters. From what I understand, they have attuned to animal suffering and no longer can fathom eating meat. Teal has also mentioned that meat does not ground but rather lowers vibration. I resonate with these rationals and have been migrating to a vegetarian diet. But the shocker in all of this came when my roommate said to me "that's stupid, plants have feelings too." My immediate reaction was to dismiss her. But then I got to thinking about a book I read on Empathy. There are plant/earth Empaths! So my questions are, do plant empaths feel plat suffering? Is that something that plants experience? Do they suffer if they are harvested and eaten? Does source energy come into earth as plants with the intention of them becoming food? I have conflict about this topic because If I attune to animal energy, am I hurting plants when I eat them? Am I hurting animals if I attune to plant energy? I posted a survey along with these questions. I'm curious to know if folks are attuned to plants or animal suffering. If you are a plant empath, or attuned to plants or animals in any way, chime in and help me out with this conflict. Best, Ramses R.
  10. Ramses Rodriguez

    Hello RebeccaHentzell, I do have some suggestions that might help. They don't directly speak to schizophrenia but there is some insight in them that might help. This one speaks to the way isolation could occur. This one speaks of another coping mechanism our ego comes up with regarding protection. She might also cover some of this in her video "Do deamons exsit." I am interested to know if you find anything important for you in these. Best of luck! Ramses R.
  11. Ramses Rodriguez

    Hello helen7! I am not a mother! lol But I used to weigh 318 lbs and was a size 50. I am now at 230 lbs and a size 36. I am having similar skin issues. I don't have much in the way of advice as I will be considering the same kind of surgery in the future. Its interesting how all this hard work helped lose the weight but now there is another bit to deal with. I too am interested to know what others think about how to manage this "skin issue" that you mentioned. I am mostly writing in to tell you that you are not alone in this. Personally, I have been doing shadow work to see why I put on the weight in the first place. Next I will be looking into my resistance to my body image after the changes that have occurred. I don't know if any of this helped but as I type this I am setting forth the intention that we get some direction on this! Be well! Best, Ramses R.
  12. Ramses Rodriguez

    Hello Kim! I actually love ASMR too! I have may favorite youtube ASMR artist like MassageASMR, Tinglebites, and Gentile whispering, to name a few. My triggers are plastic crinkle sounds, capping/uncapping bottle sounds, liquid shaking sounds, and inaudible whispering/mouth sounds. I think that I have never considered how this plays into my spiritual life. I know that the sounds help me relax but I think it is interesting what Lightworker mentioned above. Kim, do you feel that there is a reason why some people are triggered with ASMR? What are your thoughts? Best, Ramses R.
  13. Ramses Rodriguez

    5 Positive Aspects Challenge Hello all, I recently saw one of Teals synchronization workshops on line. It was a segment from her Orlando workshop called "Teal Swan| Whats wrong with me- can't feel happy." In this video she suggest to master one spiritually inspired task (or mantra, routine, etc.). I resonate well with positive aspect identification because it always seems to improve my mood, my feeling about the topic at hand, helps me release resistance and helps hasted manifested resolutions. SO here, I wanted to propose this challenge as a way of getting others to join in the benefits I feel I find with positive aspect ID. I propose that we each state something that is not going ideally in our lives and then list 5 positive aspects about the situation you find yourself in. Feel Free to state more than one (once you get started it may be tough to stop!). Here, I'll go first.... Situation: I got broken up with a few months ago. 1. I've had more deep meditation experiences 2. I've had the time to de-clutter my life (see my post in the "other discussion" forum about Teals 2018 forecast) 3. I was able to find shadows that I did not know I had regarding self-worth and loneliness. 4. I've met some of my spirit guides since the breakup. 5. I realized that I should be "filling up my own cup" for now. Give it a try! I would love to hear you all feel and think about this exercise. Lets raise out vibration together! Best, Ramses Rodriguez
  14. Ramses Rodriguez

    This one resonates with we too! Be well! Ramses R.