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  1. Proposing to my Chinese girlfriend I need help! I want to propose to my Chinese girlfriend and her family is quite strict. I learned that there’s a certain tradition when it comes to marriage in Chinese culture… I’m quite overwhelmed but I really want everything to go smoothly. I met Chen through A Foreign Affair’s singles tour in Shenzhen, China. We’ve been in a long distance relationship for a year, of course it involved a ton of visits. She visited me and met my parents. I’m glad everyone in my family likes her. When I met her parents it was really awkward. Because her parents can’t really speak English, I like to believe they like me even a little at least. I’ve been talking with my friends about proposing and one said there’s a certain way in China. I got curious and started searching. There were things like dowries, which got me bewildered. I know that my girlfriend’s parents are to an extent, strict… but I don’t know if they are still traditional or still follows such practice. If I asked Chen that would destroy the idea of a surprise proposal… but is it better if I just propose to her and then ask her how I should ask her parents for her hand in marriage? I honestly don’t know what’s the right route to go for. I need some good advice!
  2. My kid is looking for a mom. What should I do? I have been widowed for a year. My wife died of a surgery complication. Now, I’m left with our kid. For months, he has been looking for a mother. At the same time, I’m seeking for a wife who can love me, care for me, and love my child as her own. While travelling to Colombia for business, I saw a group of Americans my age. I asked them what brought them to Colombia. One of them told me they are clients of a Foreign Affair. They were there to meet women to date and marry them in the future.I immediately searched about AFA. I knew that this is a matchmaking agency which is a sure answer for single dads like me. Now, I’m one of the clients. I will be attending the tour in Asia next year. I even told my son that he will be having a mom soon. Soon enough… Did I make the right decision? Do you think this is the answer to raise my son well? Guys, I really need your opinion, I hope you respond to this! Have a great one!
  3. I have a question to you all… is it good to try joining a tour to Costa Rica using A Foreign Affair’s services? I’ve been traveling to Costa Rica at least once or twice a month because of business and I’ve been thinking of moving there. It’s going to be convenient for me since my company is based there… but because I’ve always imagined myself being with a loving american woman I’ve been hesitant on moving since I worry that I might miss the right girl. However, I’ve been exposed to Costa Rica women and their culture and tradition and I have started to think that I could definitely settle for one. What I do know is… I want someone to be with me and to love and I believe that being with a “Tica” is a good choice. So, I’ve thought of joining a singles tour to Costa Rica when I stumbled on AFA’s site. I think I’ll be able to completely decide what I really want if I at least try. I want to ask if anyone here has ever joined their tours and what it’s like? How does the tour actually work and what do the “events” actually involve you with? I’d like some tips as well and information on what I should know before availing their tours.