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    Teal's Parents' Back Yard

    Glad to hear you are visiting your parents. Reconnecting with my Father as an adult was a big moment in my personal growth. We were separated for most of my early life and reconnecting was hard but well worth it! Many years later I participated in his funeral at the request of my Stepmother who had not wanted to acknowledge me but later came to accept me and include me in family functions. She passed away last week and I was honored to be asked to participate in her memorial service. Growth and change is always possible even after long periods of estrangement. Share the love!
  2. Wind

    Free Will

    Having a clear understanding of what those consequences may be requires clear thinking and an understanding of the lies we tell ourselves and the unreasonable expectations we have about the world around us. Understanding where the desires arise from in our own minds require a clear view of our unconscious selves, inner child and prior socialization, something that seldom comes without deep introspection, shadow work and psychological or spiritual counseling. Being unconscious is easy, becoming enlightened and aware of our inner selves takes work.
  3. Wind

    Free Will

    I frequently find folks who seem to confuse freedom and the law of attraction with freedom from consequences. Being responsible is accepting responsibility for the consequences of and for our actions. I can choose whatever I want but if I choose to break laws or violate others freedom then the consequences can be dire.
  4. Wind

    Obsessed With Cooking

    Death by cupcake! What a way to go.
  5. Wind


    Yes, I think you should do an episode on Death and Dying. I'll be 70 this year (Nov) and so dying has become a much more immediate concern. I spent many years working as a Paramedic in part because I wanted to learn more about death and dying. I went on to be a Pastor in part to help others deal with the fear of death and dying. I have been present when others have died and felt and seen their spirits leaving their bodies. It's an awesome experience and an awesome responsibility. Be blessed, you are a great blessing to us all!
  6. Wind

    Empaths Are Not Extrasensory

    Thanks for the closed caption option. Big help! How wise of you Teal to know when to hand over control to others and when to take control. Be Blessed, you are all a blessing to us. Grace and peace...
  7. Wind

    Funny Story

    Thank you Teal! That made me laugh. Our perspective is everything, how we see the world determines what world we live in and how we go about trying to solve our problems. I just posted a video about coral reef restoration in Belize! We can complain about how things are in our world. We can blame our situation on the things or people around us or we can try to understand what's happening and work to make things better. You made my day better just by telling me a funny story. You make our lives better by sharing your wisdom about how to be better people and how to help others do the same! Be blessed y'all, be a blessing to the world! https://youtu.be/0xb2IaGDHxc Here's the link to the coral reef restoration project i mentioned!
  8. Wind

    Opening To The Joy Of Life

    If you want a better world, be a better person! If you want more love be more loving. If you want more respect, be more respectful. If you want more peace, be more peaceful. The law of attraction doesn't say we get what we want, it says we get what we are. If you want a better life, be a better person. Be blessed, be a blessing.
  9. Wind

    Milk At The Hardware Store

    Dear Teal, I see what you are saying here but people are not hardware stores and relationships change. My wife and I have gone through a lot of changes since my retirement and her illness. I found myself angry and depressed after retirement because of the loss of my career and the relationships it provided. I tried part time jobs and volunteer positions but they didn't fulfill those needs and she couldn't either. I began to seek out new friends and new relationships that stimulated me and fulfilled my unmet needs. This could have interfered with our relationship but because of her trust and patience we have weathered this transition. I now have new friends, new roles and feel more fulfilled than before. i am deeply thankful for her love patience kindness and understanding. In some ways we are closer than ever before! Grace and peace...
  10. Wind

    3 Things

    I agree with love of speaking, tests and emotional processing. i spent 15 years as a pastor preaching every Sunday as well as teaching and counseling, I also spent 15 years as a professional substance abuse counselor so I am very much into helping others process as well as doing my own processing. 25 years sober and yes Teal is right on about what is lacking in the field currently. That's part of what attracted me to her teaching; you have to embrace the pain and use it as a guide to what needs help and healing ie shadow work. I always loved tests in school, they were like puzzles and i love puzzles too. The hates not so much. I love to dance but hate choreographed line dances. But I get the dislike of the club scene, overwhelming meat market, not for me. I love live music and recently took up drumming. My standards for live music are very high since I'm seeking music with heart as well as a great beat and stimulating harmonies. Reggae, jazz and experimental rock are my favorite genres though I listen to a lot of Western classical, Hindu mantras, and Christian rock. I eat anything so cilantro is just another spice. sounds like you are in love with newness, I expect you are an adventurer and explorer, thrill seeker and really fun to party with.
  11. Thanks for the love! I'm working on understanding those parts and trying to be true with others.
  12. I want to be liked, loved, respected, but the people around me expect me to take care of the property, them and everyone else and so i become their enabler unless I hold the line maintain the boundaries and tell the hard truths. They want to dump their responsibilities on me! I hate it and I try to turn that into teachable moments but it's so hard not to lose myself and my peace in the process. HELP! Any suggestions? Ditto!
  13. Wind

    Non Commitment

    Sounds like we all have "hidden agendas" even with ourselves whether we are conscious of it or not.
  14. Wind

    Narcissistic Service

    SAMHSA has great material on the Recovery movement within the Mental Health community. Use that to question and change practitioners perspective if they won't listen to your concerns. Message me if that doesn't help. There are way to make formal complaints against abusive or neglectful practices and practioners but first try to educat them this is very new cutting edge stuff.
  15. Wind

    Narcissistic Service

    I spent most of my working life in caring professions from ambulance service to substance abuse counselor. We are always codependent on the people we serve and tend to get trapped in seeing them as their illness or injury not as people. We also can find ourselves needing to keep people seeing themselves as sick so we can keep treating their illnesses. Hey Teal, how about helping us transform the medical and psychological communities in the same ways you've recommended we reform prisons and criminal justice! I love helping people and it's a greatly satisfying way to spend a career but I admit i do it for what i get out of it. Love, respect, appreciation all go a long way to make difficult jobs worth doing. Doing well by doing good!
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