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  1. I don't know how you do it Teal. To face the antagonism, hatred and fear from people who don't understand what you offer or who can't face the challenge of your authenticity is far more than i could stand. I feel deep appreciation for you being out there in the world. I know it's not easy and I know you are both driven and threatened to do your work. I applaud your courage and your tenacity. Keep up the good work. If you are ever in Tallahassee FL feel free to visit. Enjoy the ride!
  2. Thank you for your honesty and authenticity. It sounds hard but worth while to struggle with and overcome your challenges!
  3. Thanks Ale for sharing your heart!
  4. Birth Cards = Wheel of Fortune and The Magician I would have said The Hanged Man, 4 of Staffs?
  5. i enjoy these blogs because they are the lighter side of Teal. Affluent and entitled? sure but so what? She puts herself out there to her public in ways I can only imagine dimly if at all. If you want the deep painful gut wrenching stuff she does watch her workshops She goes deeply into peoples issues with them and comes back out bringing light to the darkest deepest most painful places in their souls. I have to forgive her for the timing since production delays can put the blog days or weeks behind the events that inspire them. But hey if you don't like what's here then find what feeds your needs. For me Teal is the real deal, honest, open, psychic, intuitive, gifted and as genuine as anyone i have ever found. Enjoy the ride. Be blessed, be a blessing!
  6. I think what Ruiz is talking about is socialization. I'm ready to drop all that on one level and just run around naked in the wilderness. But I know i wouldn't last a day. Fun to think about though!
  7. Environmental Sustainability It only takes a moment to kill a tree but years to grow one. It only takes a moment to pull the trigger to end a life but years to grow a child into an adult. We value our technology as a means to a better world yet our technology is used to bring death and destruction, creates poisons that kill and devastate wild life and the very environment that sustains us. Scientists tell us we are already in the most dramatic loss of species since the end of the dinosaurs. Our oceans are dying, our forests dwindling, our swamps and wetlands corrupted. The thought of Nuclear war is increasingly acceptable. Depleted uranium is used in armor piercing ammunition releasing radioactive particles yet we fear a dirty bomb. Have we already doomed ourselves to extinction? There are signs of recovery. Wolves returning to woods outside Rome, reintroduced to Yellowstone, Whooping Cranes returning to Gulf Coast breeding grounds. Greater areas of Europe returning to woodland. Peak oil production offers greater moves to renewable resources. But is there time? A moment to kill, a lifetime to recover! We need to shift our priorities from profitability to sustainability, from separation to integration.
  8. I first ran into this concept in anger management training. If someone else can make you angry then they control your life. especially in a controlled environment like jail or residential treatment centers. Then I began to realize there were corollaries everywhere. Twelve steps talks a lot about how we are not able to control our lives that our addictions have left us totally unable to control our own lives. we end up "turning our will and our lives over to god as we understand him." We can be slaves to our egos, our appetites, our shame, our past, even our spiritual path can become a way to hide from who we truly are. In treatment we often talk about stages of change. First comes compliance. We comply with the rules, authority, to avoid negative consequences, punishment. after a while we may begin to see that there really is a better way and we begin to accept the rules, the steps, the authority, the program as a better way to live , but we are still dependent on outside forces, outside authority to control our lives and our behavior. Acceptance is the second step. It isn't enough we must eventually move beyond simple acceptance to understanding of our limitations and come to the third stage of surrender. Surrender to a higher power, to a guru, to a God or some other life long system of healing growth and healthy relationship with each other and the universe. Principals of love, honesty, integrity, authenticity; Gifts of peace, joy , family and community: Power over self, growth, peace, healthy relationships, intuitive perception that seems to overcome earthly limitations and power that carries us into the right place at the right time so our needs and wishes are met in amazing and transcendent ways. Hope this helps. Be blessed, be a blessing!
  9. I don't disagree with what @Crystal Rob says but it's also true that in trying to be authentic you confront others in their complacency and failure to even try to be authentic. This can engender a very negative reaction including anger, rejection, shaming, shunning and denial. If we were able to be purely and unselfconsciously authentic we wouldn't care. Their reaction is theirs. We can be honest about how it feels but to judge ourselves by others reactions to us puts them in charge of our lives. All we really have any control over is ourselves and how we respond to what happens to us. Yes, this happens to all of us. It is a step along the path. Don't give up. You can't climb a mountain without overcoming the bumps along the way. The pain you feel is a signpost to the things you need to work on. The greater the pain the bigger the hurdle, the greater reward when overcome. hang in there, enjoy the ride!
  10. To try to control everything is "playing God" but having faith in a god or universal intelligence suggests that letting the infinite wisdom of the divine realm control things might be smarter than thinking we can control anything, except perhaps ourselves, in the spirit realm and beyond. when i am able to let go and let god then life becomes much simpler. My job is not to be in charge of my life, i don't even get to drive. i just get to crank up the bike and let out the clutch and hold on and try not to fall off. Whoo hoo! Enjoy the ride...
  11. I feel your pain. i grew up in the South but rebelled and left home asap. I went to college on the west coast but was eventually called home and now live in my home town but all my family has either moved away or passed away. My anger and rebelliousness motivated me to find my own way, to experiment and explore. I now live in a loosely organized therapeutic community where I try to help others in recovery and contribute to my community. I resonate with Teal Swan because she is doing the same kind of thing on a much larger scale and because of her authenticity, sharing the pain and struggle of being a leader and a healer. You feel so alienated because you are sensitive to other worlds, other dimensions of existence. Other people don't often share that awareness and so don't operate at that level. Use this awareness you have to help others who struggle to understand their pain and alienation. Use these gifts to shine the light of truth into the darkness and unspoken lies of your society. To sit in your room smoking, watching Teal videos and trying to understand is like sharpening a tool without ever using it. Use it or lose it, share the love and find peace in purpose. You've been blessed, you are a blessing. It's all about relationship, we can't give if there is no one to receive.Go back to school, volunteer, get involved. Do something to help someone else and in the process you will be blessed. Find your passion, it's in people! Come see us if you want to see what we do.
  12. Give yourself up to a higher power who can heal and cleanse your soul/self then commit your new self to healing and helping those who have gotten themselves caught up in similar situations.
  13. I STAND ON THE SIDE OF FEELING Thank you Teal, once again you have elucidated many of the things i have seen and felt as a counselor and pastor. I was unable to put them into words. You speak for us all. When our training goes against our heart, we as "professionals" have to muzzle our hearts and go with policies and procedures that protect us and our profession; not our clients or our hearts. "What's wrong with this picture?" It's what many if not most of us have thought or felt, if not said. We have failed to admit that we are codependent on our patients. If they are not sick then how can we demand payment to treat them for their illness? So we have the need to keep them sick so we can keep our jobs, our practice, our status, our profession. We teach them to deny their humanity, their feelings, their heart by denying our own and becoming more alienated from our own feelings and theirs. It's a negative spiral leading to death, denial and destruction. I have been blessed to be able to use my dual status as pastor and counselor to avoid some of these traps and show clients love when my profession counseled distance and to find paths for personal integration when my theology offered judgement and condemnation. i sometimes feel like I'm living in a modern Tower of Babel with all of our professions hiding behind their various languages of jargon professing their own importance while sailing further and further away from sanity and mutual understanding. We say "It's complicated." it's not. The truth of our heart is denied and the fallacy of our importance is clung to like a floating piece of debris. Thank you for speaking truth to the power of professions and the greed of corporations. Be blessed, you are a blessing!
  14. So what if she was his wife, lover, soulmate etc. He was still enlightened being, son of god, incarnation of god, lamb (blood sacrifice) of god. lord of light, lord of love, salvation, redemption, word of god incarnate. advocate before the throne. Just because the misogynists within the church want to emasculate him doesn't mean we have to. The hierarchy of the church is primarily concerned with maintaining the authority of the church. The Christ overturned the hierarchy in the temple in his day we need to do the same. The Christ is not the same as Jesus it is the power and authority he received from god which he shares with us through the baptism of the spirit. We become Christians, Christ carriers, Christ lovers, we become possessed by the holy Spirit of God the Christ, the anointing, the anointed. It's not what Jesus did in the flesh but what the Christ does in the Spirit that's important!
  15. I live in a intentional/therapeutic community we have 4 dwellings on 2 acres west of Tallahassee. Many of the folks who come to stay with us have a history of drug, alcohol and legal problems. Being a retired pastor and counselor I am often called on to help them navigate the criminal justice system. Just showing up at court with someone and speaking on their behalf often changes the outcome, sometimes dramatically. It's often as though the court would like to be able to choose a nurturing alternative but there aren't many available.