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  1. Pastor George

    Teal said, "some men like high maintenance women." My wife says I love my work so much I married it. I spent 15 years as a pastor and councilor. Yes, Teal I'm sure you could be included in that group. Oh by the way, the crazy ones are the most fun!
  2. Pastor George

    Zac it sounds like you are in love with the idea of owning a house but not in touch with the reality of buying a house. I remember buying my first house and it was a dump, needed lots of work and even more landscaping that's why it was for sale by owner. But fixing it up, making it what I wanted and landscaping and gardening were even better than i could have imagined. Welcome home!
  3. Pastor George

    Kava and Kratom What do you think about Kava and Kratom?
  4. Pastor George

    I think you missed my point. I wasn't suggesting being angry at ones self but merely at the situation. Your point is well taken and thanks for making it. In my life anger has given me the courage to address issues i couldn't have without it. But, then i had to address the anger later. It was worth it at the time. i needed it. Perhaps there was a better solution. That's why I added other suggestions.
  5. Pastor George

    Being afraid to look inward is perfectly understandable, there is scary stuff in there! It's where all the things about yourself that you don't like are hiding. There are memories of pain and suffering, embarrassment, humiliation and abuse. Unless you are willing to face your fears you'll never be able to see yourself as the hero of your own adventure. One tool for facing fear is anger. When you get angry with yourself for not facing your fears then you will have the courage to go to those places that scare you and relive the experiences that left you feeling like you had to bury the pain , the memory, the experience or hide it from the light of day. Another tool that helps to look at yourself is the light of love. Knowing the love of God or the love of friends and family or the universal love that lights up the night sky is a powerful tool to bring those things that you fear into the light of love and dispel the fear and see them for the lies and the misunderstandings that they are. Pray, meditate, imagine the light shining into your heart showing you your fears, dissolving them or illuminating them so you can see the truth. There really is nothing to fear. Look at the process of looking inward as a journey, an adventure, a quest. No journey is without risk, no adventure without danger, no quest without challenge, that's what makes them worthwhile. There may be some loss connected with growth and change. You can't plant flowers until you pull the weeds and till the soil. You have to kill the dragon to rescue the princess. You have to kill the pigeon to feed the eagle. It may be a difficult journey but it's worth it. Enjoy the ride!
  6. Pastor George

    Teal I love the way you come out and say what you are feeling and how you are addressing your own problems. Suicide is a response to a situation where the individual has lost the ability to resolve their hurt and fear any other way. They feel trapped and are willing to do anything to relieve the pain. We attempt to treat this from an individual point of view but to me the real solution is a societal one. We have created such a complex and stressful society that many people come to a point of being unable to navigate this impossibly stressful world they live in and "end it all" in order to stop the pain and suffering in the only way open to them at the time. To heal suicide we need to address the causes of suicide, not just in the individual but in the society in general. Isolation, frustration, economic dead ends, predatory practices at all levels of our economy and social stressors from all levels in our society make this a highly toxic time for many. You are one of the few leaders speaking out about this and how we need to live in community to combat loneliness, live healthily in order to avoid physical illness but also to lessen the stress we place on our planet's ecosystem. living in healthier relationship to each other in order to provide each other with a healthier environment to grow and flourish. Building a self sustaining community of like minded people both dilutes the individual stress of fame and insures that your message and your insightful wisdom will continue to be perpetuated even if you are not present to expound it. Take your vacations, enjoy your wealth, build your team, build an international community of awareness and enlightenment that can change how we see the world, how we live together to make a healthier world physically, mentally and spiritually! We love you Teal! Not just for what you do but for being who you are scars and all. It's always easier to follow someone who's been there themselves not just studied others. When you put yourself out there for all of us you make yourself a target for hate, anger and resentment but in doing so you also make yourself an example for all of us who are out here trying to find a better way to live a better life and make a better world.
  7. Pastor George

    It's a process. I understand myself better than when I was younger and I hope and expect to know myself better the longer I live. Understanding seems to come in waves. I feel lost and then I find my way, I wander then find a new home or back to the old but in a new way. Value the journey and the adventure of seeking self, seeking understanding, seeking enlightenment. If we figured it all out there would be nothing new to explore! Enjoy the ride.
  8. Pastor George

    Thank you Teal for reminding us that intention and perspective do matter and in such a way as to transform the world. I live in a trailer on a property with others who've come here for help. What a gift! to be able to have a place and help others navigate the struggles by providing a place for them to grow in love and peace. I walked out onto me back porch recently and was stunned by the beauty of my overgrown yard and patio. North Florida has both a summer of tropical rain and warmth that turns everything green and the bite of freezing cold in winter that makes you long for summer with seasons in between that are glorious with change. We are so blessed. Enjoy the ride.
  9. Try getting acquainted with hispanic families. I have and in many ways I envy the extended families they have. There are some trade offs; loss of mobility and some loss of privacy but deep sense of community and belonging!
  10. Communal living involves people coming together to live together however they want. The people in the community choose how they want to design and or construct what they want. We live in community with others. We have 4 dwellings on 2 acres outside Tallahassee, FL. We call ourselves Recovery Ministry and are a therapeutic community for people in recovery from all kinds of trauma. It's the people not the place that makes the community. Pre-designing a community seems backwards to me. The community will grow organically out of the people and their needs. I know that architects and planners study community design but they are studying indigenous communities that have developed organically.
  11. Pastor George

    Just because we know how it happens biologically has little to do with understanding what is happening and why, how to use it for personal grow and understanding or the spiritual implications for unity and integration. Seems like the trap here is we can get caught up in creating an artificial path to inducing the chemical changes in the brain without appreciating the broader implications of the spiritual and emotional implications.
  12. Pastor George

    Have you tried Raiki training? It has much to do with energy balancing and uses the energy you are feeling in your hands.
  13. Pastor George

    I have the same problem. i even signed up for a class but then quit going...
  14. Pastor George

    Choice Teal, In your most recent video you say you are choice. In a previous video you talked about an outpouring of Christ Consciousness in the world and that it's about choice. Seems to be a connection there. Care to elaborate? Seems to me we are all on the same path, track, frequency. Original sin was eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, dichotomy, dualism. By eliminating fragmentation in the self do we end sin and become perfect? I suspect it's more a process of perfecting or approaching perfection. Perfect, peace. perfect joy, perfect love! Potential...
  15. Pastor George

    The pain we feel is the signpost to what we must heal. Face your pain, seek it's source, give that to God, let it go and come out the other side healed and whole! Simple but not easy. Don't give up, don't let go, stand up, speak up, someone needs to know that they are not alone!