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  1. Love the Hulk. He's angry because he's afraid he's lost his life forever. Give it back to him, show him he's loved, show him he's beautiful. Remember beauty and the Beast? King Kong? Twas beauty soothed the savage breast... The Hulk is the child hiding behind the anger. He's angry because he feels shamed! @toemilyjune sound familiar?
  2. I remember the anxiety, agitation i felt just before Mt St Helens blew her top. This feels like that. At the time I left Oregon and came back to Florida for a family visit. This time there doesn't seem to be any place to go. @candie.mcmullen sounds like you are feeling the same thing. I went to Guatemala last summer for the same reason, in part, but i ended up coming back to Florida again. I remember the heart sinking feeling seeing the concentric circles in the picture in the paper drawn around Havana, Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis labeled short, medium and long range nuclear weapons. Tallahassee was well within the medium range circle and the capital of Florida! But Hey! God's in charge and He sends me where he needs me so... Be blessed, be a blessing.
  3. Sorry i'm not familiar with either Constable or Clary and it's been years since I read Wilhelm Reich. Have you read "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bi-cameral mind"?
  4. yes , you are right most Christians take this literally. I think Teal has related this to oneness in the sense that Christ's crucifixion and resurrection are an example of oneness with God, source, universe, and that death is merely a transition from one state of being to another. Taking on Christ, accepting the Holy Spirit is becoming one with God while still in the flesh. Jesus often spoke of the Kingdom of God (or Kingdom of heaven) as being close to us at times while in this world. That implies that the Kingdom is a state of mind or relationship with Christ that we can take in to our selves or open ourselves to that makes us conscious of God. "To know God" (or to know the mind of God) is to become one with God while still in the flesh. Much of pre-Christian Jewish rituals were for the purpose of atonement for sin. That word atonement can be broken down as at-one-ment. Blood sacrifices were made by priests at the alter to atone of the sins of the people. Jesus the man when crucified becomes the atonement for all sins of all people for all time. All we have to do is accept the offering, sacrifice, blood as atonement for our sins. Sin then is anything that separates us from God, from becoming one with God. Ego, egotism selfishness, self-centeredness certainly separates us from God, from the divine, from all things spiritual and holy! Hope this helps! Be Blessed, be a blessing.
  5. Absolutely! Jesus in his awakened state that he could set the world free from Roman domination, not through earthly war, rebellion, conflict, but with spiritual enlightenment. It was only by his willingness to become the sacrifice for the sins of the world that he could release the spirit into the world to give anyone who would accept it the light of his love ie enlightenment. Christ Consciousness.
  6. To me, Christ Consciousness is having a personal relationship with God (or Source, or the Universe) through the Holy Spirit. Most people use Christ as synonymous with Jesus or as though it were his last name or title. Christ means anointed or anointing. In ancient Jewish tradition oil was poured on the head of one attaining high spiritual office or recognition and was symbolic of the spirit of God being poured into them. Jesus the man is referred to as the anointed Son of God only after he is Baptized and accepted the Spirit of God which is said to have descended on him like a dove. Christ Consciousness now is accepting that same spirit, same anointing, that same Baptism of the Spirit and becoming, like Jesus, conscious of your relationship with God on a spiritual (4th dimensional) level. It is what being a Christian is supposed to be about. Sadly the institutional church has a different and more self serving view. Thanks for asking! Be Blessed.
  7. It's Sunday morning and I just finished reading my morning devotional. In a few hours I will be going to church. Friday I was at Celebrate Recovery, a christian 12 step program and it's all started sounding trite and formulaic. There was a time when I needed it but now listening to Teal it's hard to accept it without seeing the self-serving hypocrisy that has been institutionalized within it. I still believe in God though my understanding of God continues to grow and expand to include concepts of Source, Universal Mind etc. I am still a follower of Christ and serving God by serving others. I strive to stay in the church so as to point out those contradictions that keep us coming back to being the Pharisees for the next generation's innovations. I explore outside the church so as to understand what is going on in the outside world. I explore within myself so as to understand who I am and why I feel the way I do. I feel torn, as though i am being unfaithful, but that's only because the institutionalized true believers demand unquestioning obedience. Sorry, that's not me! I have to go through the tough stuff in order to find the peace the lies on the other side.
  8. You can do something about that. You can point it out and help him deal with it on a conscious level.
  9. Hi Kels, It sounds like the anxiety you are feeling is due to the fear that your bf's financial issues will negatively impact your relationship with each other. If you try to fix it for him you run the risk of making him feel dependent, ashamed and resentful toward you. If you don't offer something you risk being seen as cold and uncaring. I am a firm believer that until the pain of being where we are is greater than our fear of change we will continue to wallow in our misery and complain loudly hoping for sympathy and pity that helps us avoid change. The universe may be pushing your bf into a situation where the pain is so great he finally has to do something about his finances. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to be emotionally supportive and encouraging him to find a solution. Support him emotionally but not financially. Lots of tools out there including Teal's YouTube videos on money and prosperity. I say all this knowing that i don't know either of you but I believe you are both bright, energetic and persistent people who together can find a way. Someone once said to me about work: "find something you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life." I've been blessed with a number of different careers that I've loved. I believe he will too.
  10. Love you man @Crystal Rob and all y'all
  11. Thank you all for your comments here it really helps me to see myself through the lens of your perspectives. Yes @Mark Joseph Middleton i have a lot of anger lately and i feel it is leading me to a lesson about my self. Something very deep that triggers my neurotic grandmother's scripts within me! Things buried from when i was very young. i know I over reacted and was rude because this kind of self-hate is the very thing i have struggled many years to overcome in myself. Also i think this particular interaction was instructive for me to see what I was hearing from many in Teal's community in simpler language. It reflects issues I've had with trusting women since childhood. It illuminates issues that I'm having with the women I live with currently. @Adi123 is right, but too late, I spent 10 years working as an EMT and rose to EMS director I was already a serious adrenaline junky so it's not hard to understand why I would be attracted to the drama and intensity of anger and haters attacking me. That may be one of Teal's issues too. She attracts the negative feedback to feed the need for conflict born of her early abuse!? You become an adrenaline junky when you develop such an appetite for extreme danger, stress or abuse that without it you don't feel normal or alive. PTSD from being in combat is an extreme form of this.
  12. "The universe hates me." So someone not in this group posted this on Facebook at about 3am. I replied from my not quite awake state, "The universe doesn't hate you, u hate u." Admittedly this was a knee-jerk reaction from someone who has spent decades struggling with my own self image, addiction and unwillingness to see the world as it is, in favor of seeing the world as I want or wish it to be. The universe doesn't hate you, you are part of it and as such, one with it, but it doesn't hate you, if anything it doesn't care. From a Christian perspective God loves you but the universe is his creation. Bad things, unpleasant things, difficult things happen to all of us. The difference is how we see them, how we deal with them, our attitude. We can either have an attitude of gratitude or we can be angry, or miserable, or helpless. My "u hate u" comment was met with angry responses. @Crystal Rob you've been through this. Suddenly, she and all her friends were attacking me for being insensitive, mean and abusive. I admit it! I wasn't considering her feelings, I was merely pointing out what i see as a universal truth. I the process of having this conversation I realized what I was seeing was a very transparent example of what i see a lot of here and on Teal Tribe Facebook page. People asking for sympathy. "I feel bad, help, send me love!" Well yes, we feel what we feel, good to ask for help, love, positive energy, but it seems like this too is an example of codependency. If we reward the people we love for being sick, they will continue to be sick so they can continue to have our love and attention and sympathy. if we reward addicts they continue to be addicts, if we reward victims, they continue to be victims and we feel like we are helping them feel better until we run out of resources. How are we helping if we are enabling their addiction, misery, sickness etc? Tough love? Hard truths? Rejection? Bitter pills at best. So what r u gonna do? What am i gonna do? From a behavioral perspective the only way to extinguish an unwanted behavior is to replace it with another, hopefully more positive, behavior. Thoughts?
  13. Hi Zhaky, I tried to message you a few days ago and I couldn't post but it was the site transitioning. Message me if you want to talk. By the way you know you are someone else when you realize you've been letting someone else tell you what to think or how to feel.

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    2. Zhaky


      Wow that's a really inspiring story, and it makes great sense that you've ended up where you are now.

      I agree that there are commonalities between christianity and Teal's teachings. I was a devoted christian (relative to how devoted Danes usually are, we don't have quite the same communities as the ones we sometimes hear about in the U.S.A) when I was younger, but the idea of one god being separate from me and other humans, while teaching love and using punishment, did not feel "right" to me, so I searched for answers, and I still do, but now I find most of my answers within and only seek inpsiration from outside.

      I also thing there's a plan of sorts. I especially like the way it's described in Michael Newton's books "Journey of Souls", as being ourselves planning out our lives to give us the lessons we seek to learn. It's difficult to go through hard times and look at them as being lessons we've chosen for ourselves, but I do believe that is the case, no matter how cruel or unfair they seem, I believe we choose to experience those things in order to learn from it.

      I actually just recently (being today) went through one such lesson, one that I've had repeated many times, and still seem to encounter again and again. I was on a date Saturday evening, and I really clicked with this girl. She had so much self-awareness, were confident in herself and she was kind, clever and quite the eye candy as well. The evening went better than I had anticipated, and even though I did feel like something wasn't quite right, I allowed my self to imagine (visualise or daydream) that there was something more. It turned out my feelings did warn me again, and she did not feel quite the same way, so I got a bit hurt, and I tried to figure out, why I (again, because this is the recurring lesson) lose touch with myself and get absorbed into a daydream, just to crash when the bubble bursts. I've realised that I enjoy the thrill, and perhaps this is what I really want, and if so maybe it's possible to continue that thrill, that passion towards another person, even without them having to be my significant other. There's probably more to be learned, but this is an example of a hurtful lesson that is still valuable and something to appreciate. What do you think?

    3. Pastor George

      Pastor George

      "Enjoy the thrill" seems to somewhat self serving, self stimulating, almost like she's not there or not a real person. Are you being distracted from real connection by the fantasy? Do you use porn? Are the images society puts out about women and romance interfering with authentic connection? Don't they always?

      I agree that a lot of Institutionalized Religious teachings seem contradictory to the truth of love and Jesus teachings, Buddha's teachings, there are institutional traditions within all religions but they also have mystical traditions as well. The Sufi tradition in Islam is very mystical and antithetical to the religious extremists who advocate violence! I seek the mystical within the religious in order to counter those who exploit the institutional agenda for selfish purposes. Yet I worked for the Methodist church for 15 years and took their money. I didn't go far in the institutional hierarchy because i chose the mystical path, the inclusive path. Be Blessed, you are a blessing to me.

    4. Zhaky


      Oh but she is real, but I guess you could say my romance-life is based on a true story, but as stories based on a true story often are, it's slightly adapted to be more thrilling. It's possible I'm distracting myself from real connection, I'm still trying to figure out what real connection is, I guess. However I don't see any issues in visualising the possible positive outcomes, as they are often a great tool to find passion and stay motivated. I do use porn occasionally in the same sense that I use smoking, drinking and other quick rewards - I don't let it alter my view on sex, women, romance, relationships, romance etc. however. Taking a warm bath, drinking a banana shake or going for a run is also a quick reward, and there's nothing wrong with that, as I see it, the difference being that the latter options are less (if at all) damaging. So no, I don't think I'm polluted (much) by the society's portrayal of women, romance etc. I believe that real connction is something that (truly) feels right (referring to my definition of true feelings), and I'm not completely incapable of reading my true feelings - I may get sidetracked now and again though.

      Did you always have that approach to religion, or did that change? If so, when did it change and why? If not, then why did you choose the Methodist church? What do you mean by mystical traditions? Are we talking similar to spirituality?

  14. I found your questions intriguing. I'll email you and we can go from there but discussing some of those topics here would allow others to see and respond to our discussions! The world is a breathing paradise, we are the ones who are messed up and messing up the world. Perhaps it is because we are the first organisms to be able to escape gravity and take life out into the solar system and share it with other planets and in time other stars! Our living breathing paradise is now able to reproduce and we are the sperm that will fertilize the surrounding planets with life. Gaia our dear mother earth is entering puberty and it is an exciting and traumatic time, everything is changing! Explains alot doesn't it!? The power of religion, yes, it gives us a community to be part of and a safe place to explore from, a place to serve others and a base to go into the world and preach love and peace. Or not. So sad when it fails to be healthy and loving!
  15. Thanks, I'll check them out!