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    Recipe - Teal's Tamales

    I love Graci Thanks for sharing your traditions with us, Graciela! And I hope you guys make more of these videos! I love seeing the community doing stuff together!
  2. I was a little worried to read your blog about Hawaii, Teal, but I'm pleasantly surprised! As a native Polynesian (Samoan), I've seen and felt the exclusion that's inherent in Hawaii. There's a little bit of it in Samoa, but not as much. I think it might be because Hawaii was completely screwed over when they accepted trade deals with the US. The monarch was overthrown by the US - making it essentially stolen land. That exclusion feeling hurts... I danced hula for almost 10 years and never felt like I could get close to the culture. I always felt pushed away. I really really like how you noticed that the plants have very strong spirits! Hawaiian culture (especially through song and dance) treats each plant/flower/wind/rain like a conscious being. I also love that you can feel the kapu (taboo) spells in the land! I felt it SUPER strongly when swimming off the shore in Kona where King Kamehameha used to live. It scared me to my core! Kapu and "spirits" are very strong in Samoa. It almost feels hard to move there because you feel crushed by it - like you're standing in a very crowded room. Fun, I hope you get to do more exploring in the world! I love reading your energetic diagnoses!
  3. Diana

    The Re-Do

    So excited for the energy diagnosis of Hawaii! I'm half Polynesian and have always noticed the dissonance in realities between people on Hawaii. It can feel lonely and frustrating. The native Polynesians feel invisible/wronged/pushed aside sometimes, and all locals struggle to make a living (it's so expensive there), while vacationers treat the island like Disneyland, not always appreciating the cultures that have lived and thrived there for generations.
  4. Diana

    Follow Your Joy

    So excited for the cookbook!!
  5. I recently got into an "argument" with anti-Tealers on Youtube recently. It's funny, the more the anti-Tealers attack your fans (ie: me), the more dedicated I become to what you stand for, Teal! They're obviously very triggered by you. I pray that they only remain a nuisance and not a danger. Lots of love to you and the Teal Tribe <3
  6. One of my favorite blog posts, Teal! <3 <3 <3 (and a perfect read during Election Day)
  7. Diana

    Snow and Surf

    Within the past month I've finally begun to grasp that my healing journey will never ever end - which has honestly been tormenting me with shame. I've definitely felt like a failure for even needing to be healed or feel better. I've felt like a loser who can't figure out how to be happy. I'm glad I read this blog post again - it helps to remind me that being unhappy is not a failure, it's totally normal, and that I'm going to be riding these waves for the rest of my life. Thank you so much Teal. PS: I view your Spirituality 3.0 as the "how to" for riding those waves!
  8. Diana

    Fall and Fly

    One of my favorite blog posts. I always admire your ability to trust yourself and your resilience to pain/suffering. You aren't afraid to go after what you want or do what feels right. Over and over I keep coming back to that lesson in my life. I grew up in an alcoholic system. We were taught to deny and not trust our own feelings. It's amazing how difficult it is to undo that programming...
  9. Diana


    This idea of empowerment while acknowledging dependence on other people has honestly been a difficult concept for me to grasp. My mind tends to view dependence as a bad thing and independence as a good thing. I definitely think it's due to our Western Society, but it's also due to the emotional incest that I grew up with (which I think is more common in nuclear families than most people will admit). I was taught at a young age that I needed to take care of my parents - be their therapist, marriage counselor, or real-life teddy bear (so icky). Subconsciously, I recognized their inappropriate dependence on me and felt angry at them. I also felt like I couldn't trust them to hold or take care of my needs. I thought "I can handle all their problems AND my own problems all by myself." It's a horribly isolating way to live, but it's definitely encouraged by our society... Anyways, I look up to you, Teal. From your example (and through therapy), I've been opening up more. I've realized that other adults can hold me and my needs. I've also been learning how to have boundaries and be authentic with others. All these things I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. I need relationships with other people to heal, learn, and grow. It's just a balance of not becoming too dependent or independent.
  10. Wow. Describing pain and misery like darkness/absence makes SO much sense. I also really like how you describe the positive intention of wanting to kill yourself (so that others will know how much pain you're in) and then gaining approval for them never understanding the pain you're in. Wow...really transformative work, but you've explained it in a way that's so easy to understand. Thank you for this!!
  11. Wow, so many insights in one post: "We do not get better by overriding or overcoming our difficulties. We get better by understanding and accepting them. " " The greatest sense of freedom comes when our actions flow directly from feelings." "But it is universal truth that being productive (doing) is only beneficial if it enhances happiness (being). Individual achievement is only beneficial if it enhances communal harmony. And thinking is only beneficial if it stems from and enhances feeling."
  12. Diana


    Thank you, Teal. I love this post <3 Authenticity and realness bring people together. I like the picture of you moping on the ground, haha. I totally relate to that pose/expression. Isn't that funny how seeing someone vulnerable and "not ready for the camera" can make you love them more? see them more? It's something I've been trying as I get stronger - to be open and tell people "I don't feel good right now." Sometimes I get great loving responses. Sometimes people are repulsed by me. It's very interesting. Thank you again for your wonderful teachings. Fa'afetai tele!
  13. I've tried watching Dark Crystal many times, but it was always too frightening for me! I find that interesting... My favorite book and movie growing up was The Neverending Story. I've read that book at least 6 times. It just seemed to hold all the answers for me when I was kid. I could always relate something I was going through at the time to something that happened in the book. Knowing what I know now about how the Universe works, I realize that the book is actually a guide to the different dimensions and follows the main character's shadow-work and healing. I never pieced together until now that the book was a precursor to what I would be doing in my adult life.... Bastian (through following his desires and suffering a ton of expansion) came to love himself for who he truly was and was then able to connect to his depressed father. They were able to truly "see" each other. I definitely feel like my adult life has been focused on healing me so that I can (inadvertently) heal my family traumas. Thanks for this insight, Miss Teal! And I hope you're enjoying your birthday week <3 Signed, -One of your birthday buddies-
  14. Diana

    My Love Life

    I read this post again today. Even though my childhood trauma was not as severe as yours, I internalized a very similar message - I'm just "too much" for a man to handle. In order for me to be loved, I need to hide myself or tone myself down. I've toned myself down to the point where I mumble, I speak softly, and I move on the edges of groups. I'm scared for anyone to see me. Since I've been following you, Teal, (for almost 1.5 years) I've been slowly learning to trust that I am lovable. All parts of me are lovable - even the parts of me that struggle with PTSD. I just wanted to say thank you and that you give me hope. You manifested Ale into your life, and even though I know your relationship has other issues involved (custody battles), it's inspiration that I can find someone who loves all of me. Alofa tele ia te oe!
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