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    Make A Wish!

    Love those pants Teal
  2. Inquisitor

    Bad Day

    Lol, Winter looks pissed the fuck off!
  3. Inquisitor

    Play Time

    Your life is full of life
  4. Inquisitor


    I went to Sedona, Arizona a few months ago. It's pretty high vibe. You should check it out if you get a chance, I think you'd love it.
  5. Inquisitor


    Always going super deep, as usual. I love it. I relate to every minute of it. I am completely disconnected from my family ever since my spiritual awakening, and yet I've never felt more free. Also, could you please for the love of god make the rest of this teaching public? It feels inhumane of you to only share part of this video with the world, and not share the entire thing. That entire lesson needs to be recorded and made public.
  6. Inquisitor

    Fan Encounters

    I've seen you in my dreams and shit. We meet up sometimes when we astral travel, and you send me on missions to do astral work.
  7. Inquisitor


    Thank you ? That felt very gentle, and nicely worded. The main transformation aspect that I've stepped into, which most people hardly seem to notice, is that I know damn well that the healing will never end, and I will always have more to learn. I already know that. The thing I've changed that most people haven't though, is that I'm totally at peace, even when I'm not "there yet". I feel as if I'm totally integrated and complete, even though I continually find new integrations and learning experiences each day. I'm not "there yet", but I've somehow tapped into the mindset as if I already am. I'm living life from the "finished point", so each moment is merely revealing the beauty of the path that brought me there.
  8. Inquisitor

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 1/2

    Yup, I feel that
  9. Inquisitor


    Very interesting. This definitely rings a bell in regards to my childhood having that "transactional" style of relationship, so this totally makes sense. One other interesting thing I'd like to share, is that I feel like I vibe less and less with Teal's teachings every day. Even when what she's saying is "true", when I look at my own personal life, it feels like I've already come out of the trauma I used to be stuck in, but listening to Teal's videos brings me back down to a level that feels like I don't need to be on. I've already sat with my shadow and integrated enough that my childhood trauma is no longer holding me back in life. I have a lot of forward momentum, and doing any more shadow work, or choosing to look for something that's wrong with me, actually seems to damage me even more. It seems to be that the more damage you look for, the more damage you find. The healing work is never ending, and there's always something more that you need to work on, or become integrated/conscious of. I've reached a point in my journey where I'm able to see that doing any more integration work is unnecessary. I'm still becoming more and more conscious every day, and integrate things that need integration, as they arise, but it actually feels unnecessarily painful if I continue diving deep and actually go in search of new shadows, or things that are wrong with me. Looking for things that need integration, or basically looking for more fractures within myself, actually seems to make more fractures be created. It seems like I'm perfectly happy with my life as it is, but the minute I go looking for more fractured aspects to integrate, it seems to bring my vibe down to a place that it doesn't need to be. I've already healed myself and raise my vibe, so dwelling on trauma from the past doesn't seem to serve me any longer. The path of least resistance now actually seems to be the positive creativity state, which is the exact opposite of shadow work and integration. I feel like what you're teaching a lot of now is spirituality 2.0, where you sit with the rejected emotions. I personally have done that as much as I needed to, but interestingly enough my journey has now brought me back to spirituality 101. Even though it's probably not meant to be in one particular order, 101 and then 2.0, it sometimes does naturally take a 1st and 2nd role, which people will often oscillate between over different periods in their journey. I've come to a point that 2.0 actually feels forceful and doesn't vibe with me as well anymore. 101 seems like the natural, most in alignment flow for me. I think I'm able to manifest so easily now because I'm doing it from a place of curiosity, or even playfulness, instead of just manifesting something in order to resist and avoid something else. The resistance in my life is no longer there, so it's much more easy for me to manifest from more pure state. I think it may actually be 3.0 in that case because I'm manifesting out of curiosity, instead of "lack" or something like that. Either way, it just feels like more of a forward, upward movement because I'm creating things in my life right now with passion and a sense of ambition. I'm in a powerful creative flow, and I seem to come out of that when I focus more on shadow or what's wrong with me. Going in search of new fractures that I have suppressed. It seems like even though integration and becoming more whole is supposed to be a good thing, it can actually have the opposite effect if a person does it with a sense that they don't like who they are, without it. If you're only doing shadow work and becoming conscious because you're not happy with who you are when you're "unconscious", your first lesson in shadow work would be to stop hating yourself for being unconscious. Let yourself be unconscious. Don't think that you'll be more happy with yourself, or that you'll be enjoying your life more when you're more "conscious". If you're unhappy when you're unconscious, chances are you're going to still be just as unhappy when you finally become "conscious". My journey has shown me to be aware of my trauma, but once I became aware of it, it no longer feels like baggage that I'm carrying around. The event becomes just another part of my memory, but it no longer registers as "trauma". They're just light and easy memories. What I'm saying is that at some point, healing DOES come to an end. I am at that point in my life now. Once you get here, it actually feels out of alignment to do any more shadow work. The integration still happens continually, but it's not so much of a process where you find things that were wrong with your childhood. Doing that continually just doesn't feel healthy, and actually seems to keep people stuck in trauma.
  10. Inquisitor

    Story Time

    Much wisdom
  11. Inquisitor

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 1/2

    Thank you for that <3 I really enjoyed seeing you on stage, knowing that you're brave enough to shout out your question.
  12. Inquisitor

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 1/2

    You don't need to do any healing. By saying you've got some major healing to do, what you're actually saying is that you reject yourself for being this way. "Healing" in this context, is the method you use to reject, suppress, deny and disown the way you feel. True integration here isn't to try to "fix" the doll complex, but rather, come to terms with the fact that this is what it is, and there's nothing wrong about it. I think you'll actually find a greater sense of wholeness if you sit with this and allow yourself to be fragmented, instead of thinking that you'll only accept yourself once you find integration. The true healed state is to be at peace with who you already are, instead of trying to "fix" yourself.
  13. Inquisitor

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 1/2

    I love your avatar! "Defragment" LOL
  14. Inquisitor

    Exercise Time

    Let the disconnection consume you. Become one with it, and don't try to reject it. This is what I'm integrating/holding space for, in myself recently. It's incredibly painful, but you're making it worse by implying that it's not okay to be this way. What I've learned most is that there's a part of me that absolutely refuses to connect, or be a part of any group/family, because in doing so I will lose "myself". Most people won't understand this, because if they've always had family or friends to connect with, it seems pretty easy to say that you're still "yourself" even when you're part of the group. I can tell you from personal experience that this is completely wrong. People become part of the group when they are in the group, and you can only be your true self when you're completely alone. It's impossible for anyone to understand what I'm talking about until they experience it for themselves, but there is a very pristine core aspect that gets "dissolved" the moment you're around other people. This is why true enlightenment actually brings you to the deepest darkest part of yourself, not the part that's integrated and already feeling "oneness".
  15. Inquisitor


    It looks like Teal's nipple was blurred out =( Please don't blur it next time. This is premium content and I don't think anyone will care.
  16. Such an amazing teacher
  17. Inquisitor


    I want to hear about the shamanic journeys. Was it Aya?
  18. Inquisitor

    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Major breakthroughs coming our way =)
  19. Inquisitor

    Airport Travels

    Lol, your son is awesome!
  20. This is amazing to read because I'm literally on the exact same path. I JUST came full circle in my journey, but for me it was returning to California (the place of my birth), and then intuitively moved to Oregon because that's where I felt drawn the most. I came here from Dallas (after quitting my job), so it was a fun adventure to travel by intuition. Reading this blog makes it feel like you're we're soul family, and we're going through the same thing at relatively the same time.
  21. This is me to a T. I wear a fascade like no other, but I do it to keep me safe. Even though I'm exactly like this woman on stage, and need to be more real, there came a point where I realized that I consciously choose to wear a fascade. So I think the realness isn't so much about "stop lying" to people. It's actually about just know WHY I wear a fascade and lie in the first place, and I am completely okay with this part of myself. Nothing about me needs to change.
  22. Very intense, thanks for the help =)
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