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  1. I have this exact same problem! I became a class clown and bully when I was in school, because I felt rejected and desperately wanted attention. I feel like I actually do the same thing still today in Teal Tribe. I sorry to everyone that I acted harshly toward. I didn't really mean it. I just needed attention.
  2. Elliot Rodger was a Supreme Gentleman.
  3. I'd love to listen to the full interview whenever it gets posted.
  4. Inquisitor

    Peak Narcissism

    It's a reflection of yourself Teal. Their narcissism and virtue signaling are just reflections of your own suppressed aspects ?
  5. Inquisitor

    After Enlightenment

    My enlightenment experience has been a bit different than Teal's. When I became enlightened, I realized that the physical universal is merely a "day dream" inside the mind of God. (God being my higher self, in another dimension). With that in mind, "enlightenment" is basically just "turning the light on", to see the higher realms. It's becoming aware of your higher self, and understanding that this physical realm is just a "dream" inside the mind of the higher self. This is where my and Teal's perspective differ quite a bit, because she seems to think that the point of enlightenment is to become conscious of the unconscious. As if enlightenment means that everyone is fully conscious, because we're all "one", so if the rest of the world is unenlightened, that means I am actually not truly enlightened. I disagree with this perspective because my experience of enlightenment has more to do with understanding the truth of reality (that it's a dream in the mind of God), and not so much about making sure that all aspects (every individual person) understands this as well. When you see reality as if it were a dream in the mind of God, it's perfectly fine to have some parts of the dream be unaware that you're dreaming. The point of the dream is to experience the dream. The point of being human and experiencing fragmentation, is because this is the dream that our higher self chose to buy into. The point of enlightenment is not to avoid being fragmented. I can be enlightened and understand this, but it doesn't meant I'm at a lower level of enlightenment if other people aren't this enlightened as well (since they're all just mirror aspects of myself). The best way I can say it is that Teal's goal is to become "conscious", which is completely different than enlightenment. "Enlightenment" is to turn the light on, and see the truth of the higher realms (we're in a dream), but being "conscious" is to be aware that all people are a reflection of yourself. These are two completely different things. With Teal's idea about wanting to be conscious, I agree that if all aspects (other people) are not conscious, then ultimately I am not conscious either, since they're merely reflections of myself. My goal personally isn't really to make all aspects "conscious", but rather to just have an individual understanding that it's perfectly okay if all aspects are NOT conscious. I see each individual aspect and understand how people are a mirror of me, but being conscious of this does not mean that each individual person has to literally know about being conscious as well. It's really difficult to explain properly, but I think you actually can be fully conscious, even if individual people (who are mirror reflections of you) don't seem to be conscious on the outside. You can still be consciously aware of which aspect each person reflects, even if physically the individual person is not "conscious". "Mirroring" doesn't mean that how things look on the outside are a literal direct reflection of what's actually happening. You can have all aspect be conscious, and be aware of how it all fits together, even if the external reality shows that people seem "unconscious". It's not a literal direct reflection. The truth of mirroring actually goes much deeper than that.
  6. Inquisitor


    That sounds amazing dude!
  7. Inquisitor

    Power Lattice

    When I think of Power, it makes me think of inner strength, as a creative force, not someone having power over me. So I feel like I don't have the same resistance to power that most people do. BTW, I'm glad to see you're using the Elven Star (the 7 pointed star). I posted a drawing in Teal Tribe recently that has the same thing. One question I have about what you said in this video - would "surrender" have a higher vibration than power? Having power from Source allows you to do a lot, but being surrendered and allowed Source to flow through you, may be an even higher vibrational state.
  8. Inquisitor

    Blake's Fyre Festival

    I saw that documentary too about Fyre festival, it was hilarious!
  9. Inquisitor


    Amazing teaching! Thanks for breaking it down so simply. This really helps with something I'd been learning in my own practice, about assisting ghosts return to source after the person passes away.
  10. Inquisitor

    Spring Rolls

    Yeah, show the entire technique on camera. Let us see it in action ?
  11. Inquisitor

    The Bigger Picture

    I feel this. Thank you so much for what you do!
  12. Inquisitor

    Feeling Insignificant

    Very insightful! Looks like an amazing connection with people, and I hope I get to visit the retreat center someday.
  13. Abandon them, and leave the relationship you're in. Cause fragmentation and trauma in their life. Make them "deal with it".
  14. Inquisitor

    Confused Genetics

    Send your questions directly to Teal telepathically.
  15. Inquisitor

    Hampton Court

    Teal you're hot. I've never noticed that about you
  16. I live with roommates now, which is a lot better than my previous living situations, but I'm still not in a full blown "intentional community". Still working on it.
  17. I've heard using activated charcoal can damage your teeth because it acts as an abrasive and strips away the enamel.
  18. Inquisitor

    Healthy Sexuality

    How do I get a girlfriend?
  19. Inquisitor

    Cooking Clothes?

    Haha, this is a synchronicity because I JUST dyed some of my clothes this week too! I've only dyed clothes before once in my life, and this week my roommate had a batch of clothes she was dying so she let me throw a few of mine in as well. That's so cool that we both dyed our clothes at around the same time. It's like we're on the same wavelength, riding the energetic wave!
  20. Great post! Thanks for sharing about this topic
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