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  1. You don't need to do any healing. By saying you've got some major healing to do, what you're actually saying is that you reject yourself for being this way. "Healing" in this context, is the method you use to reject, suppress, deny and disown the way you feel. True integration here isn't to try to "fix" the doll complex, but rather, come to terms with the fact that this is what it is, and there's nothing wrong about it. I think you'll actually find a greater sense of wholeness if you sit with this and allow yourself to be fragmented, instead of thinking that you'll only accept yourself once you find integration. The true healed state is to be at peace with who you already are, instead of trying to "fix" yourself.
  2. I love your avatar! "Defragment" LOL
  3. The soul enters the physical body during the moment of sexual ejaculation. I've experienced this during astral travel. I went back and watched my own conception. During the moment of sexual climax, the energy of the soul comes into the woman's body, and merges into the fetus as it starts to develop in the womb. This is when you're truly born into the world.
  4. Hello from Oregon Hello everyone =) I've been a member of Teal Tribe for a few years now, but I'm just now starting to use the forum on this website. I live in Oregon. Here's a link to my blog, where I post about my spiritual experiences and insights. This recent post describes my journey in quitting my job and traveling to Oregon.
  5. Welcome! What part of Cali do you reside in?
  6. Nice one mate =)
  7. This is amazing to read because I'm literally on the exact same path. I JUST came full circle in my journey, but for me it was returning to California (the place of my birth), and then intuitively moved to Oregon because that's where I felt drawn the most. I came here from Dallas (after quitting my job), so it was a fun adventure to travel by intuition. Reading this blog makes it feel like you're we're soul family, and we're going through the same thing at relatively the same time.
  8. Name: Andre Perry Question: How do I FEEL again? I use CP to merge emotion with physical sensation, but this seems too cognitive and logic based, even when intuitive. I don't feel with my heart I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered: I understand that my question is not guaranteed to be answered
  9. She's just pretending to have flaws/issues so she seems more relateable to the rest of us. I know that ultimately nothing is wrong with any of us, and even in our "flaws" we're just playing a beautiful role. Even with that in mind, it's still painful if I stub my toe. Knowledge of the "higher truth" does not invalidate the human experience.