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  1. Brook

    Dinner By Teal

    I'm digging the ASMR.
  2. Brook

    A Message To Sex Abuse Victims

    Wow. Thank you for this. I did feel I was bad and no one else in the world was. So saying to me..."anyone would feel as guilty as you feel if they experienced what you just experienced" would be incredibly validating and make me feel like I existed and was connected to others.
  3. Brook

    Secondary Trauma

    I mean I knew this but it's so nice to hear it again because...well it gives me patience just creating space to allow them to feel again. Thanks.
  4. Brook

    Unspoken History

    Yep. This is fascinating and very helpful information if we're to get some awareness going. Thank you Teal for you.
  5. Brook

    Sport Needs

    Cool. I've wondered about some other sports. Like basketball. I thought that there might be a need for physical touch being met. Even the feel of the basketball. For the players but also maybe for the watchers it's seeing all that glorious skin. Maybe.
  6. Brook

    Reason For Tragic Events

    So glad you could share with us because I really want to know.
  7. Brook

    Teal's Hair Secrets

    Thanks for this. I always wondered about your hair care but never really felt it was ok to have that question. Thanks for the reminder on channeling your body parts, etc.
  8. Brook

    Self Esteem Matrix

    I'm really excited about what you said that Ask Teal episode is about too. I really am. Like wow. Just saying.
  9. Brook

    The Shame Of Feeling Loneliness

    Yep. Certainly feel that shame for being lonely.
  10. Brook

    Cover Emotions

    Love this.
  11. Brook

    Narcissistic Service

    Wow...this is so helpful. Thank you.
  12. Brook

    Do You Live In A Fantasy?

    Yep. I thought my presence would be 'instrumental' (really) in them getting to their potential. It didn't happen at all. : (
  13. Brook

    Why Teal Chose To Commit To Life

    Wow. That's cool. I feel very much like there is no place for me right now. This gives me a tiny bit of hope.
  14. Very validating to my one experience in Hawaii.
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