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  1. Enoch

    Somatic Therapy Teal sometimes mentions somatic therapy, does anyone know if it is Somatic Experiencing by Peter Levine she references or is it just body-oriented therapy in general?
  2. Enoch

    You sound very confident and outgoing, which is quite easy for people to be present with. When I say not everyone is capable of intimacy I mean not everyone is capable of being present with someone who is in pain.
  3. Enoch

    That sounds really cool! I see your point. Live in Scandinavia
  4. Enoch

    I need someone who's capable of and wants intimacy with me, and shares my perspective on how to accomplish that. I don't have anyone specific in mind. I don't talk much to random strangers regularly. Why? Do you?
  5. Enoch

    @Aquarian you're technically correct (the best kind of correct, some would say), but it still feels painful. I know about everything Teal has said on authenticity, but just for fun maybe you will explain further what you mean when you say it is the tool?
  6. Enoch

    I literally woke up today and thought: "its a catch 22, im in low vibes cause im lonely and im lonely cause people can feel my vibes are low... I should post that on the forum"
  7. Ask Teal episode on rising Kundalini? Hi everyone I don't think there's an Ask Teal episode solely on kundalini energy, but does anyone remember if it's mentioned (however briefly) in one of them? Cheers
  8. Enoch

    Actually I think there's a part of me that just want to experience being held, I should definitely do that in an inner child visualization at least. Finding someone to do it in real life might be an interesting thing to try out though LOL
  9. Enoch

    It's not about my expectations of them, it's more that I have judged it to be bad. I guess I expect them to think I should just get over it cause I've already cried once. I see it might not making a whole lot of sense but that's also part of my problem I don't exactly know what's wrong lol. Maybe this isn't my problem and I'm just using this to deny the real sticking point...
  10. Enoch

    I think I'm the one to be thankful for your replies :-) I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to say with the reference to the behaviour of children. I'm pretty sure I did that as a kid though. No matter how able someone was to connect with it I think I still judge it as bad or think that it's inappropriate.
  11. Enoch

    To clarify I'm talking about crying so much that I really only have mental capacity to be with the emotion. But when I'm done I can see how uncomfortable this can make people. Depends on the situation and the people/person of course but no matter what I perceive that it's a burden to them. I don't know what would happen if they told me directly that it's not a burden but I feel like I wouldn't believe that.
  12. Enoch

    Crying Blockage Over the past year or so I've become increasingly better at letting myself cry. In the beginning I felt shame for even crying by myself, but once I started to overcome that I seemed to manifest more and more situations where others would witness the release. I became better and better at that as well, mostly because all my attention was still focused on myself and teaching myself to unconditionally experience that. But now I'm becoming very conscious of the way it impacts the people who witness it, how it looks from their perspective, and I find myself unable to access the healing space of surrender, even when alone (Though I do prefer to have someone be there). Has some of you experienced a similar progression? Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Any and all comments are welcome :-)
  13. Enoch

    In the video she says “Sometimes the heart needs more time to accept what the mind already knows” (as an example of a saying you shouldn't blindly accept, for anyone reading this without the context of the article or video), so it was a typo, just got the order wrong.
  14. Article typo? ("Real Holy Trinity") I think there might be a typo in the sentence: “Sometimes the heart needs more time to accept what the heart already knows” in the newest article "the real holy trinity". ('mind' instead of the first 'heart') Cheers