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    Online Workshop - January 2019

    Wauw Teal that was a brilliant explanation of what happens when we die. I had a near death experience and I have never heard someone explain it so accurately before. Thank You!
  2. Thank you Teal & Graciela for answering my question. After a week of deep processing, my relationship with my mother has really shifted. I can now accept the way my mother and our relationship is. Over the last couple of days, we actually had really good conversations and I can now set clear boundaries. The part of me that Graciela channeled gave me amazing insights. I have to give you big compliments you are amazing at this. Everything was on point! Again thank you so much
  3. I am so happy to hear Teal say she hates yoga. It is a big relief that I am not the only who really doesn't like yoga in the spiritual community
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