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  1. Oh dear Teal, my heart is with you <3 It is so sad that people are using their energy and efforts to sabotage you and your wonderful work. I feel they will regret themselves soooo badly...just by finding out that they are acting out their unconscious wounds and emotional trauma (envy, jealousy, fear of happiness and of being their whole selves) and they are just trying to avoid happiness and put others away from happiness. I do not know why but the haters remind me of children that do not have attention from their caregivers but have a lot of toys and they are tired of playing with
  2. Wow....really overwhelming but very much needed... I hope to be aware of the momentum callings and opportunities and ready to jump on board! Thank you dearest one <3
  3. I just watched the San Diego workshop video and all the questions people on stage asked resonated with me so much! Thank you dear Teal for the "seek and find similarities" suggestion as well...really needed. Much love <3 ps - I will manifest my participation on the Kripalu's workshop in March!
  4. Dear Teal I cried while reading your words about how you have been pulled to Costa Rica and the town Atenas , about the desires of the last owners for the place and your visions for the future there such a beautiful synchronicity <3 I wish you courage to flow with the momentum and to keep manifesting your amazing vision (it resonates so much with me as well). Costa Rica has been "calling me" for some years...Now I can't wait to visit your Philia Centre and to participate in some of the activities/workshops/retreats Much Love and Gratitude
  5. I am so glad you have a new friend that can hold that space for you. Beautiful sharing about you and your mother. I wish everyone could heal parental wounds, it will help a lot. Thank you so much for your insights <3
  6. Amazing post! It reminds me of the "A Clear Directive" post. When I finished reading it I was thinking that, for almost everyone, the "bars of the rat cage" are not their physical circumstances or the persons in their lives - those are just consequences - the real "bars" are their own thought patterns, fears and traumas... I am sure that for me the "bars" are subconscious patterns: the lack of confidence and self-esteem, the fear of judgment, the necessity for perfection...( = childhood issues = "I am not good enough and I will never be, although I want to be it so badly!") Thank y
  7. Thank you so much for keep being loving, authentic, vulnerable and raw. The world needs more of that, much more... I know it is impossible to be loved and understood by everyone and haters will hate just for the sake of it (I think that in reality they are not OK with themselves and they suffer from envy, jealously, insecurities, ignorance, lack of validation, lack of self-love, self-esteem and empathy...). They are not ready to fully embrace your (and their) authenticity, knowledge, teachings, generosity, rawness, joy, love and energy. But there are a lot of people that are ready a
  8. Beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing <3 Costa Rica (and also New Zealand) have been calling me for some time now...Abundance of fruits and vegetables, soil's fertility, easy going people, a simple life, intentional communities and permaculture sites...It really seems like a paradise to me
  9. WOW!!! Now I feel the need to visit Toronto And to find a delicious vegan poutine recipe (I almost bet that the secret is in the "cheese" used because there are really gross vegan versions and others truly delicious) Thank you so much for the blog . Much love <3
  10. Very interesting! I had no idea that "Harry Potter" books were so powerful! I didn't read them but I liked the movies. Thank you for sharing this amazing and fascinating information and your experience of that "human co-created extra dimensional construct". Much love <3 <3
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