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  1. This is so beautiful! I want to help to organize it in Scotland, UK Much Love and Happiness <3
  2. Sofia Vegan

    Community Dynamics

    I am sorry you went through that, thank you for your honesty and authenticity! I am glad you are feeling relief and you are in the same page again It is my desire to be part of an intentional community of like-minded people doing the best they can to help the colective consciousness to expand and developing projects based on love, compassion, respect for all beings (veganism, permaculture, NVC, emotional connection, intentional authentic relationships). I know it is extremely important to find the right people and to always do our internal and colective work to be a real team
  3. Sofia Vegan

    Little Rosie

    Great message Teal! it is always useful to remind people of the importance of adopting animals instead of buying them (they are not things!) <3 Much Love and Gratitude <3
  4. Thank you dear Teal, for helping to shed light into this issue <3 I am really interested in more insights and processes that we can use as tools to integrate this dynamic... I had this type of relationship growing up and it mirrored itself in my last romantic relationship. It was extremely painful, the worst phase of my life. Now I am afraid I can't develop new romantic relationship without understanding and fully integrate this aspect within myself. How to preserve freedom and autonomy while fully commited to a relationship (or multiple relationships) when I feel my pri
  5. Beautifully put. Great insights for parents and parents to be. Much love dear Teal <3
  6. Dear Teal... I am speechless and amazed... What you describe about Ale is exactly what I feel from a very close person to me too... He carries a deep abandonment trauma and so it is extremely difficult for him to connect with others and with himself...He never commit himself t others at an emotional level. His inner child is pretty much like Ale's inner child...He is angry and wants to run away, to not listen, see or do anything that could help him to re-connect...The lost connection during early infancy really took the main role in this person's emotional life and all areas of his
  7. Uau! Dear teal, trully interesting stuff! Can't wait to read and listen you talking more about it! Love and gratitude <3
  8. Sofia Vegan


    Hello Crystal Rob, Thank you for taking time to wrote me some lines and for the spelling correction. Your thought makes sense to me, and because I follow Teal for many years, I know what you mean and that's why I commented that there are no Others... To know how things work (LoA, vibrational matching, limiting beliefs, soul contracts, reflection, projection, etc) does not mean that I do not feel affected when sh**t hits the fan...And I never said I am the "good person", I only commented that the process Teal is refering to in this short video really helps me to have a differ
  9. Sofia Vegan


    Oh dear Teal, this is so perfectly timmed... I feel so hurt with some people but I am trying to use the filter of the good person to see them, to see what they may be feeling and going through to hurt me like that...instead of looking to them as bad people. Indeed it makes it easier to not feel hurt and to feel more connection and empathy with them...They are parts of myself, as you said so many times before: there is no Others... Gratitude and Love <3
  10. I am so sorry about the nightmares dear Teal... It is a shame people do not accept what you see dear Teal and turn against you sometimes... I don't "see" like you, I am not extra-sensory, but often I feel or I intuitively know something about a person or an event and they do not see it or don't want to see it and they don't give me credit or attention for what I am saying or even mock on me...but days, months or years later they finally see it like I "saw" it before... It is so frustrating for me because it is like being always waiting for them...being on hold...or trying to pull a bag
  11. Hi Raederle, Thank you. What's the name of your eco-village there in Ithaca? It is a shame it is not raw veganism friendly...but I believe we can teach by example and we can share knowledge and experience about the topic anywhere we live For more than a decade too I have been dreaming about co-creating an intentional community of like-minded people based on veganism (mostly raw); (veganic) permaculture, sustainability; cooperation and mutual learning; sharing of skills, resources and costs; spirituality (not religious or imposing beliefs); inclusive of all genders, gender, sexuality
  12. The Ask Teal Episode on this issue is amazing <3 Since I went raw vegan in January 2017 (I was vegan since 2004) I barely have periods...I don't take contraception pills for almost eight years now and I don't use any other hormonal contraception method. I am 41 years old. I am curious if it is an early menopause or a hormonal imbalance or just because I am thinner now...(I ate fats thought, like nuts, seeds and avocados) Gratitude and Love
  13. Sofia Vegan

    Mommy Mode

    Happy Birthday to precious Winter!!! And to Mommy and all the family (biological and extended) too <3 ps - I love your apron Teal!
  14. Sofia Vegan


    I am writing now here because I read Teal's blog on Belonging, and as it is the same issue... As I commented on the blog, I was banned from TT facebook group many months ago without previous warning. It felt unfair and wrong, but it didn't make me to join the hate groups to find the sense of belonging elsewhere and neither made me to blame Teal. It was an admin (Mark), not Teal, that banned me. I think it is crucial for the admins to collect data: to really know what happened or is happening (if it is a disagreement between members) and to be fair to everyone, before directly warni
  15. Dear Teal, Thank you for writing about this issue. I agree that belonging, love and connection are basic needs for human beings and I feel very much as you described as a "stranger in this world"...I always have felt it... I was part of Teal Tribe group and I enjoyed very much the interaction you had with the group (the challenges and games, the insights and the frequent direct answers to tribers' questions, worries or sharing of ideas) and most of the posts people shared there, I must admit it didn't felt right or fair to be banned from the group many months ago (I was banned wi
  16. Sofia Vegan

    Teal on Make-Up

    You are right, I didn't listen correctly! I will change the comment. Thank you!
  17. I totally agree with Teal. Can't wait for the Ask Teal Episode on the subject! I think it is based on a lack of adequate education on schools and at home...related to the approach to sex education (a positive, shame free one is much needed).
  18. Sofia Vegan

    Teal on Make-Up

    To all that use non-vegan makeup please consider to change that to vegan brands There are several that are fabulous and you will be supporting ethical businesses at the same time <3 The non-vegan ones test on animals and/or contain animal products such as bee wax, honey, dairy sub-products, smashed insects (cochinilla), eggs, urea and even animal placenta, etc. There are a lot of vegan makeup (and any kind of toiletries) brands lists, here are some that I find useful:
  19. Sofia Vegan


    I am so sorry for the loss of the companion animal Thank you for the wisdom and insights you share even when you are feeling not great... Much Love <3
  20. Sofia Vegan


    Thank you so much Raederle!
  21. Dear admin: The page needs a correction: where is writen "July" is needed to change to "June" Can't wait for the workshop! I am in Scotland, UK, so I think it will started around 6.00 pm here.
  22. Thank you so much for the sneak pick! You all look and sound so amazing!!! What a wonderful group of Beings! And yes, we know Lynn Keep the good work to spread and share Teal's teachings and now Philia's retreats and workshops too Gratitude, Love and Best Wishes for all <3
  23. Sofia Vegan


    I can't wait for the cookbooks and the book about energetic walls... Love and Gratitude <3
  24. WOW! Beautiful and in perfect time! I feel that so many of us are going throughout transformations / re-births. I know I am... I can't wait for the future whole Self Gratitude and much Love dear Teal <3
  25. Oh dear Teal, this post is sooo beautiful! It makes me feel in awe, gratitude and thrilled all at the same time <3 Through your magnificent description I was able to sense the smell of the ripe mangoes (It is one of my favorite fruits!) and feel the energy of the trees and other vegetation. It really seems like a dreamy place. I love your idea for a second retreat center, dedicated to calm and soothing feelings I share the same idea about the world: my main desire is that human societies on Earth would become based on love, emotional connection with self and "others", em
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