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  1. I would love to hear you sing Teal
  2. Happy New Year deal Teal, Blake and all community, humans and non humans alike Stay warm!!!! Much Love and Gratitude to you all
  3. Sofia Vegan


    Happy New Year! Love and Gratitude
  4. Great insight dear Teal! Thank you
  5. Sofia Vegan

    Puppy Love much Love and care ? Snow and Sugar Moon are really getting along! so sweet ^_^ Much love to all community, human and non-human!
  6. I love this! I have listened to Teal talking about this "escapism" in interviews, like how often people do prefer to think about outer worlds and astral travel when the most important - while incarnated beings in a physical body in a material world - is to learn how to be better at feeling and at developing authentic relationships. I understand the escapism though...I feel that urge many times too...But I do really want to help to co-create a reality here on Earth which we do not feel the need to cope with (hence the escapism) but which empowers everyone and is based on authenticity
  7. Sofia Vegan


    Thank you for sharing your cozy time together ^_^ I wish a quick recovery to Winter's arm. All the best to everyone Love and Gratitude
  8. Sofia Vegan


    Barefoot..brrrrr You two are always so funny together! Can't wait for Ask Teal episode ^_^ Love*
  9. Oh my!!! One more great reason to visit Costa Rica!!!! I love chocolate and cacao, preferably raw cacao! it is soooo delicious and soothing But it can be an addiction too...or maybe I am addicted to the sugar used in commercial chocolate (even vegan dark 85% cacao solids chocolate has added sugar...) Pana chocolates are my favourite: raw and sugar free (it has agave nectar instead) wrapped in a beautiful plastic free package ^_^ Love and Gratitude
  10. Sofia Vegan

    Santa Barbara

    Amazing! Reminds me of the beautiful long sandy Scottish beaches, UK! Would you visit Scotland Teal? ? I would love to know your energy reading of Edinburgh. Much Love and Gratitude
  11. Sofia Vegan

    Sugar Moon

    How wonderful! And this is such an important message: adopt, don't shop. Thank you All the best to sweet Sugar Moon and all family ^_^
  12. Sofia Vegan

    The Elephant

    Human brains and emotions are complicated... But...and hence there is no "others" we, as a species, can evolve in order to feel sincerely happy when others receive what we want?...Because, ultimately, if they receive it, we are receiving it too...right?... I would love to be a "guinea-pig" for this kind of inner discovery/awareness/work ^_^ Much Love and gratitude for exposing such vulnerability and authenticity all the time dear Teal <3
  13. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments of your life <3 I would love to see more videos of the community. Are you thinking about sharing more with Premium subscribers? this was the last one and is from November. Much Love and Gratitude to all <3
  14. Sofia Vegan

    Real Healing

    My life is crumbling apart...I am so in need of genuine and lasting change...I wish so badly to attend one of Teal's retreats <3
  15. Oh my goddess!!! I understood now that I have been trying to take some parts of myself "out of the hospital bed"! that's why I feel soooo stuck and that it seems that I need to drag me through life...It feels so tiring, so "heavy", so abusive, so painful... That part of me just want to stop, to lie down, to relax, to rest, to be cared for, to be loved no matter what... I do really need to heal it, to validate it, to be able to find agreement among all parts... Did I understood it? The end, with the couple and the blessings was AMAZING! I wish them much happiness, love, und
  16. This is sooo beautiful!!! I wish we all could have the emotional maturity to do just that: maintain de friendship and mutual support above all rest. (unless there is abuse or violence) As Teal said, "we support each other through the grief of the loss of it (the romantic relationship, that is like a third party)", with commitment to real connection, understanding, acceptance, empathy, seeing the other's perspective, without blamings, without trying to make the other wrong, without passive-agressive behaviours or silence treatment. True connectiont is what we all need...
  17. Thank you so much for sharing. This is really important. I definetly need to validate and integrate the aspects of me that are not feeling Ok and accepted bt other parts of me. I have a strong desire to co-create authentic relationships <3 Much Love*
  18. I love to nurture through food preparation too ^_^ There are so many amazing vegan recipes...there is no need to use animals bodies parts! I really wished that animal products are not being eating and used by Philia community anymore... Share Love, Life, respect for all sentient beings, high vibration Energy not death and sufffering... Much Love <3
  19. Permaculture and veganism are the future! Are you applying veganic permaculture? Much Love <3
  20. Oh My Goddess!!! This was sooooo amazingly beautiful! The guest on stage was really humble and open to learn. It was a delight to watch him realising the truth and Teal's generosity towards him. Wonderful interaction! I understood much more about myself too and why I am "where" I am... One part of me wants to be independent, able to support herself at every level, and do not trust people; other wants to be nurtured, taken care for, loved just for Being me, to form secure/safe, authentic, emotional connected and commited relationships; another only wants to nurture through acts o
  21. Thank you for sharing this excerpt. I am very interested in watching the rest of it. Anyone knows from what workshop this is? Much Love and gratitude <3
  22. Sofia Vegan

    Relationship Dynamics

    Thank you for sharing parts of the retreats at Philia <3 This one in particular is soooo beautiful, it really resonates within me.... I have a deep wish to be participant in one (or several!) of Philia's workshops and retreats. I am manifesting it!!! ^_^ Much Love, Gratitude and Happiness to everyone <3
  23. "Stumbling blocks are re-routes to a better destination" ^_^ <3
  24. Sofia Vegan


    Ale was/is a fan! The Eiffel Tower fan <3 I wished so badly to connect with self-help / emotional inner work addicts and emotional available people to form compatible relationships! Other kind of people find me "too intense"...LOL Gratitude and much Love dear Teal <3
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