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Blog Comments posted by Sofia Vegan

  1. Dear Teal...

    I am speechless and amazed...

    What you describe about Ale is exactly what I feel from a very close person to me too...

    He carries a deep abandonment trauma and so it is extremely difficult for him to connect with others and with himself...He never commit himself t others at an emotional level.
    His inner child is pretty much like Ale's inner child...He is angry and wants to run away, to not listen, see or do anything that could help him to re-connect...The lost connection during early infancy really took the main role in this person's emotional life and all areas of his life too.

    The coping mechanisms were learned since then, they are ingrained within his personality. To desire for real connection with this person feels like trying to pull an old nail out of a brick wall. The resistance is huge. Occasionally one step forward suddenly two steps backwards...

    I also discovered I am done with this dynamic...I am not fighting for their connection anymore...I want to connect with people that really desire the same as me, that are emotionally available and that feel happy to share interdependence and feel trilled to experience real, authentic, fearless connection and communication.

    Thank you so much for this huge synchronicity :5761df4b58a35_EmojiNatur-104:

    I wish you find the connection, committed interactions and interdependence you need and want.

    Love and Gratitude <3



  2. Dear Teal,

    Thank you for writing about this issue.
    I agree that belonging, love and connection are basic needs for human beings and I feel very much as you described as a "stranger in this world"...I always have felt it... 

    I was part of Teal Tribe group and I enjoyed very much the interaction you had with the group (the challenges and games, the insights and the frequent direct answers to tribers' questions, worries or sharing of ideas) and most of the posts people shared there, I  must admit it didn't felt right or fair to be banned from the group many months ago (I was banned without previous warning for posting about cow's milk - without graphic images - with a quote from one of your own texts, describing the suffer of the mother cow!)
    However, I never thought of joining the haters' groups!
    When I was banned I felt an outcast during a few days, but I kept following everything you so generously share in your FB page, in other groups, on your website and on Youtube. And I hope someday I will be admitted to TT again.
    And of course I have many interests and I follow other groups and foruns were I feel a sense of belonging.

    I believe that if people really know your life story (watching your interviews  to TV channels, reading your bio and your books), are truly following your teachings (videos, blog, articles, interviews, workshops, books, paintings, et cetera), and if they share the vision you have for a New Earth (I share all your ideas about the new paradigm) it would be impossible for them to join the haters...but it is their choice...You have no blame in it.

    Much Love and Gratitude <3 :5761df41047f1_EmojiNatur-69:<3 

  3. WOW! Beautiful and in perfect time!

    I feel that so many of us are going throughout transformations / re-births. I know I am...

    I can't wait for the future whole Self ^_^

    Gratitude and much Love dear Teal <3 

  4. Oh dear Teal, this post is sooo beautiful! 

    It makes me feel in awe, gratitude and thrilled all at the same time <3

    Through your magnificent description I was able to sense the smell of the ripe mangoes (It is one of my favorite fruits!) and feel the energy of the trees and other vegetation. It really seems like a dreamy place.

    I love your idea for  a second retreat center, dedicated to calm and soothing feelings ^_^

    I share the same idea about the world: my main desire is that human societies on Earth would become based on love, emotional connection with self and "others", emotional intelligence, respect for all life and that we all could live in communities that are safe, empowering in the best of ways, happy, healthy, thriving!!!!

    In the past people called me utopist , but I still feel it is possible. Actually I deeply feel it is the future of humans and sometimes I dream about it (very green, flourishing places and fearless and happy people communicating by telepathy):)

    I am truly grateful for the reminder that it is possible, that the feeling of not belonging and urgency to co-create a better world is not wrong or pathetic...

    Much love to you  and the community <3  <3  <3


  5. Oh dear Teal, my heart is with you <3 
    It is so sad that people are using their energy and efforts to sabotage you and your wonderful work.
    I feel they will regret themselves soooo badly...just by finding out that they are acting out their unconscious wounds and emotional trauma (envy, jealousy, fear of happiness and of being their whole selves) and they are just trying to avoid happiness and put others away from happiness.

    I do not know why but the haters remind me of children that do not have attention from their caregivers but have a lot of toys and they are tired of playing with them, but if other kid wants to play with some of the dusty toys on the shelf, the attention deprived child turn themselves into a possessive and angry being...

    Even though it is truly difficult to deal with hate and sabotage please do not hold your self back ever!

    You are so loved for who You are and all the Love, Help, Compassion, Generosity and Authenticity you are offering to Humanity. I can't imagine my reality without you anymore <3

    As for your last question on the blog post...I think my biggest fear is to be  unable to sustain myself alone...and to not being accepted for who I am by the persons I love...So I will risk the love and the approval of my loved ones...(and possibly the relationships with them)

    I wish you safety to keep doing your work and keep implementing your vision of the future. 

    Infinite Gratitude, Much Love and Courage <3



  6. Wow....really overwhelming but very much needed...

    I hope to be aware of the momentum callings and opportunities and ready to jump on board!

    Thank you dearest one <3

  7. I just watched the San Diego workshop video and all the questions people on stage asked resonated with me so much!

    Thank you dear Teal for the "seek and find similarities" suggestion as well...really needed.

    Much love <3

    ps - I will manifest my participation on the Kripalu's workshop in March! ^_^ 

  8. Dear Teal
    I cried while reading your words about how you have been pulled to Costa Rica and the town Atenas , about the desires of the last owners for the place and your visions for the future there :)  such a beautiful synchronicity <3

    I wish you courage to flow with the momentum and to keep manifesting your amazing vision (it resonates so much with me as well).

    Costa Rica has been "calling me" for some years...Now I can't wait to visit your Philia Centre and to participate in some of the activities/workshops/retreats ^_^

    Much Love and Gratitude :5761df41047f1_EmojiNatur-69:

  9. I am so glad you have a new friend that can hold that space for you.
    Beautiful sharing about you and your mother. I wish everyone could heal parental wounds, it will help a lot.
    Thank you so much for your insights <3

  10. Amazing post! It reminds me of the "A Clear Directive" post.

    When I finished reading it I was thinking that, for almost everyone, the "bars of the rat cage" are not their physical circumstances or the persons in their lives - those are just consequences - the real "bars" are their own thought patterns, fears and traumas...
    I am sure that for me the "bars" are subconscious patterns: the lack of confidence and self-esteem, the fear of judgment, the necessity for perfection...( = childhood issues = "I am not good enough and I will never be, although I want to be it so badly!")

    Thank you again for keep doing what you do and for helping so many of us to awake, to question our belief systems, to reevaluate our lifestyle, our wants, our needs, our options. 

    I know most of us wish for a new paradigm right now, without "forest fire" and it is hard to face the reality...But maybe this will propel us for immediate action and finally teaches us to follow our joy and to act instead of just react, creating the life we really want to live rather than enduring the life others want us to live.

    Much love to Teal and to everyone reading this <3




  11. Thank you so much for keep being loving, authentic, vulnerable and raw. The world needs more of that, much more... 

    I know it is impossible to be loved and understood by everyone and haters will hate just for the sake of it (I think that in reality they are not OK with themselves and they suffer from envy, jealously, insecurities, ignorance, lack of validation, lack of self-love, self-esteem and empathy...). They are not ready to fully embrace your (and their) authenticity, knowledge, teachings, generosity, rawness, joy, love and energy.

    But there are a lot of people that are ready and eager to learn, that are open to fully embrace your Self, your insights, teachings, processes, work and vision for a New World!

    There are a lot of people that are alive today because of you, that are happier because of you, that found their purpose and follow their joy because of you, that are awakening because of you, dear One...

    I humbly send you my most sincere wishes that the Love of All will protect you from the arrow points and that you can heal and keep doing your Work to the greater good of all beings and the expansion of Consciousness.

    Much Love and Infinite Gratitude :5761df401fd0b_EmojiNatur-66:



  12. Beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing <3 
    Costa Rica (and also New Zealand) have been calling me for some time now...Abundance of fruits and vegetables, soil's fertility, easy going people, a simple life, intentional communities and permaculture sites...It really seems like a paradise to me :)

  13. WOW!!! Now I feel the need to visit Toronto ^_^ 

    And to find a delicious vegan poutine recipe (I almost bet that the secret is in the "cheese" used because there are really gross vegan versions and others truly delicious):D 

    Thank you so much for the blog . Much love <3

  14. Very interesting! I had no idea that "Harry Potter" books were so powerful! I didn't read them but I liked the movies. Thank you for sharing this amazing and fascinating information and your experience of that "human co-created extra dimensional construct". Much love <3 <3



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