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  1. Sofia Vegan

    Energy Technology

    Thank you so much!
  2. Sofia Vegan

    Energy Technology

    Thank you for sharing! Can anyone please confirm the spelling of the first device, which charges food and water?
  3. Belated wishes of a very Happy 10th Birthday to Winter! I am addicted to chocolate too ^_^ Vegan of course and most of the times raw and free from refined sugar. Maybe it is a compromised solution to teach Winter how to make his own raw vegan chocolate bars and bonbons I have made some to share with a loved one during Summer Solstice and he have done the same! So we had a raw vegan chocolate bundle (plus raw energy balls) to keep us going ^_^ It is healthier than coffee (hint to Blake) Much Love
  4. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments of your life <3 I would love to see more videos of the community. Are you thinking about sharing more with Premium subscribers? this was the last one and is from November. Much Love and Gratitude to all <3
  5. My life is crumbling apart...I am so in need of genuine and lasting change...I wish so badly to attend one of Teal's retreats <3
  6. Oh my goddess!!! I understood now that I have been trying to take some parts of myself "out of the hospital bed"! that's why I feel soooo stuck and that it seems that I need to drag me through life...It feels so tiring, so "heavy", so abusive, so painful... That part of me just want to stop, to lie down, to relax, to rest, to be cared for, to be loved no matter what... I do really need to heal it, to validate it, to be able to find agreement among all parts... Did I understood it? The end, with the couple and the blessings was AMAZING! I wish them much happiness, love, understanding, cooperation, authenticity, emotional connection <3 Much Love and Gratitude <3
  7. This is sooo beautiful!!! I wish we all could have the emotional maturity to do just that: maintain de friendship and mutual support above all rest. (unless there is abuse or violence) As Teal said, "we support each other through the grief of the loss of it (the romantic relationship, that is like a third party)", with commitment to real connection, understanding, acceptance, empathy, seeing the other's perspective, without blamings, without trying to make the other wrong, without passive-agressive behaviours or silence treatment. True connectiont is what we all need... Much Love and Gratitude <3
  8. Thank you so much for sharing. This is really important. I definetly need to validate and integrate the aspects of me that are not feeling Ok and accepted bt other parts of me. I have a strong desire to co-create authentic relationships <3 Much Love*
  9. I love to nurture through food preparation too ^_^ There are so many amazing vegan recipes...there is no need to use animals bodies parts! I really wished that animal products are not being eating and used by Philia community anymore... Share Love, Life, respect for all sentient beings, high vibration Energy not death and sufffering... Much Love <3
  10. Oh My Goddess!!! This was sooooo amazingly beautiful! The guest on stage was really humble and open to learn. It was a delight to watch him realising the truth and Teal's generosity towards him. Wonderful interaction! I understood much more about myself too and why I am "where" I am... One part of me wants to be independent, able to support herself at every level, and do not trust people; other wants to be nurtured, taken care for, loved just for Being me, to form secure/safe, authentic, emotional connected and commited relationships; another only wants to nurture through acts of service, taking care of the home and to give/share Love (quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation) I truly need to listen to all parts of me and give them genuine validation. That would bring integration, ending the tug of war and releasing resistence to progress...right? Thank you <3
  11. Thank you for sharing this excerpt. I am very interested in watching the rest of it. Anyone knows from what workshop this is? Much Love and gratitude <3
  12. Thank you for sharing parts of the retreats at Philia <3 This one in particular is soooo beautiful, it really resonates within me.... I have a deep wish to be participant in one (or several!) of Philia's workshops and retreats. I am manifesting it!!! ^_^ Much Love, Gratitude and Happiness to everyone <3
  13. "Stumbling blocks are re-routes to a better destination" ^_^ <3
  14. Great message Teal! it is always useful to remind people of the importance of adopting animals instead of buying them (they are not things!) <3 Much Love and Gratitude <3
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