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  1. Teal, thank you for bringing attention to this issue. I think, too, that women without children suffer the guilt in a culture that tells them they can't be fulfilled if they aren't mothers. And for myself, I can say that this pressure and guilt is magnified a thousand fold if you are a bereaved mother. I lost my daughter six months ago. I now must be mother to my two remaining children, find a way to go back to work, and somehow manage my overwhelming grief. I get messages all around me from people outside this experience such as, "Your other kids need you," and, "You'll feel better if you work." In truth, they have no idea what my kids need or what I feel at this time, but we are so indoctrinated to this way of life that I must defend my pain, grief, and need for space, time, and emotion. It's unbearably exhausting.
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